That Time I Got Transported To Another World With My Black Friend

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The One of Blackness

“Ah you there, the foreigner, the one of blackness. You are quite brave. I saw that before I arrived that you were about to face those fiends” the fat knight said.

Oh no I have to talk to this weirdo. Wait one of blackness? How does everyone know I’m black? I’m not even full black--I’m only half. The other half is asian, which makes me look Mexican according to every single person back home. The only thing that gives it away is I suppose my curly black hair that’s almost an afro. Great, I had to go to another dimension just for people to actually call me black. But being called the “one of blackness” doesn’t sound like a good thing. Should I be offended?

“Well ugh you know how it is. Gotta kill fiends every now and then, am I right?” I said trying to sound cool.

“Yes finally someone who agrees! You do not believe how many times fiends try to beg for their lives. Do they not know that when they harm a fair lady that their lives become forfeit?” the knight asked me.

This guy is insane. I better just go along and agree with everything he says so that I don’t die.

“Yep I totally agree. Anyone who attacks a woman should die on the spot”.

“You are a gentleman. You are now my friend, young man” he says.

I think I just joined a friendship without consent. I feel. . . violated.

“So, tell me, young man. Where are you headed?” he asks me.

“I’m going to the capital. I’m trying to find my friend. Have you seen him? He looks foreign like me, short black hair, is really sarcastic?” I ask him.

“I am afraid not, young man. But, I too am headed to the capital. I was transporting some supplies before I heard the cries of the fair maiden and ran straight here. Come I will take you with. Together we shall bond” he told me.

Well the good news is that I have some transport to the capital. The bad news is that I’m with this guy. He leaves for a bit to get his carriage of supplies which gave me some time to process just what the hell happened. I look at one of the dead bodies and look closer at the masks. It was a red demon mask. It had horns on the top, the eyes were completely yellow and the mouth was open with sharp teeth. The bodies were completely burnt. They are all black now and everything kinda smells like a bbq but the masks were fine which is weird. The knight comes back with a horse drawn carriage with a bunch of boxes in the back.

“Come to me young man. Sit right here next to me and we shall be off.” he says.

I get up and sit right next to him and we are off. The carriage is being drawn by a single horse and I hear all the stuff in the boxes in the back bouncing.

“Young man I do not know if you heard my name before but I am Imperial Knight Luther. What is the name of my new friend?” He asks looking at me.

At least, I think he’s looking at me. I can’t really tell with his helmet. Wait, I’m in a new world right? That means I can tell this guy whatever I want and he’ll just have to believe me. Come on, Quincy, you’re in a new world so you can give yourself a really cool name and backstory.

“..........I’m Kaneki" I said. I have no idea why I said that out of all the anime names I know. Well at least I didn’t say my name was Kirito.

“Ah, welcome my friend, Kaneki, to the state of Dreden. Tell me, where are you from? I have never seen your clothes before and your blackness is fascinating″ he says.

“Wait, I thought we were in Westphalia?” I asked ignoring that weird comment at the end.

“That you are. Westphalia is made of many states. You are in the state of Dreden, where the imperial capital is also held. Some of the lords have been trying to move the capital to one of the larger states so you must enjoy the capital while it is still the imperial capital my friend. Now tell me where are you from, I am dying with fascination” he says with excitement.

“Well, I’m not really from this world. I came here through a portal today. Is that normal?” I ask.

“Oh, so you were the one summoned during the magical quake. My word the last time we summoned other humans here was about thirty years ago. I was a wee baby then” he says.

Wait so Will and I aren’t the first people to be transported here?

“What happened to them?” I asked.

“That I do not know. I believe that they all went missing shortly after they arrived if I recall” he tells me.

I’m actually relieved. It’s not just Will and I stuck in a different world. Wait, did he say they went missing? Oh no.

“Tell me what is your story my friend?” he asks.

“....ugh, well, I was a college student who went on a date with a fair lady right? Then the b*tch tried to eat me because she’s a ghoul and they are people who have to each other people to live and got like tendrill body parts and sh*t. A beam then fell on our heads. Her body parts then became my body parts. Then I worked at a coffee shop. Then I got tortured and had my hair turned white and became a bad*ss and wrecked some n*ggas. Then my homie died. Then I thought I died and then I became a ghoul hunter--the end” I said.

“My word, what a sad, but intriguing tale. I did not know your world has ghouls as well” he said in surprise.

Wait, what? Ghouls are real here? Sweet jesus this is going to bite me in the a*s later. Also now I’m horrified.

“. . . Really now? You do?” I asked.

I’m hoping he’ll say he was joking.

“Aye it’s true. Horrible creatures. Here they stay in their own secluded communities in the woods and they move often so it is hard to find them. Wipe out whole villages sometimes it’s quite horrible. They attack women so they must all be destroyed. I was on a mission with the love of my life when we killed a few last week. Though I must say the whole tendril and powers things is something ours don’t have. Here they just eat people but besides that they fight and look just like us”. He says.

Ok I’m going to have to change the subject because the more I learn about this world the more scared I become.

“So ugh you have two girlfriends huh? Is polygamy a common thing here?” I ask.

“Ah not so much young man. But a true man tries to love as many women as possible. How can I be satisfied knowing that there are just so many queens out there to be loved? It is a shame I cannot love them all. Do you want to see a letter from one of them? It is from the love of my life I mentioned earlier. I may love all women but I love her the most. She is the most beautiful woman I have ever seen. She is also very powerful. She is a fellow imperial knight and has never ever been defeated in battle ONCE! Ah, Marianne how I love you” he says proudly.

For some reason, I don’t think this guy is a womanizer, call it a hunch. He then puts his hand inside his armor and takes out a letter and hands it to me.

I read it and it says as follows:

Luther. I swear to Vienna you need to stop telling people I’m your girlfriend. I do not like you, I do not even tolerate you. I have with every fiber of my being. You are SUCH A CREEP. When I was forced to go on that last mission with you, you snuck into my sleeping bag, while I was still in it. Then when I kicked you out you started to sniff all my gear. Then when we came back from the mission I found that all my undergarments went missing after I went to get dinner. I WANT MY PANTIES BACK LUTHER. I swear if you weren’t effective at killing monsters I would have killed you long ago. I’m leaving you this letter so that while you are on your mission transporting supplies you’ll get it through your thick pervert skull that you’re not normal. I’m going to say this one more time Luther, LEAVE ME ALONE. Forever hating you, Marianne.

Whelp turns out this guy isn’t a gentleman, he’s an insane pervert. I find all this hilarious so I’m not going to say anything.

“Wow. She loves you so much. You’re a lucky man” I say in sarcastic awe.

“That, I am.” He says.

“So how did you meet your second girlfriend?” I ask.

“I saved her from a bandit once. I asked her to become my second girlfriend and she was so happy she screamed in excitement and ran away. She loves me so much that she is too nervous to come near me” he says.

“What’s her name?“.

“.....I do not know” he says.

I’m laughing so hard on the inside

“Wooooooooooowwwwwwwwwwwwww. You’re so cool” I said sarcastically.

After I said that I realized that we are at the gates of the imperial capital. I hope Will is here because I can really go for some normalcy right now. Wait......why does my stomach hurt rn? OH GOD AM I ABOUT TO SH*T MYSELF? OH GREAT.

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