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Before dying Prince Alexandre's grandfather left him with a set of conditions the Prince must meet before a pre-set date. One of these conditions is that Prince Alexandre must be married for at least six months before he is dubbed Crowned Prince. Night is pulled into her Kingdom's monarchy and forced to play along with their lies.

Fantasy / Erotica
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Luna Sagel listened attentively during the meeting. The pack elders' meeting had been called unusually early that week. Her husband, sitting beside her seemed strained. Whatever he had to announce that evening was potentially not good news.
"Prince Alexandra's coronation deadline is in seven months," Alpha Sagel reminded members of his counsel and his successor, Markus.
"I don't see that happening. He should just forget about that throne," Markus said, voicing his own opinion. "One of the terms he was given by his grandfather was that he needs to be married for at least six months before the coronation. This month is only left with two weeks and according to the articles I have been reading, no Lycan woman wants to be with him despite chances of becoming Queen. His abnormality is really costing him."

"That might not be the case," Luna Sagel interjected. She paid great attention to what had to be said in the meeting and was drawing towards a conclusion as to way they had been assembled. Luna Sagel looked around at the men and women at the table. When none of them could hold her eyes, her husband included, she knew she was right.

"Is there something I am missing?" Markus asked, sensing the tension between Luna Sagel and the rest of the counsel.

"Yes," the Alpha confirmed. "There is something you and your mediocre journalist overlooked." Markus straightened his position on his seat. Finally his father was allowing him to truly be involved in big matters. "After the Mystic Up Rise War (MURW) 600 years ago, this pack was established..."

"Everyone knows that story father," Markus said rolling his eyes. He was clearly bored by what had to be said." When King Alexandra was appointed King of the Southern Earth he turned the first Alpha Sagel from Human to Were Wolf. Kindergarten shit."

"That is not it. King Alexandra was very impressed by Sagel's heart during the war. He wanted to reward Sagel by making him more powerful and thus turning him to a Were Wolf. Unfortunately or fortunately, depending on how you see it, Sagel had the Alpha gene. He didn't just want to be some random member in a pack and so he asked King Alexandra for a pack of his own. The King did just that, gave Sagel the title of Alpha and turned men and women hand picked by Sagel himself to become a part of his pack. See, this was a great thing to ask the most powerful Lycan. In turn for this, King Alexandra made Alpha Sagel swear that; should a time come when one of his decedents need a bride or groom, Sagel's family will have to provide," Alpha Sagel informed his son.

"When?" Luna Sagel asked her husband.


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