Alpha's Awakening

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BOOK 3. After Carly awakens from her coma, she struggles to reintegrate herself back into her everyday life since learning so much of the world around her has changed. Luckily she has Chris, her newly appointed Beta, to help her adjust along the way. She barely has time to recuperate before she’s once again pursued by the infamous Bloodborne Alpha.

Fantasy / Erotica
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Formally "Summer of Solace" Name change due to expanding the series.



This is essentially my first draft. I write them then edit them later, keep that in mind.

Hello lovelies, If you enjoy my work, please like, comment, follow me for updates, and review my book later. I try my best to edit this before uploading, but I am dyslexic, so If you see something that needs fixing, let me know. It won’t hurt my feelings. I appreciate your feedback. It helps me grow as an author and create a name for myself on this platform. Thank you! ❤✨ -El


“Alright, Carly, can you squeeze my fingers?” Dr. Cohen asked her.


“Now follow the light with your eyes.”

“Okay perfect.”

“Now, can you tell me what today is?”

“Friday. Well, maybe Saturday now.”

Doc looked over at me. I’d been leaning against the door, biting my fingernails anxiously as he performed her neurological exam.

“And how about the date?”

“Yesterday was the 4th, so I’d say May 5th?”

My heart dropped.

What did she say?”

“Carly, can you tell me the last thing you remember?”

I was sitting in Biology class, and Chris sent me a text. He let me know he was going to pick me up. After that, it’s blurry. How long have I been asleep for Doc?”

“Around two weeks, Luna.”

“Oh wow. Well, I guess I woke up at the perfect time then!”

“What do you mean, Dear?”

“I still have so much to finish prepping for my birthday party. It’s a week away and-”

“Carly, I-I don’t know how to tell you this, but today’s not May 5th. It’s Wednesday, September 8th.

“What? But-but you-you said I was only asleep for two weeks? How is that possible, Dr. Cohen? That-that doesn’t make sense.” Carly’s breathing and voice became strained. She held her head in her hands, wincing. Her heart rate monitor spiked, beeping erratically. I glanced over at her watching her head fall backwards, and she convulsed violently.

CARLY!” I screamed, looking over at Doc, “DO SOMETHING!” I commanded. A few moments later, he returned with some sort of sedative. He eased it into her IV, and her body relaxed.

What the fuck just happened, Doc?”

“Carly had a seizure.”

I know that much. Why?”

“Sometimes, it happens when comatosed patients push themselves too fast, too soon. She seems to be exhibiting some short-term memory loss. This is also common after suffering an aneurysm. This was my fault. She was incredibly cognitive, I pushed her, and she wasn’t ready. I would make sure the Alpha’s know this, so they don’t press her. She’s missing a decent amount of time. You need to be patient with her and let her remember on her own. I know it won’t be easy, but you can’t jump back into your relationship with her right now.”

What are you talking about? We-we’re not-

“Chris, I’m not an idiot, don’t talk to me like I’m one. You haven’t left her side. You’re insanely protective of her. You’re always with her. It’s painfully obvious you two are together. Or should I say were?”

Doc-” I pulled him aside, whispering. “They, the Alpha’s, don’t know. No one does. You can’t say anything.”

“It’s none of my business.”

She and I had this stupid fight and broke up, but then the night before, we made up. Things were perfect. Then we woke up and well, you know, I told you all of this already. -But things were so good between us. You have no idea how hard it’s been holding myself back from her the last two weeks.”

“I can only imagine. Still, Carly needs time to adjust to her new life. You need to give her the space and time she needs to heal. Once she’s improving, and appears less of a threat to herself, we can sit down and talk to her together if you’d like.”

I would appreciate that, thank you!

“For the time being, It might be best to remove any triggers, anything that’s going to set her off. She needs to be eased into the idea of your relationship. I would remove any photographs or anything personal of hers that could trigger her memories. At this time, she’s sedated and stable. I’ll be discharging her tomorrow. That should give you enough time to sweep through her belongings before she returns home.”

