Message from an Angel

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Chapter 6 All lies.

Beth put her phone down on the bedside table, she heard them giggling together as they came through the door. She was sure they didn't even care that they had come back without her. She had checked her phone and there were no messages from either of them. Beth had the churning in her stomach again, she swallowed holding back her tears, she was not going to cry for either of them.

James and Laura had left the venue after several more drinks and a dance together. Beth had disappeared off, James shrugged his shoulders and said she had probably gone home. Linking arms together at the end of the night they both walked back to Beth's place. It was hers as she purchased it with money from her parents death, James moved in after they had been dating for about a year.

Bumping up against the front door James fumbled around for his key to get in. Laura made a joke about him getting it in the right hole.

"I'll fuck you in all three holes when I get the chance next time." James grabbed her ass and squeezed it.

"Oh you know how much I love you when you do that."

"Shush..." James put his finger over her lips, she took them and sucked on them.

"Fuck." James growled at her, she was turning him on.

Propping himself up against the door he kissed Laura, his tongue invaded her mouth as his other hand worked its way between her legs. She lifted one up letting him see what he was doing. Pulling her already soaking panties to the side he pushed his fingers into her ramming them in and out. She clung onto him as he kept at her, they had been playing a risky game tonight.

"Fucking cum for me Laura."

His lips found hers and their teeth clashed together in the hungry kiss. She clung to him tighter as he made her cum. Easing up he rubbed her pussy making her jerk a few more times, he withdrew his fingers.

"Open your mouth and suck your pussy juices."

Without hesitation she did as he asked. He kissed her one more time before opening the door. They were laughing at nearly falling through the door when it opened. Beth turned off the side light and lay down in the dark, she didn't want to look at either of them.

"Do you think she is home?" Laura tried to whisper.

"I'll Check the bedroom." James stumbled.

Beth curled up on her side and pretended she was asleep. James tried to open the door quietly but being drunk and being quiet were two seperate things altogether. Beth heard the door close again and his voice talking to Laura. Letting out a sigh of relief that he didn't try and come near her. Beth tried to shut her eyes but images of the two of them together kept invading her mind.

Rhydon was talking to his father again about his feelings towards Beth, how she reacted when they touched for the first time.

"It was like an electrical shock, I'm sure she was the same as she yanked her hand away quickly. She was hesitant about taking it again but when she did... dad I felt something for her."

Zaphreal sighed and ran a hand over his face. It wasn't uncommon for an Angel to fall in love with a human when they are sent to protect them, make sure their hearts heal. But Rhydon had interfered in a human's life without consent from a higher.

"I know we have rules and everything, but... what if everything I've done is to prepare her for the hurt she was about to find out "

"So you think you were helping her without realising?"

"Dad, I know she felt the same as me."

"Let me talk to Raphael."

Rhydon thanked his dad, and left him so he could go back and watch Beth.

She had been tossing and turning in her bed, James had fallen asleep on the couch sitting next to Laura. She had changed out of her dress and put some sleepwear on unlike James who still had on his suit. Rhydon blew soft kisses down to Beth as she finally settled down to sleep.

The next day when Beth woke up to an empty bed thoughts of last night came back to her. She was wiping the corner of her eyes where sleep had collected because she had been crying so much last night. A message had come through on her phone, immediately she felt the rush of excitement.

*Morning my little angel.*

Beth smiled, there was something about him, he made her life that little bit easier. Her heart beamed for him, although she still battled the thoughts in her head. She loved James, cared for him, did everything for him, but last night she found out he had been cheating and lying to her for god knows how long.

She felt the tears brimming her eyes ready to shed more.

*Don't cry for him.*

Beth looked about, how did he know?

"Of course he is an angel." The words sounded funny coming out of her mouth. She wiped her face and took a deep breath.

*Can I see you again?* Her heart beat double time, why was she getting excited wanting to see a stranger?

*I wish to hold you in my arms again, be patient my little angel.* Was Rhydon getting her hopes up? Was he getting his own hopes up?

*Would you kiss me next time?* Beth touched her lips and hoped that he was watching.

*I would take you to heaven and back with my kiss.*

Beth's eyes widened, and her breathing became rapid. What was this angel doing to her she wondered, her whole body on fire, burning for Rhydon’s touch.

A toilet flushing brought her back down to reality, they were still in her house. The liars and cheaters were still in her house. Time to see how far they are willing to lie about it thought Beth.

She got up and went through to find James still passed out on the couch, Laura came back from the bathroom in a state.

"Oh hi Beth, I can't believe I drank so much." Laura held her hair across her face.

"Yeah, James will be feeling like shit when he wakes up, he didn't even make it to bed." Beth laughed.

"Hahaha, yeah your couch is pretty cosy though." Laura strutted back across.

"You want a coffee?" Beth acted as normal as possible.

"Oh god yes please." Laura sat back down on the couch.

"Make yourself comfy and I'll bring it over." Beth turned away hiding her disgust for her once best friend.

She made three cups of coffee and carried them through. She thought about spitting in their cups and stirring it in but she just couldn't do it. She kicked James's leg to wake him up, as he opened his eyes and glanced about he saw where he was and grumbled at how he must have sat down and fallen asleep.

"Sorry babe, I think the drink must have hit me on the way home, I can't remember much."

"Yeah, it happens sometimes, I can't remember the last time I saw you that drunk." Beth laughed at him. In her head she was screaming that he was a complete liar and a bastard.

"I'm going to have this coffee and head home, I need a shower and probably some more sleep so I'm fit for work tomorrow." Laura sipped her coffee, glanced at James and dropped her eyes.

Beth noticed the little things more and more now and she wondered how blind she really had been. James grumbled about food and looked at Beth as if she was going to jump up and make him something.

"I'm going to grab a shower and go out for a walk, I need the fresh air today." Beth finished her cup and placed it in the kitchen. "I'll see you at work tomorrow Laura, It was a good night last night."

"Yes sure, see you tomorrow then."

Beth wandered off leaving the two bastards together.

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