Message from an Angel

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Chapter 4 The party

Beth sat, crossed her legs and bit her bottom lip.

*I bet you are biting your lip? I’d love to do that for you.*

Beth pressed the home button quickly on the phone and shut down the screen. She was wondering what the hell was going on with her.

James wandered over with the drinks, he passed Laura hers as she was still talking to one of the girls from human resources. He ran his hand along Beth’s leg stroking it back and forth.

“Watch I don’t want you to get any dirty marks on the dress.”

James sighed heavily and rolled his eyes. Beth frowned at him.

“What’s wrong?”

“I tell you that you look fucking gorgeous, then when I pay you attention you don’t want it.” James snapped at her.

“No, I’m just saying watch the dress, it is white and I don’t want it getting dirty in the first five minuets.”

“What possessed you to get white in the first place?” James muffled out.

“Sorry if I wanted to look good for you, I thought it looked good on me for a change.”

Beth was close to tears, they had never fought in the past before and to start somewhere public was awful for her. She downed the drink and grabbed her clutch bag and left to find the toilets. Rushing across the hall she found the toilets through a set of doors and shut herself in.

“I’m not going to cry.” She repeated it to herself whilst wafting her hand to stop the tears.

Rhydon had been sitting watching everything happen, his little angel was about to cry and he wasn’t there for her. He sent her a message on her phone and hoped she would pick it up.

*I’m dancing with you up in the heavens, your touch is so light upon my skin, and your beauty shines through.* He was hoping she would smile for him.

As soon as her phone pinged with the message she whipped it out of her bag and looked at it. Her hand touched her chest and she smiled.

*I wish I was dancing with you.* She replied back.

*One day my sweet little angel, for now keep smiling for me.*

Beth wiped away her tears, she wasn’t sure if it was because James had upset her or because her fake angel had made her smile. Walking out she took a deep breath in and joined back in with the evening. She got caught up by a couple who stopped her, Beth’s eyes drifted across to where James was and he was busy talking with Laura. She was thankful Laura was here and hoped that she would talk to James as she was sure Laura heard what had been said.

Finally getting away from the couple, Beth went to the bar and got herself another drink before making her way back to James and Laura.

Rhydon had been pacing back and forth, he decided to approach his dad.

“Dad, I’ve got a request.”

Zaphreal turned to face his son, dipped his head and raised his eyebrows wondering what he had been up to. Sighing as he prepared himself for what was to come.

"I want to go down to earth." Rhydon pursed his lips together and waited.

"You know that is not allowed, and why would you want to do that?" His chest bellowed out with the deep breath of air he took in.

"There's this girl…" Rhydon never got to finish.

"YOU HAVE BEEN WATCHING THE HUMANS, YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED." His voice was so loud, thunder rumbled below and dark clouds filled the skies.

Rhydon had upset his father, he knew he would but he had become attached to Beth for some reason.

"But dad… her boyfriend has been cheating on her and she had no clue, it's not right."

"YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED TO INTERFERE WITH THE HUMANS IN ANY WAY." Zaphreal let out another roar of frustration at his son.

"But you do sometimes." Rhydon realised his mistake.

Zaphreal roared even louder at him, the thunderstorm continued below with lightning strikes across the skies.

Beth placed her drink down and James immediately apologised for snapping at her and put his arm around her shoulder.

"Are we okay again babe?" James gave her the puppy dog eyes. He did love Beth, she was the dream girl every guy would like, but James loved the dirty sex with Laura too much to give it all up.

Beth looked across at Laura who gave her a sweet smile.

"Yes, I'm sorry I reacted the way I did."

James kissed the side of her head. The music was playing loud and people were dancing, James took Beth’s hand and led her out onto the dance floor. They danced together for a few songs before stopping to recover and have another drink. The three of them chatted and the atmosphere was back to normal between them. Food was out for helping and the three of them laughed together and joked as they ate. Laura disappeared off to go to the toilet, she wobbled unsteady on her heels as the alcohol invaded her blood stream. Beth giggled away as she watched her stumble a couple of times. James was slurring his words as he was drunk.

“I’m going for a piss.” James stumbled along to the toilet.

Beth had been careful and not over done it with the alcohol, she pulled out her phone from her bag and checked her messages, nothing more had been sent so she put it away again. Needing the toilet herself Beth went through the back and into the ladies, after finishing she washed her hands and shouted out if Laura was okay as she hadn’t seen her come out. A voice called out but it wasn’t hers so Beth left the bathroom thinking she must have missed her. She was about to head back out into the room when she passed a store cupboard door. The voices she heard made her sick to her stomach.

“Mmm, James. Oh god I love it when you do that.”

“Bend over more so I can fuck you deeper.”

Beth covers her mouth to stop the cries about to escape, what she heard next broke her heart even more.

“I’m going to cum for you baby.” James grunted.

“Yes, I love feeling you cum in me James, oh god yes.”

“Fuck… oh god you’re always so good I love your pussy baby.” James grunted even louder as he spilled his load.

“I’m nearly there, make me cum for you James.”

At this point Beth ran out holding onto the tears as much as possible. She didn’t want the workplace to see her cry, it was two days before valentines day and she was having her heart ripped out by a man she loved and someone who was meant to be her best friend. Beth ran out into the night, a thunderstorm was going on outside, her tears met the rain which was pouring down.

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