The Lion's Cat

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Task one

Chapter 20

A gorgeous caramel man is standing in front of me in the sexiest attire I’ve ever seen him wear.

My eyes freely scan the beast from head to toe, letting my feline enjoy the view as well, which leads me to have glowing eyes. Xavier’s dreads are neatly pulled into a bun, leaving one hanging on the side.

My mouth goes dry as I watch him cross his arms, the action making his biceps straining the button up white shirt. His brown elegant pants match perfectly with the outfit, finishing off with clean white sneakers.

He’s always wearing sporty clothes, so the few times that he pulls something like that always leaves me with heart eyes.

A snap of fingers startles me. “Don’t get distracted now, love,” he says, teasingly.

I roll my eyes. “Sorry if you look hot,” I say, walking down the hallway with Xavier following my pace.

“I think my heart just exploded for that compliment,” he comments, exhaling loudly.

I glance up at him, finding his hands over where his heart is. “I always compliment you—”

“No, you don’t—”

“When you deserve it,” I finish, chuckling.

“Oh. What did I do to deserve this one?”

A mischievous smirk tugs at my lips. My eyes look toward the corners of the ceiling. There might be hidden cameras, but teasing Xavier beats everything. I want to hear him stutter.

With that in mind, I stop and push the tall man against the wall with my hand on the center of his chest. Xavier’s eyes widen. “The way your biceps flexed against the shirt is still in a loop in my mind,” I whisper into his ear.

His heart drastically beats faster. I smile innocently as I pull my face away to gaze at him through my eyelashes. His jaw is slightly hanging before he closes it, swallowing a lump. “Don’t you think you deserve it?” I ask, tilting my head to the side.

My hand slides from his chest to his face, tucking the dread behind his ear, which goes back to its place a second later. Xavier blinks a few times before smirking. “I prefer having another type of reward,” he says huskily.

I frown when a hand trails up my uncovered thigh. My hand closes around the wrist. “What are you—” my words disappear with his mouth on mine.

His hand trails up until he squeezes one of my butt cheeks. I gasp and he takes the chance to search for my tongue in a heated dance. My heart is beating at such a fast pace that I’m scared I might get a heart attack.

My arms wrap around his neck while he puts a hand on my cheek that I quickly slap away. Xavier pulls away with a frown. “What the hell was that for?” he whispers.

“I can’t risk having a pimple breakout now,” I say before leaning for another kiss.

We don’t move for a while. Someone might walk in on us at any second, but for once, I just want to taste him, letting my feelings bring me back to the past.

A past where a teenager me was looking at a young Xavier happily tutoring me about literature, even though I didn’t need it. We were so close that I could inhale his bubblegum breath. It was the first time my heart skipped after knowing him for only a month. That was the beginning of my one-sided crush.

Butterflies erupt from my stomach and I pull away from the present kiss. Xavier is looking at me with a dazed look. “We should move,” I quietly say, quickly detaching myself from him and fast walking to and down the stairs. I can’t like him like that again.

The same wolf who drove us to the pack’s house stands up from the leather chair and quietly guides us to the... dining room? I guess? The room only has two set-up tables on opposite sides. Each table has two wooden chairs, there’s a door on the far left and right of the wall and that’s it.

Weird. I remember the first time we passed through here and there were three long wooden tables with lots of chairs around.

Dante walks inside the room from the left wooden door. “You’re late, but luckily our clients aren’t here yet. Alexa, sit on the right side while your friend on the other one,” he orders, and I couldn’t help but notice the way his eyes traveled down my body.

I put on a simple long black dress that hugs my upper body perfectly with a nice slit on one side, revealing my leg for every step I take.

Xavier and I exchange a confused look before doing what Dante said.

“Alright, the first task should be pretty easy. I don’t normally do it since the humans come here already prepared for anything, but since I don’t trust you, I need to see with my own eyes what you’ll do.

In less than a minute two people will walk in here and sit down with you. Your job is to make them come to me and ask for a private room for the both of you.”

Wait, what?

“Private room?” I ask in disbelief.

Dante nods. “Well, yeah, you have to fully entertain them.”

You’ve got to be kidding me.

“I don’t want to have—”

“Welcome!” Dante greets, cutting me off. My body freezes, unable to turn around to the dirty clients.