On my way home, I pulled out my phone, making a phone call.

The phone rang, and I impatiently shook my leg, waiting for him to answer.


“Hey, Chris, what’s up?”

“She woke up! Carly woke up!”

“That’s wonderful! Rosie Carly’s awake!” I heard him shout away from the phone.

“Oh, thank God! Can I speak to her? Is she around?” Rosie asked.

I paused, unsure how to answer.

Chris, why aren’t you talking? What aren’t you telling me?” Rosie continued interrogating me.

“Carly doesn’t remember our relationship. Or anything from the last four months.”

“What? That’s horrible!”

Doc told me sometimes this is common when someone experiences an aneurysm. They can develop short-term memory loss. He believes she will regain her memories but told me for the time being that I need to limit her interaction with others. I’m supposed to remove anything that could set her off and cause her to have another seizure again.”

“Another? She already had one? My poor baby! So what are you saying, Chris?”

“For the time being, you have to cut contact with her, Rosie. I know. I’m sorry. I hate to ask this of you, but it’s what she needs right now.”

“If this is what Cupcake needs to heal, then I’ll do it, but I won’t like it,” she pouted.

“I know, but I promise the second she’s stable and back to her bubbly self, I will pay for you to come out here, myself,” I bargained.

“I hate this. Take care of her, Chris,” Rosie sulked.


“And this doesn’t mean you get to ghost me, since I can’t talk to her. You’re still going to keep me updated, understand me?”

“Yes, Luna,” I laughed.

Good. I’m glad we understand each other. And I swear if you hurt her, Ill-”

Gotta go, Rosie. I’m hitting a dead spot. I’ll talk to you both later bye.” I lied, quickly hanging up the phone. I hurried home to pick up Carly’s phone and laptop. I knew I couldn’t wipe her phone and computer. She’d never forgive me, erasing all of those memories. So I ran out and picked her up a new laptop and cellphone. I transferred over a few things then I stored her old electronics in my closet, along with the other box of stuff she tried getting rid of in the garage. I wasn’t sure if I should remove the sex toys in her top drawer and really didn’t want to ask Doc, so I left those put, for now.

I stripped her bedding and threw it in the washer. Then I replaced her pillow I had been sleeping on the last two weeks back on her bed. I gathered her some warm, comfortable clothes since the chilly, mid-September weather, had grown colder the last few weeks. I wanted to make sure she would be appropriately dressed on our trip home. Even it was a short one. I was so eager to have her back home. It didn’t take long for her to fall for me last time. Maybe it won’t this time? I know it’s going to be a while, but a small part of me is hopeful she’ll miraculously wake up one morning and remember everything we’ve shared the last four months. It felt so much longer, especially with everything we went through. I would wait as long as I had to, to have her back in my arms again, I thought to myself, laying in bed.

The next morning I picked up Carly. Doc prescribed her something for her headaches and to help her sleep. She was apparently up all night and couldn’t sleep. The one night, I wasn’t there, sleeping next to her. He reminded me once again, that short-term memory loss is common with aneurysm’s and it’s possible she would regain her memories back on her own. He was adamant that I wasn’t to push her into remembering.

Here,” I said, handing her a small blue reusable shopping bag.

“What’s this?”

Your clothes.”

“Oh. Uh, thanks,” she blushed.

You’re welcome, P-ut them on.” I had to stop myself from uttering her nickname.

“Uh, okay, I will.” I stood there staring at her. “Are you going to go so I can change or keep staring at me all weird like that?”

Sorry.” I closed the door waiting outside. We walked out to the jeep, and in the short 10-minute drive home, she fell asleep. I carried her inside, placing her on her bed, kissing her forehead. Rich and Jar came over around dinner time, to check on her, and she was doing great, that was until Stephen showed up.

“Oh my gosh, Stephen! I’ve missed you so much! Carly declared, running to his side, wrapping her arms around his neck, kissing him. Stephen, in shock, threw his hands up at his sides, eyes wide open, peering at Jared and me for assistance.

