That Time I Got Transported To Another World With My Black Friend

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The Superficial Tamer

Trudging along the path to the nearby village, I thought to myself how best to escape the current situation. One I’m mentally exhausted due to my little skydiving endeavor and a little bit hungry, two there’s no way that I can fight a monster within the first day I got here, three this girl’s smug aura is mocking me.

“Hey do you have any actual means of doing damage?” Remi questions.

F*ck. Asking the hard questions already. I thought maybe I could hide somewhere while she did all the work or maybe even escape during the fight while her wolf engaged in combat.

“Umm well I think I’m capable of using some kind of magic. I believe I unleashed some magic and the air around me propelled me into the river. That is how I survived the fall after all,” I responded.

“Ah I see, so you’re completely useless then,” she smugly remarks.

If it weren’t for the wolf I may have slapped this girl 2 times by now.

“It seems you have a natural affinity towards air. Well I can at least show you how to unleash a really basic attack called a wind bullet. Try concentrating your aura into a single point and release it in the direction of that apple tree over there,” she commanded.

“Aura?” I question.

“Yep it’s sort of a kind of magical energy that comes from your soul,” she answers.

I gather what strength I have and concentrate on feeling this inner energy inside myself.

“Don’t unleash all of it or else you’ll pass out due to aura fatigue,” she adds.

I mentally visualize what cutting a small amount means in my head. I think it’s like taking a french fry out of the batch or scooping a small amount of ice cream. I feel it and gather a small amount in my left hand. I take aim at the apple tree and release the energy out of my hand. A sharp gust of wind erupts and comes flying out and cuts a branch off the target tree. Remi walks over to the fallen branch and plucks off a ripe apple.

Surprisingly she states,

“Nice, I guess you aren’t completely useless after all. Most people end up accidentally using all their aura the first time they use elemental spells. Here, catch you look like you need something to eat and we need to rest before we take on that monster.”

I catch the apple and take a bite. It’s sweet and juicy, just what I needed to relieve my hunger. Maybe this girl isn’t that bad afterall, at least she didn’t send me through a portal that sent me 10000 feet in the air. Note to self, never use portals ever again.

As I wake from my nap I notice Remi sitting cleaning her gear without the presence of the wolf.

“Where did the wolf go,” I ask.

“Oh since he’s a spirit wolf I can’t keep him summoned all the time. Usually only for about an hour at the moment,” she answered.

“But don’t even think about running away or I’ll chase you down myself.”

“Nope. Absolutely wasn’t thinking about running away, definitely not,” I say sarcastically.

“Well how did you know how to use that wind bullet spell? Do you also have an affinity for air?”

“Yep, I’ve also got an affinity for water as well. I’m pretty great aren’t I?” she says confidently.

I ignore her boasts and take a moment to assess what I have on my person. A wallet, phone, keys and a cracked ring with a note attached to it. Wait I don’t own this ring, but it looks almost mystical in some way like there’s some kind of enchantment imbued on it. I take a look at the note that came along with it.

“Hello Will, sorry about the fall. Portals can be kind of faulty and unpredictable at times, especially when they’re only meant for one person. Anyways, here’s a gift that might help you out a bit with your journey. This ring will allow you to peek at a creatures’ stats and abilities. It’s not complete yet since it requires you to kill or defeat monsters in order to restore it to full effect, but I’m sure you’ll manage. Oh yeah it also drains your aura every time you use it, so only use it for strong looking opponents. Good luck on the journey” signed the Goddess Viena.

Huh, well my hatred for the goddess subsides a little bit. I slip on the ring and attempt to analyze Remi. Remi: (class: Novice Tamer), (defense level: low) (affinity: water, air), (luck: somewhat unlucky), (aura: äÜØþþþþ). What. What is this crap with aura. I can’t understand it, whatever it must be due to the fact that the ring is cracked. The rest of her stats, from what I can understand, don’t impress me. Novice Tamer, what a joke and she boasts about being so great.

“What are you looking at? You’re not having perverted thoughts about me are you?” she states jokingly.

Having taken enough of this girl I fire back,

“No, clearly now that I take a second look at you, you’re not that strong, now are you? You’re probably a beginner adventurer otherwise you wouldn’t force me to help you. From what I can see you rely too heavily on that spirit wolf and I bet you can’t even beat that monster without my help.”

Easily angered by this she responds,

“What, how dare you. I’ll have you know that I’m an extremely capable Tamer that’s killed dozens of monsters by now. In fact, I’ll show you, I’m going to go kill the monster nearby the village without you and then you’ll have to praise me. Stay right there I’ll be back in no time at all.”

She then proceeds to run off in the direction of the village leaving me in the dust.

Yes! My reverse psychology worked and now I’m not stuck with the life threatening task anymore. I feel slightly guilty after the fact that I was abandoning this girl after she saved my life and all, but I’m sure she’ll be fine. I guess I’ll go into the nearby village and ask anyone if they’ve seen Quincy.

Entering the village, it strikes me that I really am in another world seeing all the people in their medieval style clothing. I must seem really weird looking to them. I decide to enter the town tavern and ask the bartender if he’s seen Quincy. I attempt to speak in a shakespearean like manner in order to not seem so strange.

“Hello sir has thou seen eth a large black man ’round these parts. He may be quite obnoxious and hath doneth something stupid eth like having praised his love for someone called Trump,” I say humourously.

“Ah yes actually that *sshole came in earlier today about a few hours ago, you just missed him. Now that I think of it, he didn’t pay for his fucking drink the bastard. I have half a mind to send the town guard after his ass,” the bartender responds. “In fact I may just hold you accountable for his actions for being his accomplice.”

“Whoa, whoa, just wait that’s not fair I didn’t even do anything,” I stammer.

Poop. I need to think of some way to pay this guy or get him off my case.

“Actually I’m the person your lord hired to kill the monster, a legendary tamer in fact. You wouldn’t charge the person about to rid your town of such a pest right. That would make you look bad as a respectable bar owner such as yourself,” I say with confidence.

“Ah really, well in that case I’ll let you off the hook, but if I ever see that black accomplice of yours ever again I’ll shove our special diarrhea inducing drink down his throat. In fact I may have slipped a little bit of that in his grape juice earlier, serves him right,” the bartender laughs.

Great, just great, now I really do have to go kill that monster or I could be arrested for impersonating someone. I hope Quincy is having better luck than me right now.

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