That Time I Got Transported To Another World With My Black Friend

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Ah Hell Nah

I don’t really know what the f*ck I’m looking at right now. No, scratch that, I know what I’m looking at but my mind doesn’t really want to comprehend it. I came here to get Will so we can go finish the meeting with the lords but I’m pretty sure I just walked in on him sleeping with a girl. Maybe if I just ignore it things won’t be as awkward.

“Ugh, hey, Will. We ugh...” I say but pause as I turn my head to the side so that I can look down the hallway and not at them.

“. . .We gotta go, man. I came to get you we can finish the meeting with the lords,” I finish.

“Quincy, I can explain. It all started with these da*n-” he was about to say but the girl cut him off. She’s a small girl with short black hair and a scar over her eye. Oh god is Will a pedo now?

“Mmmmm master last night was wonderful. We were such degenerates last night!" she screams and hugs Will.

“NO, SHUT UP! NOTHING HAPPENED!. I’ll be right there Quincy, I just gotta change” Will says as he bolts up from the bed and heads to his bathroom. As he goes in there the girl starts to moan very loudly.

“Ughghhhhhhhhh master pwease don’t leave me. I think we should do it right now, I’m feeling frisky. UGGHGHGHGHHHHH” she moans.
“Da*n girl, you a freak” is all I could say. Suddenly a guard arrives right next to me.

“Hero, are you all right?! I heard moans. I thought you were in trouble. . . oh my" he says as he sees the girl. Will comes out in his normal clothes and approaches me.

“Come on, let’s get out of here. Nazuko you stay here I’ll be back later” he commands.

“Why can’t I come with you?” she asks.

“Because of what you did, just now,” he says as he closes the door.

“UGHGHGHGH, ok, please come back soon, mastuh--my body is so ready mmmmmmmm, mastuh Willllllllllllll” she moans through the door.

Will starts to bang on the door.

“KNOCK IT OFF!. Let’s just go I’ll explain on the way,” he tells me as we start walking down the hallway.

He proceeds to tell me the weird adventure he went on yesterday with the whole portals malfunctioning because of him, the pervert wizard he met, the thief incident, him getting punched in the d*ck, him then recruiting said girl who hit him in the d*ck. Wait, I’m gonna need more clarification on that last part.

“Wait hold on so you want the thief who hit you in the balls to become your ally, and before that you shot a kid with air?” I ask.

“The sun was in my eyes, ok? I didn’t mean it and yeah I recruited her. Her thief skills can be really useful. The only way I could do that was do some sort of bonding thing with her so now she has to do what I say” he informs me.

“Wait, so her sleeping with you happened because you turned her into a sex slave!?” I say perhaps too loudly.

“NO, QUINCY. She crawled into my bed without me knowing. That whole thing earlier was her playing a joke, I swear. Come on, Quincy, you know I wouldn’t do something like that” he states.

That is what made me so surprised. Will isn’t exactly a cassanova and him doing that would be out of character. He might be a kinky guy though, I’m not sure. There’s only one thing I have to clarify now.

“Will, is she a child? Wait, is pedophillia even outlawed here?” I ask with the second question being mostly rhetorical because I doubt he’d know.

“No, Quincy, she’s not a child. I’m sure she’s legal but that doesn’t matter anyway because nothing happened. She’s just. . . petite. Anyway, that’s what happened to me. What happened to you? You don’t have your glasses on and you’re wearing weird clothes.”

“Yeah, after blacking out I woke up this morning with these clothes on. A doctor/magician came up to me telling me that they used magic to heal my wounds. It’s weird, I don’t feel any lingering pain at all it’s like I didn’t get my a*s kicked by that burly guy. Oh and apparently the power I unlocked yesterday is drastically improving my eyes so now I can see without my glasses which is perfect because I’m sure they’re broken now. They also told me that I’m wearing monk clothes since my other clothes were destroyed and their healing magic doesn’t work on immaterial objects. A guard then came into my room telling me about the meeting with the lords we have to finish and was told you weren’t there yet so he directed me to your room and now I’m here.”

The clothes I am wearing made me kinda look like a shaolin monk. The outfit is gray with a hood and they gave me some black leather shoes in my size which is surprising cause my feet are huge. I also have these weird gray wraps around my hands. We make it to where we met with the lords before and surprisingly they are already there waiting for us. Will and I both sit down in front of them as before as Creon starts to speak.

“All right, boy, you’ve proved to us that you are most likely the true hero, I still hold some reservations but regardless we can continue. Tell us, how much do you know about the prophecy?” Will proceeds to stand up to answer the question.

“As I said before, I do not know much. Viena just told me that I’m the hero and then I arrived here,” he tells them.

“Hmm it seems we should tell him the prophecy in detail,” says Borin.

“Oh my, we might be here for awhile then,” Tristam says disappointedly.

“I-I-I can tell him. Many y-years a-ago shortly after the f-f-f-falll of the-″ Bobbie says but is interrupted by Creon.

“No, anyone but him--by Gods and Goddesses sake. Alkis, you do it since you like these dumb formal explanations and you like to run your mouth,” Creon orders.

“Ahhh--I would love to. Though, you do love speaking more than I do given how often you do it” he says with that creepy smile and voice of his.

Jesus Alkis is a passive aggressive savage. It’s also clear they argue a lot or at least don’t like each other. I hope we can get this meeting over with soon.

