That Time I Got Transported To Another World With My Black Friend

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Sheer terror. Those two words describe the exact feeling I had the moment I stepped out of that portal into this brave new world. But not the kind of fear you have when you have nightmares, but rather the kind of fear that comes right when you’re on a roller coaster and you make the sudden rush down after a long but terrifying climb.

Why may you ask? Well, simply because that portal led me to be falling about 10000 feet in the air with no idea if I’d land safely or not. I guess that the loli goddess I met before made a mistake with where that portal led to. Figures.

“Hey, Will, you’re now a destined warrior who must fulfill a prophecy in order to save our land from complete destruction.” Welp, I guess that was a lie.

I swear if I ever see that goddess again I’ll force her to listen to one of Quincy’s 4 hour rants about the U.S. constitution. Wait. Quincy. Where the hell is Quincy? That portal must have separated us when we went through it. Damn, I wish he were here so I could make some rather sarcastic remark and annoy him with it. Although I’d have to say the view from up here isn’t bad as I witnessed a vast beautiful landscape below me. I spotted a large city with a large castle atop of a mountain that looked somewhat like Mt.Rushmore except for the fact that it had the faces of people I didn’t know carved into them. Well that’s not true as one of them was the face of the damn goddess I just met. Frantically I searched for some way that I could survive the fall and then it happened a very large red dragon flew right next to me. I knew that I had to do and thus I grabbed its tail and held on for dear life.

Apparently it didn’t like having an extra passenger riding shotgun with it as it shook me off and thus I was falling again. Well at least we’re not so high up now and someone luckier than me could probably survive this fall. Just as luck would have it I spotted something In the corner of my eye, a river that was at least a mile wide. The only problem though is at my current position I wouldn’t hit that river I’d hit the spiky rocks right next to it. I needed to come up with a way to move myself quickly in mid air. Think. This world’s a magical world right? Then maybe by some blind luck I could use magic so propel myself into that river. I attempt to concentrate and use every fiber of my being to make something happen. BOOM. I feel it like some kind of power welling up within me, like some kind of aura you could say. Yes, whatever this energy is I release all of it to propel myself towards the direction of the river. Not bad for my first use of magic in this world, the only downside is it felt like a large gust of wind exploded out of my behind. I guess I’ll work on that later though. As I hit the river I felt the cold water surround me and I was so happy I did not just die by fall damage. However as I attempted to swim to shore I felt way more tired than I should have been. It must be that magical energy I released a while ago that caused this. Unable to gather up the strength to swim I felt myself losing consciousness as the world started to fade.

Lick, lick, lick, lick, lick. I feel something slimy wipe its tongue all over my face as I start to wake.

“Ahh, stop, stop!” I say as I wipe off all the slobber off of my face.

“Oooh. He’s finally awake,” says a voice I don’t recognize.

Sitting before me by a fire was a girl with brown hair and pointy ears with pale skin accompanied by a wolf that seemed almost ghostly and transparent.

“Who are you?” I say groggily.

“Aaah I’m Remi, the person that just saved you from drowning to death,” She says excitedly.“It’s not everyday you see someone fall out of the sky after a magical quake.”

“What the heck is a magical quake?” I question.

“Well it’s like an earthquake but caused when large amounts of magical energy are used at once. It usually occurs whenever the people in the capital try summoning some sort of powerful creature or person to this realm,“she responds.

Ah that must be me, I think or at least I would be more confident if I came here without almost dying.

“Hey by the way have you seen a large black man around? You know six feet tall, really unintimidating, kinda obsessed with politics, may or may not have also fallen out of the sky,” I ask.

“Nope I’m pretty sure I would have remembered someone like that,” she states.

Dang, I really hoped he fell too, unless his portal led him to somewhere safe in which I would get pissed since mine was faulty. I need to make it a priority to find him and find somewhere safe to stay.

“Well okay just forget about that for now. I’m Will, also I may be the hero that those people in the capital tried to summon,” I say with hesitation in my voice.

As this fact caught her attention she fires back,

“Really, well you don’t look very heroic to me at the moment.”

Oof. Well I guess I won’t get any hero treatment from the beginning then huh.

“Gee thanks, you don’t look all that great either. Also why is that wolf almost see through?” I prod.

“Oh this guy is a spirit wolf and I’m one of the rare beings known as a tamer. We have the ability to control or influence spiritual beings. I’m actually pretty great compared to you,” she responds.

Feeling somewhat annoyed I get up and start marching in the direction of the city I saw as I made my descent. Maybe I can find Quincy there too if he’s not already dead.

“Wait, where are you going?” she stammered.

“I’m going to find my friend in the capital,” I state.

Blocking off my escape the spirit wolf runs in front of me and gets in an attack position. “Sorry but I can’t let you leave until you pay me back for saving you,” She states. “If you really want to prove to me you’re a hero then help me kill the monster that’s threatening the nearby village.” I think to myself if I can outrun or fight a wolf in my condition or whether to just go along with this girl’s task. What attacks do I even have available to me at the moment? I could just do the magical fart I unleashed earlier but that would just tire me out again. What would Quincy do in this moment? He’d probably just go like Hell Nah and be outta there but that option wasn’t currently available. Deciding that there was no escape and that I couldn’t possibly fight anything in my condition I relented. Not that if I were in peak condition I could fight a wolf, but I digress. “Okay fine we’ll go kill your monster already,” I grudgingly respond. And thus began my long journey in the world of Westphalia.

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