The Lion's Cat

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Odd Night

Chapter 14

Xavier takes off my shirt, his eyes a golden color brightly glowing at me. Our lips taste each other, taking short breaks for every piece of clothing that gets discarded on the floor.

My arms wrap around his neck as he pushes me down on the bed before letting his fingers trail down the sides of my curves. Blood rushes to my face up to the tips of my ears that are shifting into Foxy’s form.

Her constant need to come out when Xavier is near is quite unsettling. Each passing day makes my feline purr for Xavier more than usual.

Xavier’s lips move down to my neck, making soft pants escape my mouth. My mind is void of logic as my body surrenders to him, eagerly responding to his every touch.

One of his hands smoothly cups my core as his lips get back to mine. My moan comes out muffled with my hips moving on their own accord when he slides a finger inside.

Xavier’s chest vibrates, a growl so low that a shiver runs down my back. “You’re more responsive than usual,” he says, pulling his face back.

My hands are squeezing his shoulders as he slides another finger in, moving at a torturously slow pace. “What does that even mean?” I whisper.

“Oh, nothing, just that, this,” he speeds up, making my back arch and my eyes roll back from the pleasure, “is new, and I’m not complaining.” He bends back down, lightly biting my neck that makes goosebumps rise on my body.

Foxy’s constant purring in the back of my mind stops. That’s weird.

“Just do me already,” I breathe out.

Xavier hums, and in a blink of an eye, something bigger fills my core, leaving me gasping. He puts my hands above my head, intertwining our fingers as he effortlessly moves his hips at a perfect pace that makes me moan without any second thought.

My hooded gaze stares into his yellowish eyes that turn me on even more. I think it’s the full moon effect that is making me feel so much. I squeeze his hands as he dips his head to my neck. My ears pick up on the quiet groan that leaves his lips, and Gods, it’s one of the hottest sounds I’d gladly hear over and over again.

“Xavier,” I call out, followed by an unexpected moan when he moves deeper.

He replies with a hum as he pulls his hands away from mines, caging my head and grasping the sheets underneath, his biceps flexing at the action.

My arms go to hug his back only to let my fingers leave a scratching trail that makes him groan and huskily curse under his breath. “Let me come on top,” I whisper.

Xavier chuckles, sitting up and putting my legs over his shoulders. “Are you sure?” he asks, kissing my inner thigh. My mouth slightly opens at the view in front of me.

His dreads are in the usual man bun, his glowing eyes are unwavering from mine, and his broad chest is glistening with sweat, highlighting the dark tattoos.

But it looks like I’m not the only one entranced by the view. Xavier has stopped moving, his gaze trailing down my body before coming back up. The look he’s giving me makes me nibble my lower lip as Foxy is patiently waiting for something.

His ears shift into his lion’s form, and soon a soft tail is tickling the back of my leg. I can’t help but giggle as I drop my leg back on the bed. That seems to have snapped him out of his daze. He blinks his eyes before pulling out and lying next to me.

“Everything alright?” I ask, straddling him.

“Yeah,” he simply says, but it’s enough to make my head tilt. His voice came out raspy, which is odd because he’s more on the soothing, baritone side.

Now that I think about it, his eyes didn’t stop glowing up until now. A warm hand squeezes my butt. “What are you thinking about?”

It’s raspy again.

I look down at his abs. “Your voice is different,” I say, gazing back at him. “The way you’re looking at me is also different.”

Xavier lifts an eyebrow. “Different how?”

“You’d usually have a heated look mixed with something that reminds me of sadness, but now... I don’t know why it makes me feel safe and lov— worshipped, I guess?” I quickly correct myself. It can’t be love.

The lion hums, slowly nodding his head. “You still can’t smell my scent, right?” he asks.

I shake my head. “Should I?”

His erection twitches from underneath me, making my breath hitch. “I don’t know.”

I smile, lifting myself enough to slide the beast inside. My body shivers in delight as a grunt comes out from the lion. My head rolls back when I start moving.

I can’t help but notice how his length is getting bigger, stretching my walls even more. My body halts, slightly shaking from how good it feels.

A strong scent of vanilla enters my lungs. I swallow a lump as I look back down at the lion. Xavier’s scent. He sits back up in a flash, his arms wrapping around my waist with his nose burying in my neck.

“Xavier,” I call when he takes a deep inhale.

His scent is making me feel dizzy. What the fuck is going on? “Xavier.”

His arms tighten, but he doesn’t respond. He licks my neck, making the hair on the back of my neck stand up. My feline is pushing for some control that I stop with ease. My eyes must be glowing by now since Foxy is becoming more persistent.

I call Xavier a few times but get no response. Is he fighting with his lion? I know big cats talk a lot, so I wouldn’t be surprised.

Something sharp grazes my neck, and I gasp, pulling my head back. I blink at the canines of an open-mouthed Xavier. Foxy hisses at what I just did.

No way.

My mind puts the pieces back together. The constant glowing eyes. The raspy voice. Xavier’s half-feline appearance. His unresponsive behavior. His canines, the enlarged dick, and that damn scent. It can only mean one thing.

The lion’s mark.

“What are you doing?” I whisper, wide-eyed.

“You’re smart. What do you think I’m doing?” Xavier says, trying to put his nose back on my neck, but I stop him, putting my hand on his face.

“If you do it, everyone will think that we mated.”

Xavier blinks, pushing my hand away. “So what?”

“So what? So plenty! Xavier, you can’t mark me like this. You’ll weaken my bond with my soulmate, and I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to be mateless for life.”

“You won’t have to be mateless if I—” Xavier quietens, leaving me confused.

If he what?!

He blinks his eyes until the glow subsides. His ears turn back to human, and I can feel his erection going back to its original form. He turns his face to the other side. “I’m sorry. That was selfish of me,” he quietly says.

Foxy meows in pain, making my heart drop. Why does it feel like we’ve been rejected?

When Xavier focuses back on me, his eyes widen. “Why,” he whispers, putting his hand on my face, “are you crying?”


I touch my cheek, feeling it wet. Oh. Why can’t I make it stop? A sob escapes my lips, and Xavier quickly hugs me. My head hides in his neck as I release all of my abrupt sadness.

Foxy and I cry our hearts out with Xavier whispering sweet nothings, his hand rubbing my back in a comforting way.

Why am I crying? The pain is comparable to the one I felt when I ended things with Dante. My heart is making it harder for me to breathe. I’m so confused.

Nevertheless, I cry until I fall asleep in Xavier’s arms, hearing him sniff a few times before clearing his throat. He was crying as well.

The following day, neither of us talk about it.

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