Message from an Angel

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Chapter 7 Messages from an Angel

Beth had disappeared off into the shower, she didn’t really need one but she needed to cry and she wasn’t going to let them hear her. Neither of them had shown any sign that she had left the party early and Beth’s guess was James knew she would have gone home otherwise he would have been full of concern for her this morning. Beth told herself not to cry but she had to release the anger and how betrayed she felt. She stood washing away her tears when the image of Rhydon popped into her head. Could he see her in the shower? Has he seen her naked? She covered herself up then thought it very silly as she was sure he wouldn’t be allowed to invade her privacy. They are angels. That got her thinking back to the app, there were demons on there to choose from, did that mean demons were real as well? She made a note to ask Rhydon next time she spoke to him.

Changing into some suitable clothes to go walking in Beth picked up her phone, she noticed there was a message for her, in a flash her lips stretched into a beaming smile. She placed it into her pocket and thought she would read it on her walk. Laura had already left and James was grumbling away in the kitchen. He knew how to cook but he was lazy there as well and Beth ended up being the one who cooked and cleaned everything. “Come to think of it I do everything.” She huffed silently in her head.

“See you when I get back.” Beth didn’t wait for a reply and left for her walk.

As she reached the area where the stranger came to her rescue last night she sat down on one of the benches to check her phone.

*Remember who you are, Strong in name, Strong in life.*

Beth covered her mouth to hold back new tears. She closed her eyes and imagined her mother giving her the warm hugs that she always used to when she said those words. The sun shone down brightly and the warm beam filled Beth’s heart with joy.

*I love it when you smile, my beautiful.*

*Are you watching me now?*

*I’m always watching you.*

*Even when I’m in the shower?* Beth blushed and her heart raced.

*Oh no, we don’t invade your privacy.* Ryhdon was quick to reply back but he now imagined images of her in the shower, he had to shake the thoughts off.

*When can I see you again?* Beth looked up to the sky.

*I want to so much, but I’m not allowed to just come down whenever.*

*You came to me last night?*

*I had to argue with my dad, you remember the thunderstorm?*


*They happen when the gods or angels are arguing.*

Beth started laughing, remembering the stories her mum used to tell her as a child because she used to be scared of thunderstorms. She always used to tell her that it was the gods moving the furniture about above them and the lighting strikes were the gods fighting off the bad energy in the air.

*Tell me what was so funny? I love seeing you laugh.*

Beth proceeded to tell him the story, they talked back and forth for what seemed like ages. After a couple of hours Rhydon said he had to go as he needed to talk to his father again.

*Keep smiling for me Beth.*

*I will, and thank you Rhydon.*

*Anytime my beautiful, I’ll always be here for you.X.*

*I’ll save all my kisses for you.* Beth kissed her fingertips and blew the kiss into the air. She thought it was rather silly.

*Right back at you.* Rhyden blew a kiss down towards her.

Beth felt a gust of wind blow past her face, she touched her cheek where there were tingles tickling her.

*Was that you?*

*Yes, I hope one day I can do it for real.* He blew her another kiss and the same happened again.

*I hope so too.* Beth touched her heart.

*I really have to go, otherwise I might get into trouble.*

Beth chuckled and blew him another kiss. Standing up Beth felt as if the last six years of her life had been a lie up until now. Who thought on an off chance downloading a silly dating game would lead her to finding out angels and possibly demons were real. She cursed as she forgot to ask Rhydon if they were real too.

Reaching her front door Beth took a deep breath and walked in, she was greeted with silence. She bet he would be fast asleep in bed, right enough when Beth checked he was snoring his head off. His phone buzzed next to him on the side table, Beth had never been one for getting jealous but now she knew what was going on she became intrigued. James was fast asleep and she crept to his phone, he didn’t have a lock on it so she was careful not to open any current messages but she noted there were several from other women which were older. When she opened them she felt even more sick, he had been chatting to several other women behind her back. She closed the phone up and placed it back down not wanting to read anymore.

Rushing into the kitchen Beth broke down again, she couldn’t help it, he had been lying to her the whole relationship. Then she felt guilty herself because she had been messaging Rhydon, but she hadnt cheated on James and it was only recently that she started talking to who she thought was an imaginary person. She had to tell herself she was being silly, she hadn't done anything wrong. Rhydon was the only person she could talk to, she couldn’t trust anyone else now.

She spent the rest of the time planning things, tomorrow was valentine's day and she was not going to give James anything, they always waited till the evening to have a romantic meal together and give each other presents so tomorrow was going to be a little bit different. He would be packing his bag and getting the hell out of her place.

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