The Lion's Cat

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Chapter 13

Everyone knows it’s full moon day when scared Xavier walks out of the house with a mask and sunglasses on, reminding me of Asian celebrities’ covers.

“As you may have noticed, today is full moon day,” he starts as the clowder falls into a straight line. “The rule is the same. If someone doesn’t want to meet their mate, do not touch them, do not stare at them, and, please, do not stay close to that person, myself included.”

I roll my eyes. “You, idiot. It’s 9am, the sun is shining, and the moon is nowhere to be seen. Stop being paranoid,” I say, crossing my arms over my chest.

Xavier’s head snaps toward me, but with his face completely covered up, I can’t see for shit his expressions. “I don’t know about you, Red, but I’d rather not risk it. Now, run around the house five times as usual.” He doesn’t even give me time to answer before he presses the horn button of the megaphone.

Everyone starts moving. I shake my head as I watch Xavier fish out of the pocket of his knee-length shorts, dark plastic gloves.

“He’s such a drama queen,” Nala comments, following my pace.

I chuckle, nodding. “Tell me about it.”

Throughout all the training, our lovely trainer keeps his distance from everyone. When lunch arrives, he grabs his plate from the kitchen before bolting upstairs. He really is being dramatic.

The day moves along, and I take advantage of the free time to do some general research.

I enter inside the rustic library, instantly smelling the old scented pages. Dark endless shelves are all pressed against the wall, filled with old and new books. A wooden staircase is neatly placed in the corner, ready to be moved around the shelves.

The library seems spacious, but with the few shelves also being in the middle of the room, there’s only space for single leather chairs randomly scattered around.

I let my fingers trail across the books as I skim read the titles until a particular one catches my attention.

Lion’s Pride.

I hesitate for a moment. Why am I so interested in lions? I should read more history about werecats.

Nonetheless, my hand grabs the book, sliding it out. A small red note falls to the ground. Weird. I pick it up, noticing the horrible handwriting on it. My eyes squint, trying to read it.

Mmh... I think it says ‘Stop searching about me on your own’ with a tiny heart drawn in it.

I roll my eyes.

The Idiot.

My hand clenches, turning the piece of red paper into a ball.

I sit down on one of the vacant leather chairs, spending the day reading about lions. One thing is for sure, lionesses have it tough. Not only do they have more mates, but if they reject them, that mate might even kill itself. Whereas lions have the privilege to choose.

Well, to be more specific, lions have a soulmate that can only be lionesses, but since one can choose another mate while the other has multiples if they reject each other, nothing tragic happens.

It’s unfair.

Why can they choose or have more than one mate while the rest of the felines can only have one? It sucks.

The buzz coming from my phone snaps me out of my thoughts. I quickly take it out from the back pocket of my shorts. Kali is calling. That’s unusual.

Nevertheless, I answer the video call, meeting a sorceress with a bleeding lip, looking stressed as hell. “What happened?” I ask with a frown.

Kali wipes the blood away with her thumb. “I might have pissed off the locked up huntress,” she says, sitting down on what looks like a black, leather office type of chair.

Pissed off the huntress? Kali isn’t one to approach the enemy to the point of risking getting hit, unless...

“Is she cute?” I ask, raising an eyebrow.

Kali’s eyes divert from the phone. “She’s something.”

I laugh. “So it’s a yes! Oh, my Gods, why are you messing with a human?”

“I’m not!” she fires back. “I’m simply showing her a new perspective.”

I can’t help but sigh. “In being a lesbian?”

“In being a witch. She’s a good huntress that could have easily killed me if it wasn’t for the tarot session that warned me in time. If I get her on my side, she can help me with future hunters,” she explains.

“Just be careful. I don’t want you to get hurt,” I say.

Kali gives me a soft smile that warms up my heart. “Don’t worry, now, where is that idiot lion? He’s not answering any of my calls.”

A snort leaves my lips. “Today is full moon day, so he’s locked in his room until tomorrow. Why?”

She waves her hand around as her eyes don’t look at the phone anymore. “Oh, it’s nothing to worry about, just a business matter, anyway, I should go.”

“Wait—” She hangs up.

I just wanted to know what type of business it was.

