The Alpha's Bloodline

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Alpha Anthony Gonzalez. Is a born royal, but the truth is hidden from the supernatural world. Or more so, he doesn't want anything to do with the title of a 'royal'. The title which had made his mother resent him when his rightful father had left loads of money after dumping her, just to keep his illegitimate child's existence remain unknown to the world, so that it doesn't tarnish the man's image. He endured more than enough in his love-life too, from watching his first love die in his arms who chose black destructive magic and then the women who he'd fallen for after, slipping away from his fingers due to his fault-or so he thinks. But when circumstances throw Anthony to stay in the castle under the same roof of the woman he's still in love with, the werewolf princess, Carla Rodriguez, who hates him with all her might. Things are bound to happen. To top it all, Anthony's father isn't the one he thought to be, his 'real' bloodline is far more secretive and ancient one could ever think of. . .

Fantasy / Romance
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Dirt flew everywhere under the boy's hasty steps as he ran with all his might.

He was fast. Very. But even then, he was only a seven-year-old. How could he be a comparison with the people thrice his age?

He couldn't see the nasty looking wolves with yellow glowering eyes following him anymore, but he could still smell their pungent odour close by.

The seven-year-old boy had a great smelling sense. Just like all of his kind. Although his sense of smell was a bit stronger than the others since he was the first offspring of their kind's leader.

Daddy and Mommy. I have to reach them. They must be very worried about me.

The child thought as he ran faster through the woods, trying to push through the bushes and reach his daddy's castle.

A smile broke onto the child's face when he spotted the white stoned walls of the castle he had grown up in.

Just when he could finally cross the forest lands and reach his home, he was suddenly grabbed by two rough hands and pulled behind until he could no longer see the castle.

The child's eyes watered when he felt the sticks and stones on the dirty cobbled ground scratching against his soft skin as the rogues dragged him mercilessly.

"Make sure the kid doesn't run away again, Patrick. Or else, you'll have to pay with your life," the person holding the little boy said before handing him to a bulky rogue named Patrick, who caught the child roughly.

"Yes, master." The man, Patrick, who now held the child replied in a clipped tone, nodding his head.

"Stop moving, you brat!" Patrick glowered, annoyed by the struggling child who was trying to break-free from his tight grasp.

"Leave me! I want to go back to mommy and daddy. Daddy won't spare you when he comes to know of this," the little boy shouted, crying in histeria as he continued wiggling against the rogue's hold.

The rogue--tired of the boy's resistence--took out a syringe from his pant pocket and injected the child with the liquid in it.

The child fell slack on top of the rogue who picked the boy up and threw him over his own shoulder.

The child was very strong. So strong that even the man couldn't quite hold him firmly.

'How does a child even have such strength?' he thought in wonder, 'might be because of his lineage.'

As those words registered into his head, he took a look at his master and asked, "Is this kid the only first-born of the kind after the king?"

A sardonic smile made its way onto the face of the man in question, "No. He's not the only one. There's one more."

"Who?" Patrick asked in curiousity.

"Alpha Anthony Gonzalez."


Chapter 1 will be out in a few hours!

Also, how's the cover of the book? I kind of love it!😀

Hope you liked the prologue:) Who's excited? I sure am.

Anyways, Goodbye for now ^.^
Have a nice day:)
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