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Magic Academy: Book 1: The Descendant of Lucifer

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You think Aaron Eosphoros is normal? Well, think again. Aaron is 21 years old and is named one of the strongest Eliminators as many people believes that he is for a person at such a young age. He is a final year student doing the mission his magic instructor had instructed him to do for his assignment to finish his studies. He is a Eliminator with the rank of Commander of Team E, a team that consists of supernaturals and normal people but Aaron is not one of those normal person. In fact, he is part Nephilim and part human as he is sired by a descendant of Lucifer, his father. What happens if people finds out about his heritage and his past? Will the two worlds, the supernatural and human worlds combine as one or descend into chaos? Who is that person behind the scenes plotting for the demise of everyone in both worlds? Will that person succeed? Read to find out.

Fantasy / Action
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Main Character:

Name: Aaron Eosphoros

Age: 21

Appearance: A boy with silver hair that is let down most of the times and sometimes tied into a ponytail and blue eyes. He has a blue watch on his wrist and he wears a military style outfit at some times like when he is out for a mission but most of the times he wear a dark blue with light blue spots t-shirt with light blue jeans or jogging converse when he is in the academy or when he just relax with his friends. When it is winter, Aaron wears light blue sweater and white wool trousers.

Occupation and description: A member of the Eliminators Association, a group founded by the rulers of the human world who eliminates evil or out of control supernaturals. He is also the commander of the Eliminator team E of the Eliminator Army which is formed by the Association to combat rouge or evil supernaturals. He is a descendant of Lucifer, one of the fallen angels who was the Council member until he betrayed the Nephilim Council, a council of fallen angels who rules the Supernatural world. He loves the color blue and would always bring a lucky charm that his father had given him before he left to go to Astroniara Magic Academy. He is the only one among Lucifer's descendants who has light powers, the advanced version of fire element and Twilight element which is the advanced version of both light and dark element which is one of the oldest element before the birth of the newest elements like fire, water, wind, earth, light and dark. He is deemed as one of the strongest eliminator due to the advancement of his power that could rival against the leader of the Nephilim Council, Satan and the leaders of the Human worlds.

Weapons: Twin swords, a bow which could change into any weapon, a quiver of arrows and supernatural relics.

Attitude: Hard-working, Friendly, kind, sometimes funny and selfless

Family Members: his father, Ero Eosphoros (he headmaster of Astoniara Magic Academy) and his mother, Azure Cynthia. He have an elder brother, Alex Eosphoros who had been killed by Lucifer as Alex was weak in fire magic that the descendants of Lucifer have.

Sub Characters:

Name: Yako Kozima

Age: 21 (real age: no one knows)

Appearance: She has long brownish hair, silver eyes, fox ears and a fox tail. She wears the military type uniform most of the time but when she is in the academy or going outside to relax she wears dark purple t-shirt with bright pink jeans. When it is winter she wears pink wool jeans with a light blue sweater.

Occupation and Description: She is a kitsune, a Japanese fox demon, from the Kozima family, one of the highly respected Kitsune family in the Supernatural world. She has light powers and water powers and is considered as one of the strongest of her race. She met Aaron when he was still in the academy. Aaron was in the library reading forbidden magic when Yako had met him and is one of the friends who is loyal to Aaron even after Aaron comes back to the academy as a changed man. She is one of the Eliminators in Aaron's team and is the head strategist of the team and the third in command after being appointed by Aaron himself with the approval of the members of the Association. She prides herself in being the brains and the glue of the team besides Aaron and Aragorn.

Attitude: Serious, sometimes friendly, sensitive, and selfless

Family Members: Her mother, Kitsumi Abiko and her father Arata Kozima. She also has two sisters and a younger brother. Mari Kozima is her older sister but had died young when she was 4 due to Mari being an Eliminator in Team Z, which is the abandoned team after all the members had died in the previous war. Luthia Kozima is Yako's younger sister who is in her 10th year in Magic Academy. Makato Kozima is Yako's younger brother who is in his ninth year in Magic Academy.

Weapons: A samurai sword infused with magic, a few supernatural relics and a lance that could change size and shape

Name: Aragorn Earendil

Age: 21 (Real age: 2100 as elves live longer than humans and one elf year is 100 human years)

Appearance: Silver long hair that is always let down and has silver eyes. He wears the military style uniform most of the time and when he chill with his friends or go to the academy he wear a white shirt with grey joggers. When it is winter he wears a white sweater and light blue sweatpants as he does not feel cold in winter.

Occupation and Description: He is the second in command of the Eliminators Team E and the sub-head strategist of the team. He is the second eldest in the Earendil family, a well respected elven family and the most powerful among his siblings. He uses water, earth, and wind magic and he could also use mist which derives from water and wind magic. He is one of Aaron's first best friend in Astroniara Magic Academy when Aaron was 10. He was the one who advised Aaron not to be involved in forbidden magic even though he knew Aaron won't listen. He was the one who help Aaron when Aaron was back in the academy when Aaron was 18. He became second in command and sub-head strategist of the team after being appointed by Aaron with the approval of the members of the association. He also prides himself of being the glue that keeps the members together together with Aaron and Yako. He has fast reflexes and is able to think of a plan while being on his feet.

