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Chapter 17

I don’t know about you, but I just love the atmosphere the airport has. There’s this exciting feeling in the pit of my stomach every time I walk inside that I can’t get used to.

We’re now in line for the check-in with people bidding their farewell, kissing, hugging all around us. A grin appears on my face. I love it.

“Why are you smiling?” the lion asks from beside me. I blink, shifting my gaze towards him, spotting his phone in-between his hands but his eyes on me.

I shake my head before looking ahead. “Nothing, I’m just happy to be here.”

Xavier sighs dramatically. “And here I thought my mere presence was enough to bring a smile on your face.”

I roll my eyes at that. “Your presence is enough to make my hair come out white instead of red from how stressful you can be.”

He gasps. “I feel slapped.”

I glance up at him, noticing how close he is with his eyes twinkling in amusement. The proximity makes my heart act up, but I don’t want him to know the effect he has on me. Therefore, I turn my body toward him and put my hands on his rough cheeks. “How can someone slap this cute little face,” I say in a baby tone.

Usually, Xavier would have rolled his eyes, mimicking what I just did. Now, his caramel complexion is becoming a lighter shade of red, leaving me wide-eyed.

What the...

“Do you like me?” I blurt out, making his eyes pop out.

He pushes my hands away from his face, taking a step back. “Are you out of your mind?”

My eyes travel down his fit body. Dark baggy jeans, blood-colored shirt and black boots. “If I am out of my mind, why are we dressed the same?” I ask, crossing my arms over my chest, bringing my breasts closer.

Xavier’s eyes drop before coming back up. “That’s a coincidence.”

I shake my head. “It’s not because you chose my outfit.”

The feline gets more embarrassed and I can’t help but think how cute he looks right now. I already know that I like him, but I’m not surprised. It would be weird to not have any sort of feelings after all those sleepless nights together.

“So what if I like you? You’re my best friend, it doesn’t take much,” he says, looking ahead.

A grin breaks on my face and I hook my arm around his. “Don’t worry, I like you as well.”

His eyes snap downward. “Really?”
he asks with the most hopeful eyes I’ve never seen before.

The look makes my freckled cheeks turn red as I nod my head. “Yeah, but it’s normal. We’ve been sleeping together, after all.”

It looks like Xavier didn’t expect that answer from the drop of his smile. My heart clenches at the... disappointed look? “Yeah, you’re right,” he murmurs under his breath.

Am I missing something? Why is he sad? He should be happy... Right?

“Did I say something wrong?” I ask, gently nudging his arm.

He shakes his head, forcing a smile on his lips. “No, it’s fine. Don’t worry about it.”

I stay quiet, not wanting to make things worse. All the while, the line kept moving and lucky for me, it’s our turn to check-in.

Afterward, we sit down on the waiting room and pass the rest of the hour attached to our phones. Apart from the people around us chattering, a peaceful silence engulfs us until I get a message from none other than the Idiot Lion,

I’m bored.

To which I glance at him before replying,

Read a book.

"What type of activity is that?” he speaks out loud.

Our eyes meet when I look to his side. “One that can boost that brain of yours,” I reply with a sly smile.

Xavier flips me off when his focus shifts toward something behind me. I frown following his gaze and landing on a beautiful girl with straight black hair pulled in a messy bun. My eyes travel down to her inked sleeved arm following a floral pattern, my lips twitching at the sight. She’s his type.

My stomach drops and I quickly look back at the lion. I already know I’m going to regret it. A forced smile appears on my lip as I cross my arms over my chest. “Are you going to talk to her, or should I?” I say, grabbing his attention.

Xavier’s eyes are wide. “What?”

“She has dark hair, blue eyes, and tattoos which, if I remember correctly, is what you described to me as your ‘ideal type’. So, go talk to her. It looks like she’s alone, anyway,” I say as I feel my chest contract painfully at the self-harm I’m doing.

It’s just a temporary infatuation. I’ll be in pain for a while, but it’ll pass... Eventually.

Xavier glances back to the girl before shaking his head. “No, I can’t.”

I sigh standing up and do what every best friend would do in this situation: talk to the person your friend can’t stop staring at.

Xavier calls my name in a whisper but I ignore him, letting my feet take me to the girl. “Hey,” I say, grabbing her attention. My eyes flicked down her body one last time before stopping at her eyes. If it wasn’t for Xavier, I’d probably hit on her as well.

