Message from an Angel

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Chapter 8 Valentine office surprise

James woke up later that day, Beth was sitting catching up on programs which she had missed. She heard the shower going so she knew he was awake. Not being bothered about eating much Beth made herself a sandwich and grabbed a packet of crisps. When James came out he glanced down at what she had in her hands.

“Have you cooked anything?”

“Does it look like I have?”

“What’s got you in a mood?” James was taken aback by her short comment.

“I just don’t feel like eating much, so there’s not much point in cooking anything.”

Without saying any more he picked up his phone and ordered a pizza for himself. After the night he had last night he needed a decent amount of food for recovery. At least he didn't smell he thought. Beth ignored him and he put it down to her maybe coming on as she occasionally got grumpy with him around that time of the month. His pizza arrived and he sat down stuffing his face whilst chatting to someone on his phone. The evening went by with them both ignoring each other.

“Right I’m off to bed.” Beth stood up and switched off the tv before heading into the bathroom to get ready for bed.

Sitting in bed she checked her phone for messages, she hadn’t heard from Rhydon and she debated if she should send him a message. He had told her that he had things to do and sort out with his dad. Beth smiled and wondered what did angels do up there? Another question she would have to ask Rhydon.

*Thank you for today, you made me smile.* She thought it wasn’t too much if he couldn’t get a chance to answer.

Placing her phone on charge she settled down to sleep. She felt a lot better knowing what her plans were going to be tomorrow. James was going to get the biggest valentine surprise of his life.

James finally crept into bed at some ungodly hour, now Beth knew why he was alway late to bed and so lazy in general, he stayed up to chat online to other girls. Beth rolled on her side so she was facing away from him and she just hoped he wouldn’t try and cuddle into her.

Beth was up before her alarm, she jumped out of bed and went straight for her shower. Having a nice skirt and blouse to wear she slipped on a pair of trainers and her shoes in her bag for when she got to work. With a light breakfast Beth took some time out to do her hair nice and some light makeup.

Being one of the first people to arrive at work she settled down to making a few phone calls. She got onto her lawyer first thing and changed her will, as she was an only child she didn’t have any relatives left and she originally had it down so James got everything if anything was to happen to her. With the important things in life sorted James couldn’t touch her. She had also decided that she wouldn’t stay working for Reeds financials and put in a few applications to other places as well as her resignation to her work.

People started filtering in and to their offices and departments, everyone still looked bad from the party on Saturday night. Beth smiled as she was feeling pretty darn good about her path in life. Laura came in smiling to her office.

“Hi there, you look good.” Laura crossed her arms in front of her chest.

“Thanks I made an effort today, I feel good.” Beth smiled a genuine happy smile.

“Oh of course James will take you out for your valentine meal tonight and give you his present.”

The way Laura said it Beth could tell she was jealous, she was almost laughing inside as none of them knew what was coming.

“Oh I think it will be a little bit different this year Laura.” Beth held her chin up high and grinned.

“Okay, see you for lunch then?”

“Maybe, I might be busy later.”

Laura left the office slightly puzzled in the change of Beth’s behavior; she had never seen her looking so radiant or positive before. James sauntered in an hour later bringing in the usual three coffee’s now Beth knew the real reason why he did it.

“Just put it down there, I’m a bit busy this morning.” Beth waved her hand to tell him to leave.

A shocked James put her coffee down and turned to leave. He was entering Laura’s office with hers when a delivery guy came in with a huge bunch of red roses. Laura and James stood watching as he headed towards Beth’s office. They couldn't see the person delivering them only that it was the biggest bunch of red roses either of them had ever seen.

“Did you get Beth all them?” Laura whispered.

“No, I wouldn’t spend that kind of money on her for flowers, she is lucky if she gets a dozen off me.”

A knock came at Beth's door and she shouted them in. Rhydon wanted to surprise her, he had received her message last night and had been in talks with his father and the other highers to be able to come down to earth.

“Delivery for Beth.” He closed her door when he entered as he didn’t want the nosey parkers staring in.

“Oh my god.” All Beth could see were the flowers. “Who are these from?” She got out of her chair and stood gawking at them in disbelief.

Rhydon placed them down on the floor as he thought it was the safest place. As he stood up his face came into focus to Beth and she stopped breathing. Rhydon rushed over to her as she fell backwards into his arms. He picked her up and held her close to him. He pushed back a piece of her hair and gazed into her face. His heartbeat was racing away as he stroked her soft rosy cheek with his thumb, before bringing his lips down to hers. At first it was him brushing his lips against hers until she responded. Firework explosions were going off inside them both, he deepened the kiss, she let him invade her mouth with his tongue and she played back with hers. Her fingers went into his hair and they both moaned as they continued to kiss. She didn’t want the magical moment to end. Eventually pulling away from each other their jagged breaths sucking in air.

“You are real? I’m not imagining you?” Beth ran her hand over his face which she could see clearly now.

“I am here with you. How would you describe the kiss?” Rhydon’s eyes twinkled and the smile matched.

“Like I was kissing an angel.” Beth panted out.

Rhydon let her down gently so she was back on her feet. He held her around her waist and gazed into her eyes.

“I wanted to come down and make your day special, show you what you mean to me.”

“How long are you staying?”

“I’m not sure, it all depends on how much I behave.” A silly grin formed on his face.

“I have to work.” Beth just wanted to run away with him and escape from all the conniving and backstabbing people in the office.

“I’ll come for you at lunch time and take you somewhere special.” Rhydon placed another mouthwatering kiss on Beth’s lips.

Rhydon ran his hands over her body, he couldn’t believe it when he managed to convince his dad to let him come down and take a chance on love. Rhydon had never felt so strongly about anyone before and the kiss confirmed it with him. He was in love with Beth, he was her angel to take away her pain in life although she didn’t know it yet.

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