“You see my young hero about 2000 years ago after the second demon wave which destroyed the former Westphalian empire it is said that the Gods and Goddesses came down and gave humanity a scroll full of prophecies about the future. I won’t go over the minute details, but it states that the third demon wave led by the demon king, Cucumatz, will arrive 2000 years in the future--which is about now. It has been told that when we perform the rituals to each deity that a hero with the sacred ring would arrive from another world and save us all from the demons and defeat Cucmatz. The hero by doing so would unite all of the states and restore the Westphalian empire and become its greatest emperor, ushering in a golden age. This hero is given the title “The Restorer of the World.“”

Wow, that’s a lot to take in. I look at Will and he now looks pretty nervous. I would be too, if I was told “hey college kid you gotta become one of the greatest rulers who ever lived by fighting freaking demons and other nations.” I do not envy Will right now. Wait, what about me? Hell nah, I don’t wanna go through all that sh*t I wanna go home.

“Well, boy, now you heard it. You think you have what it takes?” Creon asks him.

“. . . I’m not sure. If you expect me to do all that right now I’m sure it’s not going to end well,” he tells them.

“Well, boy, don’t worry because I believe that prophecy is bullsh*t created by humans after the fall of the empire to make themselves believe what can never be.” Creon states.

“B-b-but the red moons. It’s a sign of the upcoming demon wave.” Bobbie says.

“Ah, that could be caused by anything. It is just a natural phenomenon we don’t understand yet. Our science is just lacking. ″ Creon retorts.

“Sorry to interrupt but what exactly is a demon wave anyway?” Will asks.

“A demon wave is when the demons from the underworld manage to open up portals across the land and literally storm everything like a wave. We don’t know how it works but that’s the gist of it. We’ve had reports of demon sightings but none of them have been confirmed so perhaps small pockets are opening up.” Borin informs us.

“Those are just peasants being afraid of monsters.” Creon explains.

“Regardless of how some of us feel about it, you are here and that’s all that matters. We’ve decided for you that right now the best thing for you to do is to get as strong as you can. You are now to partake in missions of the guild you already joined and we asked Armstrong to train you to master your aura. You are also to learn magic from Vasavir here in the castle in addition to taking lessons at North Point which is where the imperial knights are trained and taught. It is there where you will develop your swordsmanship and will learn academics. We don’t know who will be teaching you yet, but you’ll be directed to them when you get there. I know this a lot to take in but do not worry, we will not let you be unprepared and we hope your life in the capital city of Colonus is a good one.” Jana informs.
“Ugh what about me?” I question.

Yeah everyone just kinda forgot about my existence.

“Do not worry, we did not forget about you. You’ll train with the hero, as you are now one too. You’ll be trained by Armstrong and take lessons at North Point as well. You will train especially at North Point as we believe you’ll make an excellent imperial knight. Though, you will not take lessons from Vasavir--as given your war class, there is not much he can teach you. You may also wish to join Dragon’s Descent as well,” Jana tells me.

"Ah hell nah, I ain’t doing that.” I tell them.

Everyone in the room, except Will, has a shocked look on their face.

“I just wanna go home so just send me back. I don’t wanna do all that,” I continue.

“Hero, we are sorry, but we cannot send you back to where you came from. Only the Gods and Goddesses can do that and we do not have a ritual to ask them to return someone, only to receive. Please understand that you are meant to be here. You may not know this but your skills are very impressive.” Jana says in an attempt to convince me.

“No. F*ck that.” I tell them.

I’m too black for this. I never even wanted to be here in the first place.

“You are free to do whatever you want. But I do say that if there is a way for you to go back home you will not discover it if you just stay here at Colonus. You may discover it on the adventures you go on. Stranger things have happened,” Jana says.

She has a point. If I can discover a way home it won’t happen with me living in this city doing who knows what. It looks like I’m going to have to train after all though I know it’ll be a huge pain in the butt.

“Ok I’ll do it but I have some conditions,” I state.

“What is it boy? You want money? Women?” Creon asks.

“No, nothing like that. This is the capital right? Does that mean there is a very important library here?” I ask.

“Yes, there is the largest library in the empire. It’s the Grand Library of Colonus, why do you ask?” Borin asks.

“I want unlimited access to all books. I wanna take out any book I want and keep them. I’m talking about old books and the stuff that’s banned to most people that I’m sure exists there. I want all of it.” I tell them.

You may think that I want the books because I’ll do research to see if there’s a way I can go back home and while I’ll do that, I mostly just want to be able to read all the books because I love books. The idea of reading history books about a world I don’t know about has made me excited.

“Very well. Though if you read one of the books and die it’s on you” Creon tells me.

Wait, what? Books can do that here? Nah, he must just be trying to scare me.

“Well, heroes your training will begin next week and you both have your rooms to stay in. I’d say the meeting is over.” Tristam tells us.

Everyone proceeds to leave the room with Will and I heading back to his room.

“Hey, Quincy, what time is it?” Will says as he stops in his tracks.

“Ugh, I think about 3:00, why do you ask?”

“. . .Oh no, I’m late. I was supposed to meet with Remi. I gotta’ go, I’ll see you later,” he says as he starts to run out of the castle.

I guess while he’s doing that I’ll check out this library and see what I can learn.

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