Wepons: A rapier sword, hunting knives that is longer than the forearm and a dozen shorter throwing knives

Attitude: friendly, kind, helpful, ambitious, and motivated

Family Members: He has a lot of family members but the main is his father, Eron Earendil, his mother, Fiona Ravenwood, his younger brother, Eldrian Earendil and his older sister, Elanor Earendil.

Name: Alviss Glondil

Age: 21 (Real age: 210 years old)

Appearance: Red hair with brown eyes. He wears a military style uniform sometimes but most of the times he wear a craftsman tunic with craftsman trousers. In the winter he usually wear a white sweater, black winter jacket and woolen trousers in black.

Occupation and Description: He is the master craftsman in Team E after Aaron appointed him with the agreement of the association members and he crafts the basic weapons that the others need like swords, rapier and etcetera. He also is a friend of Aaron during Aaron's time in Astroniara Magic Academy when Aaron was younger. He always supports the decision of Aaron even though he is skeptical of Aaron's reasons for Aaron's decision. He has fire powers and his fire power is very powerful as he is blessed by the dwarven God of Fire, Tharmekhul. His parents had died when he was young so he is the one to take care of his younger siblings due to him being the oldest.

Weapons: An axe and supernatural relics that his father gave him before both his father and mother died

Attitude: serious, laid-back(when he is not being too serious and stressed), friendly and resourceful. He is sometimes short-tempered and would have an argument with Amelia when he is short-tempered.

Family members: His deceased father, Houvug Glondil, his deceased mother, Thogrna Orcblade, his younger brother, Aimiol Glondil and his younger sister, Agrana Glondil

Name: Amelia Silvermoon

Age: 21 (real age: 210 as werewolves mature the same time as dwarves)

Appearance: Silver hair with silvery-gray eyes. She sometimes wear the military style uniform but most of the time, she wears a long sleeve t-shirt of any color with dark blue pants. During winter, she would wear light pink sweater and dark blue woolen jeans as she is not afraid of the cold and that her fur could keep her warm when she transform.

Occupation and Description: She is a normal member of Team E and is a person with a kind heart. She met Aaron when he was still in the supernatural gang the targets good supernaturals and good humans. Aaron was tasked to kill her and her friend Hikaru in the magic academy she went to which was Magarcia Magic Academy by the leader of the Supernatural gangsters. She and Hikaru was skeptical at Aaron at first until the time when Aaron slowly opens up about his problem, confusion about his identity and the reason why he was with the gangsters in the first place. She and Hikaru transfer to Astroniara Magic Academy after hearing that Aaron returned to the academy he went to when he was younger with open arms. She is also the one together with Hikaru who is still friends with Aaron even though Aaron's personality has changed due to being with the gangsters and realizing his mistake. Rumours are said that Aaron is closer to her and Hikaru rather than with Yako, Aragorn and Alviss, who are Aaron's close friends.

Weapons: Rapier and short throwing knives. She sometimes brings some supernatural relics to use during training and during missions.

Attiude: Friendly, sensitive to feelings, good hearted, good listener and helpful. Sometimes she gets short-tempered due to the fact that Alviss was the one who start the argument.

Family: Her father, Alvin Silvermoon, her mom, Raven Adalwolf and a younger sister, Alviana Silvermoon

Name: Hikaru Amamiya

Age: 21 (Real age: 22 in tanuki age as Tanukis age faster than humans)

Appearance: Red hair with orange eyes. He has tanuki ears and tanuki tail. He wears the military style uniform most of the time but when he doesn't, he usually wears a dark green t-shirt with brown short pants. In the winter, he would wear a blue grey sweater with white woolen jeans as he like Amelia doesn't feel the cold and his fur can keep him warm when he transform.

Occupation and Description: He is one of the members of Team E and is the best friend of Amelia. He lost his dad at a young age and his mum and his younger brother is the only family he got. He met Aaron when Aaron was tasked to kill him and Amelia at the same academy where he and Amelia goes to. He was skeptical of Aaron at first but after Aaron opens up about himself, he started to be close to Aaron and started to accept Aaron. After hearing that Aaron went back to Astroniara Magic Academy where Aaron first studied in, he and Amelia decided to transfer to Astroniara Magic Academy to learn magic there and to meet Aaron. He was surprised when he saw that Aaron had changed from the Aaron he remembered but after a while began to adjust to the change in Aaron and became Aaron's close friends. It is said that Aaron treats him and Amelia like siblings and had a good bond with him and Amelia then when Aaron was with Yako, Aragorn and Alviss.

Weapons: Two normal swords and he has a bow and a quiver of arrows. He also uses supernatural relics after Aaron showed him how to use them.

Attitude: Silent, cold, sometimes friendly, kind and ambitious. He mostly talks to Aaron as Amelia and Alviss argue and will only cut in if the argument has gone too far.

Family: His deceased father, Susuki Amamiya, his mother, Riku Chibana and his younger brother, Kei Amamiya.

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