“Please, choose your sit so we can get started,” he says, and soon a gorgeous tanned girl with long, dirty blonde straight hair sits on my table.

I glance at Xavier, seeing him already warmly greeting the copycat of the girl sitting with me. My eyes widen, focusing back on her “We’re twins,” the woman says with a shrug of the shoulders.

That makes sense.

Girls with black and white maid uniforms walk up to us, serving us a small plate of seasoned tartare. My nose picks up on the mouthwatering scent. “So, what are you doing here?” the woman asks, pushing back her long, black hair.

“Am I allowed to say it?” I ask with a frown that makes her chuckle.

The woman nods. “Of course, we’re no innocents here. I want your blood, what do you want?”


“You’re a vampire,” I whisper out. She nods, flashing me a smirk, and sure enough, her canines are pointy as hell.

Isn’t she supposed to be all over humans?

“You know that I’m a werecat, right?”

She shrugs her shoulders. “I know, but it doesn’t change anything. Blood is blood. Now, will you tell me why you’re here?”

“I need the money,” I quietly say, starting to eat the appetizer.

The girl’s dark small eyes stare at me for a moment, making me feel self-conscious. “You’re lying, ” she states.

My eyes narrow. “I’m not.”

From there, the girl that I later find out is called Marisol changed the subject, asking me more personal questions. I answered most of them without a problem and after a few drinks, we were both pretty tipsy.

I glanced at Xavier a few times, seeing him flirting with her twin without a care in the world. My heart clenched because of it, and I had to constantly remind myself of my whereabouts. It’s just a mission.

Dinner goes well and by the time we get our desserts, Marisol excuses herself for a second, walking inside the left door, soon followed by her sister, leaving Xavier and me alone.

“The contract said no screwing around, but for the sake of the mission, I think we can let it slide for once,” he says in a quiet tone.

My hands ball up in a tight fist. “Just say that you want her,” I say, bitterness flying out of each word.

I can’t believe I’m jealous.

“I see you’re the jealous type,” he says, and with that, I look at Xavier.

His takes a sip of the glass of white wine before flashing me his signature confident smirk. My lips are set in a thin line, looking at him dead in the eye. “Of course, I am. You’re my best friend that recently just received more benefits,” I say, shrugging my shoulders.

I don’t think I should be ashamed of my jealousy. It’s a sign that I care about that person. Some people go a little overboard, but as long as it’s not harmful, it should be fine.

“So you’re saying that you won’t do anything with your twin?” he asks.

I raise a dark red eyebrow. “Will you?”

A soft smile tugs on his lips. “I mean, the only person I’ve been having on my mind for a long time is—”

The door bursts open, cutting our conversation short. What was he about to say? My feline hisses at Dante for interrupting him. She was hoping he’d say my name, and deep down, I was hoping the same thing.

“Follow me,” Dante orders, and we don’t waste time following his every step.

He ends up taking us back upstairs with Xavier secretly grabbing my hand. A small smile appears in my lips as I shift my gaze to my feet.

“Let me get this straight, we’re your whores, correct?” Xavier asks, breaking the silence.

Dante laughs. “Not quite. This time you’re my killers. Kill the clients and you’re in the business,” he casually says.


I stop, releasing my hold on Xavier to grab Dante’s forearm. “Are you out of your mind?” I ask.

Dante looks down at me with the coldest gaze I’ve ever seen. My heart sinks. What happened to him? “Do I look like I’m joking?”

My eyes widen. “So this is what you do? Kill people?”

A shivering smirk appears on his emotionless face. “I do many things, now do as I say. Think of it like this, if you don’t kill them, you die. Up to you, really.”

What I’m about to say will probably be the most embarrassing thing, but at this point, I need to hear him say it. This is what I wanted to find out.

“After everything we’ve been through?” I say, quietly.

Dante pulls his arm away from my grip, his dark eyes glaring at me. “You’re the one who left me in the middle of the night with a one-sentence note, so don’t you dare pull that shit on me. You’re not special anymore,” he says, moving forward.

My gaze lingers to the floor when a hand grabs mine. I look up, seeing Xavier kissing the back of my palm with a bright red crystal wrapped around my middle finger blinking at me.

My heart is pounding for the feline while my head can’t let go of the wolf’s last words.

Did he become like that because of me?

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