Issue #1 "Before the Fall"

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What if everything you knew about yourself and the world was a lie? Would you choose to live up to the lies they fed you? Or think for yourself? How could a simple birthday cause so much chaos? It wasn't supposed to be any different than the previous years, but 30 was going to be more than just a number to those that were chosen. Another year older, another year wiser... June 6th 2016 would change everything for them, but it would also signal the end of humanity as we know it. In a day and age where everything is dictated to us in religion, politics, and the media...will these select few be able to think for themselves and question those in power? Or will they succumb to what they have been fed and accept this new life for all the wrong reasons?

Fantasy / Scifi
E.M. Moon
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L. Cipher Laboratories

Undisclosed Address


“Were there any complications with the fertilization process?” A man in a lab coat leaned over his colleague as he sat at a desk, peering through a microscope.

“Take a look for yourself, Dr. Feral.” The colleague leaned back in his seat so the doctor could peer in to the lens. A cell, the blastocyst embryo, hovered in the dish, still too tiny for implantation.

“Excellent, Samuel. And we have the Inhibitor serum?” Dr. Feral asked, looking to the scientist for an agreeable answer.

“Yes, sir. It’s been tested, retested, and then tested again. This will delay the inevitable effects that would be apparent within the first five years of life otherwise. Without the serum, their little bodies would try and punch straight through any uterus.” Samuel brought over a syringe and needle from the lab table. A thick red liquid sloshed around inside the syringe as he attached the needle to the end.

“Are they all going to turn out to be giants or something?” Dr. Feral wondered what those exact effects would be.

“No, giants were a myth. They could be tall; they could be short, fat, thin, but always healthy. They will never get sick and even if the egg had the predisposition in its DNA to certain types of childhood diseases or genetic disorders—the super sperm would cancel that out. It will vary across the board what they will grow in to, but they will be anything but ordinary.” Samuel assured him as he excused the doctor from his seat in front of the microscope.

“Fascinating. And what will activation be like? They never briefed me on all of this; I just go where I am told.” Dr. Feral may have had higher clearance than the scientist, but Samuel was the one who was engineering all of this.

“Intense, painful, explosive. Their true nature will take over with the exemplary abilities that will emerge when the time is just right. These children will be unstoppable.” Samuel smiled as he pressed his eye to the lens and slowly inserted the fine needle in to the membrane surrounding the blastocyst. It twitched as he injected a very small amount of the red liquid in to what would soon be a developing embryo.

“There. The first one is complete. We will give it an hour for the serum to take effect, check it again, and then it is ready for implantation in to a host.” Samuel was satisfied that it would all work out well this time.

“How did you choose the mothers? I’d hardly think they were at random.” Dr. Feral was just so curious.

“You know how the Boss is; she has all these outside sources. The women were chosen by their lineage throughout history. We mapped the DNA of the entire population and used those samples to determine who would be a proper host, and who wasn’t worthy. These women made the cut.” Samuel pointed to the stacks and stacks of files that lined the back table.

“Good. Implantation starts in three days. We have to have all the embryos primed and ready by tomorrow evening. They have to catch at the same time more or less.” Dr. Feral patted Samuel on the shoulder.

“I know there is a deadline; the Boss can have a very precise way of doing things for dramatic effect.” Samuel smiled.

“Good. Give us a call when you are sure that everything is a hundred percent. I’ll see you tomorrow.” Dr. Feral nodded and Samuel smiled.

The serum would work; he was sure of it.

These children were going to bring about a new era on the Earthly plane and not even God himself could stop them.

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