"Do I know you?” she asks in a velvety like voice while tilting her head to the side.

I shake my head, extending my hand to her. “Not yet. I’m Alexa Reeds, a pleasure to meet you.”

The girl is still frowning, but she shakes my hand, nonetheless. “I’m Rose, nice to meet you too, I guess.”

I smile, breaking our handshake to point at Xavier, who’s pretending to text someone on his phone. “I don’t know if you’re single or not, but my friend over there would love to meet you. He’s a bit shy.”

Rose’s eyes travel up and down Xavier’s tall frame a couple of times before nodding her head. “I wouldn’t mind actually.”

I feel a pang hit my heart. Ugh, this is annoying. Swallowing the pain, I take the freedom to hook my arm under hers. “Let’s not waste time then,” I say as we walk up to the embarrassed lion with a perfect poker face.

The tips of his ears tell another story since they’re beet red.

“Xavier, meet Rose,” I start, and just like that, they introduce each other before I let her take my seat as I sit down next to her.

Foxy snarls for my behavior, making me sigh. What was I supposed to do? I’ve been doing it for the past five years, I can’t change now.

She hisses in reply.

Sleeping with him shouldn’t change that much of our friendship. Plus, it’s better like this. Perhaps, he’ll call our deal off.

A shining crystal grabs my attention. I look down at my clasped hands, seeing the red ring Xavier recently gave me. A saddened smile tugs at my lips before glancing at the duo happily chattering.

“Where are you heading to?” Xavier asks her.

“Dallas, Texas,” she replies in a soft tone.

The lion beams at her. “Guess we’ll be on the same plane.”

Alright, enough eavesdropping, it’s a boring conversation.

I unlock my phone and start scrolling through socials when a raspy voice reaches my ears. I glance toward the source seeing a blonde-haired guy walk up to... Rose?

More importantly is that I’ve seen him before, but where?

“Who’s that?” the man asks, eyeing Xavier with a raised eyebrow.

“Who are you?” retorts the feline, releasing his strong scent.

The man ignores him, focusing on Rose. “Did you change your mind?” he asks, crossing his muscular arms over his chest.

Rose quickly shakes her head before standing up. “Never,” she says, receiving a nod from him.

She turns back to Xavier, giving him a small smile. “Thanks for the chat. I needed it,” she says before her wrist gets grabbed by Blondie.

Meanwhile, I continue to stare at him, trying to put a name on a face I’ve seen before. Our eyes meet each other as he passes me. He doesn’t walk far before stopping and turning back to me. “Alexa?” he asks, his brown eyes blinking in disbelief.

“Have we met before?” I ask, tilting my head to the side.

The man nods his head. “How can you forget me? It’s me, Michael. We went to the same college-”

I gasp, finally remembering him.“Oh my! You’re Dante’s best friend.”

I knew I recognized him from somewhere!

“Holy shit, it’s been years! How are you?” he asks as I stand up, exchanging a brief hug.

“I’m alive. How are you? What are you even doing here? How’s Dante?” I can’t help but ask at last. Curiosity is eating me alive. Is he still breathing?

Michael keeps me at arm’s length, letting his eyes take my appearance in. “I had some businesses to do, and now I’m heading back home. Dante is still Dante,” he says, shrugging his shoulders.

A warm presence puts his inked arm around my shoulders. “I think it’s best if we start getting in line for the plane,” Xavier says, cutting our conversation short. His voice sounding off.

I peek over Michael, and sure enough, a line heading to Texas is starting to get longer.

“Well, I guess that’s my cue to leave as well. It’s been nice seeing you again, Alexa,” Michael says before engulfing me in another hug.

I smile, leaning my head on his muscular chest for a moment before following Xavier to the line. My eyes can’t help but look back at Michael, finding him glaring down at Rose. It looks like he’s scolding her.

How weird. I thought humans were off-limits for him, but maybe his tastes have changed.

I glance up to Xavier. He seems tense. He’s even clenching his jaw. My eyes narrow at the sight. My brain puts all the pieces together.

Xavier acting off because of Michael, and Michael interacting with a human can only mean one thing.

Dante might be the mysterious Alpha of the Crimson Pack.

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