That Time I Got Transported To Another World With My Black Friend

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I'm Not Supposed To Be Here

The boba place was really weird looking. Like I couldn’t see anything that resembled a boba place. All I could see was some aurora lights above me and below me my reflection. Like the whole floor was made of glass or was a giant mirror. I decided that this must be one of those millennial boba places where they have a weird gimmick. Like instead of waitresses in maid outfits this place decided to go with looking stupid. I started just walking ahead and then I heard a voice.

“Oh, hey Quincy”.

I turned around and saw that it was me amigo Will.

“Oh hey Will” I said.

“Hey Will how the heck do you order boba here”

“I don’t know I was going to ask you. All I know is that this place has a weird gimmick of looking stupid”.

We decided to keep walking and eventually we saw a little girl in front of us smiling who must be the cashier. She looked strange though because she had a black and purple victorian dress on. What was even stranger was that she also had a jester’s hat on. The left half was purple and the right half was black. I didn’t care that this place probably violated a bunch of child labor laws, I was just happy to order some boba.

“Hi, I’ll have honey milk tea with boba” I said.

“Yeah, and I’ll have a taro milk tea” said Will.

“Wait, what?" she said.

“I SAID HONEY MILK TEA! I’M GONNA USE MY DEBIT CARD!” I yelled right in front of her face.

The poor girl must be hard of hearing. I can’t believe her parents make her dress up in a weird outfit to give us boba but the reviews said this place was good. Anyway I then gave her my debit card. She just held it with this confused look on her face. Sweet Jesus they never taught her how to use a chip reader.

“Wait, hold on, I think you two are confused,” she said. She then gave me back my debit card.

“Ah I see this place is cash only, my bad. Hey, you got any cash I can borrow?” I said.

“Ugh, ok, but only this one time and you’re gonna owe me,” said Will.

The girl then interrupted before Will could give me 4 bucks. This b*tch really didn’t want to give me boba.

“Ok I’m just gonna stop you two idiots right now before I have an aneurysm. You two are dead,”

Will and I looked at each other. How could I be dead? I don’t remember dying at all. Like I know I’m unhealthy but I’m pretty sure I wasn’t supposed to have a heart attack until next week.

“Hey do you remember dying?” I asked. Will thought for a moment and then said, “Well, I do remember hearing a truck but t the next thing I knew I was here so I thought I just zoned out”

Before I responded the girl in front of us then looked really concerned. Like she just realized she left the oven on.

“Wait. Wait wait wait wait wait. There’s not supposed to be two of you”. She turned around and started pacing back and forth mumbling to herself.

“Which one of you is William?” she then asked.

“Um, I’m Will. How do you know my name?” Will asked. She didn’t respond though and then looked straight at me.

“Then who are you?” she asked me

“B*tch who the f*ck is you?” I said.

I didn’t realize that this girl was gonna have an attitude. I just came here trying to buy some boba and now I got a loli cashier who can’t use a chip reader. She looked really mad but it was obvious she was trying to hold it in. She wanted to say something but it looks like getting a bad yelp review is holding her back. She closed her eyes, inhaled, then exhaled very loudly.

“I’m Viena. I’m one of the goddesses from the land of Westphalia. The people of that land did a ritual to summon a hero to fulfill one of their prophecies. I decided to grant it and give them a warrior. I was not supposed to have two of you here” she said

“Ohhh I get it, this place is a fantasy themed boba restaurant--I got it.”


“Wow. She’s really devoted to her role” said Will.

“Oh my god, I summoned idiots. Look William, I made a deal with your God to kill you so that I can send your soul to Westphalia to become their hero”

“Wait then so I’m getting transported to another world?” said Will.

Will then got this really excited look on his face like this is something he’s dreamt about for years. I felt bad to tell him that this place was just selling boba.

“Yes, I’m transporting you to another world. I asked your God who would be someone he would be perfectly fine without, and he said you--so congratulations. The other one isn’t supposed to be here though. You two must have been walking next to each other when I ran you over with the truck. Ugh, I can’t return him though because I only made a deal to take one life. If I return the other one then your God will find out, and then I would have broken one of the God laws,” she said. I didn’t really know what was happening but she called me “other one,” so I think I’m gonna have to beat her for having such a bad attitude.

“Then can I take my friend with me? Hey, Quincy you don’t mind living in another world for the rest of your life, right?” asked Will. This poor man. He really doesn’t know that this is all for show. Like the Medieval times restaurant, but a lot worse.

“Sure, Will I’ll go with you” I said.

I was wondering how this show was gonna end and when I’ll actually get my boba.

“Ok. I guess I have no other choice. William--go fulfill your destiny as a hero!” she exclaimed to Will

“And you can just be there I guess idk you’ll figure it out” she told me.

I then saw a portal open up, it was honestly a really good special effect. The portal must be like a fancy door that leads to our table or something.

“Oh sweet come on Quincy this is gonna be great” Will said.

I just shrugged and went through the portal with him.

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