“Carly, why did you kiss me?” Stephen asked curiously.

Caralina, can I speak to you in my office for a moment?” Rich asked her leaving us alone with Stephen.

“Okay, someone, explain to me what’s going on,” Stephen implored.

Carly doesn’t remember anything from the last few months. Nothing at all. Not her and you at the cabin. Not you breaking up or cheating on her. Not her birthday, not graduation. Nothing,” I disclosed, whispering next to Stephen.

“What? That’s awful!”

Doc said she would regain her memories back as time went on, but we aren’t supposed to push her.”

“We’re supposed to go about our lives as normal and help her adjust. I mind linked Pop’s, and told him we’d handle it,” Jared added.

“She needs to hear it from you, though, Stephen,” I emphasized, placing my hand on his shoulder. Jar and Rich stepped outside to the backyard to give her some privacy.


“Yeah? Are you going to go so I can talk to Carly?”

No. I’m going to make sure you do the right thing for once. I know this is going to crush her all over again, so I’m staying. After you say what you need to, I want you to leave.”

“What’s going on?” Carly questioned, looking at both of us.

Carly, come sit down,” I tapped the seat on the couch between Stephen and me.

“Carly Babe, I um. God, this is hard. You and I aren’t together anymore.”

“What?” Carly’s voice broke, and her eyes glazed over.

“I-I found my Mate.”

“Y-Your Mate?” She blinked, and tears rolled down her cheeks.

“Yeah. I um, I’m married now.” Stephen held up his hand to show her his titanium wedding band. “And I’m going to be a dad. I have a little girl on the way with Cassie, my Mate.”

“Oh god! I-I’m sorry! I didn’t mean to-” Carly threw her hand over her face, sobbing.

“It’s okay. You didn’t know. Well, you did, but you don’t remember. It’s okay.”

“You’re going to be a dad?”

“Yeah. I-I accidentally cheated on you. I tried fighting the Mate bond with Cass because I wanted to be with you, and my wolf took over and marked her. Jared and I were trying to wait and tell you after your birthday, but it came out before then. You found out and caught me with Cassie.”


“You know Cassie Williams. She was a grade ahead of us. I found out the night of my birthday. Mom sent Austin and me out to pick up pizza for dinner, and I saw her.”

“So you cheated on me?” Carly’s depressed voice shifted to a more resentful tone.

“At first, I didn’t mean to, but I couldn’t fight my connection to Cassie. So Yes. I’m sorry, Carly,” Stephen said, blowing out a long breath.

“If we broke up, why are you here?”

Stephen is-”

“I’m Jared’s Beta.”

“What? You’re joking?”

“Technically, I was supposed to be yours, but since Jared didn’t trust us around each other, he assigned me to Rose. And shortly after, Chris became Amber’s Beta.”

“You're-you're my Beta now?” She turned to me, questioning me.

Interim Beta. Just until your father finds someone else for the job.”

“So that’s why you were with me at the hospital.”

Yeah,” I lied.

“This is a lot to unpack right now. I-I need to get some air,” Carly said, rising to her feet before fainting. I caught her before she hit the floor. It was too much too soon.

“What just happened? Is she alright?”

She pushed herself too hard. She did this at the hospital, trying to remember. She caused herself to have a seizure and pass out. I think it’s best you go now, Stephen.” I carried Carly back up to her room, brushing her hair out of her face wanting so badly to kiss her again. Jar and rich stood in the doorway, looming in at me.

What happened, Son?” Rich asked me.

She passed out again. Stephen told her too much, and she couldn’t take it. I shouldn’t have let him near her. It was too soon. She wasn’t ready. I thought she was. She was handling it well. Then she passed out.”

It’s going to be a learning curve for all of us Chris, we’ll figure it out as time goes on,” Jared spoke, gripping my shoulder reassuring me, in a caring manner. “She’ll be okay. She just needs time.”

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