My eyes flick to the time, seeing that it’s already dinner time. Oh, the moon should be out now. I’m sure Xavier walked out of his room to get some food.

With that in mind, I quickly put the book back in place before bolting to the kitchen. The library is hidden from the house, staying beside the living room. Most people think that after the living room there’s nothing. The only thing they see is an empty hallway with three art pieces hanging on the wall.

What they don’t know is that each art piece leads to a room. One for the library. One where Richard stores dangerous weapons, and another leading to the underground bunker.

When I pass the dining room, I spot a tall person with gloves and a long black winter coat speeding toward the stairs. Xavier!

“Lyon!” I shout, running after him.

He doesn’t stop, fastening his pace that leads us upstairs. “Don’t follow me, Red. We’ll talk tomorrow,” he says with a plate in hand.

“Oh, c’mon, you can’t avoid it forever!” I say, following closely.

“Watch me.” He slips inside his room and slams the door on my face.

I lean my forehead against it as I knock. “Xavier, your mate isn’t here,” I say.

A laugh comes from the other side. “Do you know how many lionesses we have? Three, and they shouldn’t even be here!”

“Well, guess what, one out of the three find another mate, so—”

“So two are still mateless. I’m not risking that shit,” Xavier says.

“Well, you know that you can only be officially mated with lionesses, so let me in.”

A deep laugh comes from the other side. “Hell, no, the Moon Goddess might be playing some weird tricks on me.”

I frown. “You’ve got to be kidding me. Are you saying you’d be pissed if I turned out to be your mate?”

He doesn’t reply for a moment, leaving me with a nervous knot in my stomach. “I wouldn’t... I’m just not ready.”


Something must have happened for him to be so scared. It’s frustrating to know that he’s hiding something from me.

Xavier doesn’t answer, and a twisted idea pops into my mind.

Deep, elaborated breaths puff out of my mouth. The sound is echoing in the hallway, followed by an abrupt thud. I let my body collapse on the floor.

I snap my eyes closed as I put a hand on my chest, faking a panic attack. It’s wrong, and you should never fake it. I only had it once, and it was back in high school. I remember Xavier running to help me. Will he do the same now?

My question is answered as I hear the door click open, and soon a hand is pulling me up in a sitting position. “Breathe, Alexa, breathe,” Xavier whispers.

My back meets the cold wall as warm, big hands touch my cheeks. I listen to Xavier, breathing slowly and eventually opening my eyes.

My breath hitches at the panicked wide-eyed look he’s giving me. It’s the same face from when I had it back then.

“Are you alright?” he asks gently.

I nod, unable to keep the lie to myself. “I faked it to lure you outside,” I say, lowering my gaze and mentally preparing myself for Xavier’s deserved anger.

“Look at me,” he orders, and I comply. “I knew it,” he says before kissing me right there and then.

My heart melts as I kiss him back, loving the feeling of his arms wrapping around my waist while mine go around his neck. He sucks on my lower lip, a soft gasp leaves my mouth before being kissed again. I let his tongue slowly dance with mine, loving the sweet bubblegum taste of it.

I’m the first to pull away. “Looks like you won’t have to avoid me during the full moon anymore,” I whisper, my gaze flicking behind him. His door is wide open, giving me enough vision to see the full moon outside his window placed next to the large lion canvas.

Xavier pulls away to turn his body toward the window. “You’re right,” he says, but he doesn’t sound relieved about it. The frown on his face tells another story.

“Can’t you smell my scent?” he asks.

I tilt my head to the side. “No, I think since it’s full moon day, only your soulmate can smell it. But then again, it’s not like you’ll choose me as your mate or anything.”

Xavier smiles, although it looks forced. “Right...”

A pang in my heart makes my stomach churn. This is not a good sign for me. I shouldn’t feel sad about it.

A hand on my cheek makes me focus again on the lion. “Let’s fuck,” Xavier says with a straight face.

My eyes widen. “Now?”

He gets back on his feet, nodding his head. “Yes, I want you,” he says as he pulls me up, dragging me inside his room.

The next thing I know, our clothes are gone, and we get sweatier, but something odd happens when I go on top of him, leaving me speechless.

What the hell was that?

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