Message from an Angel

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Chapter 3 Messages and Lies

The rest of the week went by in a flash, surprisingly it was the friday and the last day of the week working. Excitement buzzed around the office with tomorrow night's valentine party. Beth was sitting in her office, she was going out on her lunch break to go buy a dress she had seen in a shop window. She was going to wear one of her old dresses but she had hopes that James might propose to her as he had been a little bit funny around her this week. She had seen the stunning white figure hugging dress in the window and decided to get it.

“I'll grab a sandwich when I'm out and I'll see you both back in the office.” Beth waved to James and Laura as she dashed out of the door.

As she wandered along to the shop she stopped outside to view the dress, she knew it would be pricey but if she wanted to look her best for James Saturday night.

Rhydon had become obsessed with watching Beth, he also got jealous of the boyfriend. Rhydon knew he shouldn’t but he didn’t like him one bit, especially when he touched Beth after he had been fingering the other girl. Poor Beth was totally unaware of what was going on between them and it made him angry. He wanted to tell her but didn’t know how.... Then it hit him. Could he? It was against the rules to even talk to the humans, okay so he wasn’t really “talking” he was messaging.

Beth was now trying on the dress and looking at herself in the mirror when her phone went off. Checking it she saw another message from her angel on the app.

*What would you wear to go out on a date with me?*

Beth took another glance in the mirror and smiled. She described the dress perfectly to him even though he could see her standing there with it on.”

*Beautiful, I’d love to take you out dancing and watch you spin in my arms.*

Beth imagined herself dancing with the angel, what it would be like, would she float across the floor or sky? Dancing through the clouds she thought she would like, and wisps from the clouds being kicked up by their feet. Chuckling to herself at such ridiculous thoughts she changed out of the dress and paid for it. Checking the time she quickly stopped off for a sandwich on the way back to the office, at least she could sit down and eat it at her desk before starting work.

*Would you let me kiss you?* Rhydon was running his finger along his lips imagining what hers would be like.

Beth didn’t answer him as she had her lunch in one hand and her bag with her dress in the other. She was on top of the world right now, she wasn’t sure why her imaginary friend made her feel good, he put a smile on her face. She guessed that was one of the purposes of the app was to make you smile, chat to someone if you felt lonely. Not sure on how the app worked as the messages seemed to correspond with what she was doing and replies came back as if she was talking to someone. She felt a little bit guilty a few times, could it be classed as cheating on James?

Beth sat down and ate her lunch as she continued with her chats, no one else was in the office as far as she knew. Putting her legs up on her desk she relaxed back in her chair. Her phone went with another message. Reaching for her phone she knew it was from the app as she had changed the noise. Smiling as she checked it, Rhydon was being cheeky again.

*I don’t think you told me what underwear you were wearing today, did it match the dress?*

*Hahaha, not quite but it will be tomorrow night.* Beth bit her lip, was she really telling her pretend angel what she would be wearing.

*I wish I could be with you.* Rhydon sweared, he shouldn’t have sent it.

*I wish you were real.* Beth felt more of a connection to him over the week of messages.

She didn’t get anything back which wasn’t surprising. Laura knocked on her open door and popped her head round.

“Did you get it?”

“Yes, and I've got the perfect shoes I bought a while back but haven’t had the chance to wear.”

“Great, well I better get back to work, lunch went on for a bit longer than I had planned.”

“Oh where did you go?”

“Just a place further out of town, I met up with my friend I’m bringing tomorrow night.”

“Poor, James will have been stuck with his dad no doubt then.” Beth smiled.

“I’m sure he found someone to have lunch with.” Laura turned away and headed out the door. “Catch you later.”

Beth settled back down to work for the afternoon, she hadn’t seen James which she thought strange as he would normally pop his head in at some point. Finally finishing up for the day and the week Beth collected her things up and went up to James’s office.

“Hi babe, I’ve just finished and was coming down to get you.” He wrapped his arm around her and they walked the short walk back home.

Saturday night came round, there was going to be a buffet but Beth had suggested eating something before drinking. Laura was on her way over with her dress so she could change. James got drinks ready for them all to have for when she did and Beth headed off to grab a quick shower and freshen up.

Laura turned up early and was already dressed to impress. She was wearing an extremely short red dress, her breasts were almost popping out. James opened the door to her and groaned.

“Fuck you look amazing.” He ran his hands up her sides.

“Where is Beth?”

“In the shower still.” James leaned in and kissed her. “I could bend you over and fuck you right now, jesus you are so fucking hot.”

“James, it’s too risky.”

James went to the bathroom, he could hear the shower still going, he knew it was wrong of him, but he couldn’t get enough of her. He brought her into the living room and sat her down and got onto his knees pushing her legs open.

“Just a quick taste of you.”

He pulled her legs forwards and pushed up what little bit of dress she had on, hooking his finger over the edge of her panties and pulling them to the side so he could lick up her pussy and taste her, dipping his tongue into her as he rubbed her clit. She grasped his hair as he continued giving her oral, she was panting trying to hold back any noise which intensified her orgasm.

“I’m going to cum for you.” Laura whispered out.

Opening her legs wider as she came, James had his tongue deep inside her pussy as she did. It was one of the things he loved about Laura, she was dirty in bed and didn’t mind what James did to her. Beth was more reserved and she always squirmed when James tried to stick his tongue into her. She didn’t mind him licking her clit but thought it was a bit weird when he tried anything more. Laura was spilling herself onto his tongue and he devoured her pussy.

Wiping his mouth he downed a drink and offered Laura one. She pulled down her dress and sorted out her underwear. They stood and had a couple of drinks whilst talking. Beth had come out of the shower and was getting changed. She took another look at herself in the mirror before walking out into the living room. James’s jaw dropped when he saw her.

“You look amazing.”

“ Thanks.” Beth blushed as she could hear the genuine surprise behind his voice.

“You look fantastic, the dress is amazing on you.” Laura gulped down the rest of her drink. She felt bad at what she had not long been doing with James. She averted her eyes away from Beth.

James readied himself whilst the girls talked and they all headed out together.

“Laura what happened to the guy you were bringing?”

“He called it off, didn’t want to be in a room full of people he didn’t know.

“Oh well I’m sure someone will give you a valentine dance.” Beth smiled sweetly at her.

“Well maybe I’ll just steal James off you for one dance if nobody asks me.”

“Yeah if he isn’t too drunk and passed out somewhere.” Beth laughed and James stuck his tongue out at her comment.

Arriving at the venue there were already several people there, James went off to get the girls a drink whilst they sat down. Beth’s phone pinged with a message, she hadn’t heard anything all afternoon. Laura was busy talking to someone and James still hadn’t come over with their drinks.

*So are you wearing matching underwear?*

*So you didn’t forget?* Beth blushed.

*How could I, You will look stunning I bet?*

Rhydon had been watching everything, he was ready to defy the rules of the gods and go down to the earth and rescue her from the clutches of evil.

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