Message from an Angel

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Chapter 5 Raindrops and tears

Beth ran through the rain, anger and hurt surged through her body. A heel snapped and she fell down to the ground, her clutch went flying out of her hand as she tried to catch herself when she landed. He white dress was ruined and had gone see through not that she cared anymore.

Up in the heavens the shouting match was still going on when Rhydon let his tears fall, joining the rain which was pouring down onto the earth. His father stopped as he had never seen his son cry before.

"Son it is forbidden to go down to the earth, you should have never created that app, I want you to shut it down."

Rhydon picked up his screen and the clouds cleared showing them both Beth standing outside a door listening to the two people on the other side. Rhydon's heart pained as he knew her heart was breaking.

"Dad, please let me go."

"You can't talk to her, she mustn't know we exist." Zaphreal felt sorry for her, he remembered watching her pain after her parents died, he had been assigned to her to make sure she stayed safe as it wasn't her time to leave.

"I just want to make sure she gets home safely." Rhydon pleaded.

"I'm giving you half an hour." Zephreal sighed.

Rhydon hugged his father as he was reasonable some of the time. Within a flash of lightning Rhydon landed behind her, she had fallen on the ground. He rushed towards her, picking up her purse. He held out a hand for her to take.

Through her flowing tears Beth felt the rain stop above her, as she looked up a man held out his hand for her to take. A warmth and a familiarity surrounded her, she placed her hand in his and fireworks went off inside her. She snapped her hand back from the shock, not sure what just happened, a worried expression crossed her face. He crouched down closer to her.

"Take my hand, let me help you." Rhydon rolled his eyes as he knew what his father would be saying right now, as if on cue a loud thunderclap rumbled in the sky.

Beth took his hand, this time there was no shock like fireworks but a sense of a warm buzz flowing through her. He pulled her up and held her in his arms. She let herself be held by the stranger and cried into his chest. Time was on his side so he helped guide her back to her home, he knew where she lived. Her knee was hurting as she had cut it when she fell, Rhydon passed her purse to her so she could open her door. She turned to him, thankful for his kindness.

"Thank you." Her voice trembled as she still wept. She never got a clear look at his face as it seemed blurred, she put it down to the rain and her tears.

Rhydon wanted to kiss her, take her pain away, make everything be okay for her. He knew his dad would be fuming if he did. He placed his hands on the sides of her face and wiped away her tears with his thumbs. Her red puffy eyes blinked several times as she tried to focus on his face which was still a blur for her. It pained him to have to leave her in the state she was in and have to face the two people she knew and trusted.

"I have to go." He still held her head in his hands. He heard his dad saying it was time.

"Goodbye my sweet little angel." He turned and left her wishing he could alleviate the emotional pain she was going through.

Within a blink of her eyes the stranger had disappeared. Beth closed the door and hobbled to the bathroom to strip off the wet clothes and stand under a warm shower so she could wash away all the disgust she had for James and Laura. She watched the blood from her knee flow down the plughole wondering what she should do next. She needed a clear head and sleep, she had got through much worse pain than this before, she didn't need James in her life, she had to plan for her future. He was her future at one time but not anymore.

"I am strong by name so I shall be strong in life." Beth muttered the words out as she dried herself. She had used the words many times when things were difficult throughout her life. It was a motto her parents used to say when she was younger. Strong in name Strong in life.

Patching up her knee she put on her pajamas and covered up as much of her body as she could. Different thoughts ran through her mind, should she confront them when they get in? Laura was staying the night with them as it was easier for her than having to trail all the way home, well that is what James had said. She picked up her phone and took it to bed so she could put it on charge as she thought about all the little coincidences in the past when they were together.

Her phone pinged and her heart jumped, why did a message from some unreal app with angels and demons make her feel like she was talking to one of them? She picked up her phone and looked at the message.

*Take my hand and we shall dance the night away.* He wanted to make her smile.

The words shook her body and goosebumps formed over her skin, was this a sign to her? She hadn't managed to get a good look at the stranger for some reason, she put it down to her tear sodden eyes. Biting her lip she stared at the message, her heart felt lighter with thoughts of the stranger.

*Would you wipe my tears away if I was crying?* She held her breath waiting for his response.

*I would hold your face in my hands and kiss your lips to make you feel better.* Rhydon bit his lip, his dad had asked him to delete the app, he deleted everyone on it except Beth, he couldn't let her go.

*Rhydon?* Beth felt her heart beating away in her chest, was she silly for believing her angel on the app was real? Was he an angel?

*Bethany.* He wasn't sure how to answer her.

*Tell me you were real?* Beth hugged her knees into her chest.

*You can make me as real as you want.* Now he was desperate to go back and hold her, kiss her.

*You felt real.* Beth touched the side of her face.

*I'll speak to you later.X.*

She was about to reply to him when she heard the front door open.

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