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I scrubbed the deck with the other crew members as we continued to el fenix. The wind in my hair the sounds of the waves against the ship it's peaceful. A shame that peace won't last long the watcher begins ringing the alarm bell while shouting " sea serpent heading towards us all hands on deck. All around the crew snapped into action rushing down below deck to man the Cannon's while others prepared on deck. The massive serpent encircled the ship while looking upon the crew. Yet they didn't attack all putting away there weapons. .my eyes where wide as the captian walk towards the massive creature as It bent down to his level where he placed his hand against the serpent who hissed in delight. " It's good to see you old friend" Liana is the princess of the valrion empire. After being captured by pirates on her way home she's forced to work as one of them under the pirate king the most feared pirate in the lucian sea. And her kingdom most powerful enemy.

Fantasy / Action
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A horse gallops through the streets of the capital as citizens move out the way as the rider shouts a warning. As he reached the imperial palace was.

After gave the parchment to the imperial guard who rushed into the palace looking for the prime minister. He saw the prime minister walking with his wife through the royal garden's.

" My lord" the soilders says as he bows to the prime minister and hands him the parchment. After opening and reading the parchment his face went pale after dismming the guard he turns toward his wife.

" I'm sorry dear but I must find his majesty at once" after kissing his wife's hand and check he hurried to the emporors study.

Two imperial guards stand at attention as they deer the prime minister. " My lord" they bow as they open the door to the king's study.

The king sits around his large oak table as he reads from a book but as he see's the prime minister enter he snapped the book shot.

" What is it lord percival?" the king ask. Lord percival bowed " I've received a letter on behalf of the princess but there's been an incident with her escort" the prime minister said head still bowed.

" What incident" the king said shoulders tensed. The prime minister hands him the letter and after reading the letter his heart began racing.

" You took something from me and now I've taken something from you"

signed the king of the winds and tides the pirate king.

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