The Lion's Cat

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Wrong name

Chapter 24

“You must be fucking with me,” Dante says, getting out of the bed, his naked lean body pacing around the room.


I blink a couple of times, sitting up on the bed. “What did I do?”

Dante laughs dryly. “You are something else, Alexa. You just called me Xavier.”

My green eyes pop out. I did? “Really?” I ask in astonishment.

Dante’s almond-shaped black eyes narrow at me. “Do you love him? I told you I don’t take couples in here.”

My gaze moves toward the white ceiling. “We’re just friends,” I say in a quiet tone.

“Bullshit, and you know it,” he retorts when I feel the bed shift. A sign that Dante sat down.

“I might be infatuated by him,” I confess after a bit.

Dante snorts. “Alexa Reeds infatuated? Are you on your denial stage?”

I lower my eyes to find Dante sitting at the edge of the bed with his hands on his hair and his back facing me. “I’m not in denial,” I say.

The wolf snorts. “Then say that you have feelings for Xavier.”

The heck?

“Why do you seem so calm about it?”

Dante twists his body around. His bulky tattooed arm grabs my attention as he gives me a soft smile. “We’re not mates, and from what I’ve smelled, neither is Xavier, even though he marked you.”

My eyes widen. “If you know about the marking then...” I can’t bring myself to finish the sentence. He knew from the beginning.

Dante nods. “I knew it ever since you walked in here. Your scent of sweet pumpkin spice is mixed with—” he takes a deep inhale, closing his eyes for a brief moment, “— vanilla, am I right?”

I can only nod, speechless.

“Just leave. This was a mistake,” he says, passing his long fingers through his dark thick hair.

I shake my head. “No,” I stand up, putting my satin, brown pajama back on, “it’s the only time I might talk to the nice version of yourself,” I say.

Dante chuckles. “Whatever you have in mind won’t work.”

I lazily tie the satin short-sleeved brown bathrobe before standing in front of the Alpha with crossed arms. “I don’t get why you always think I have something in mind. I’m not planning to sabotage you, Dante.” My nose would have poked his eye by now if I were Pinocchio.

Dante’s daunting black eyes are boring into mine. My fingers are nervously playing with the fabric of the kimono gown. Say something!

“Then how come you’re here? In Texas? In a well-known werewolf controlled zone who doesn’t have a good reputation.”

My fingers squeeze the fabric. “Because I need the money just like you do. Isn’t it why you’re doing this?”

The wolf smirks. “I’m doing it because it’s what the Crimson Pack has been doing for decades, but cut the bullshit Alexa, you’re here because you want to know what happens to the werecats, don’t you?”

I blink, taking control of my emotions while my heart is starting to speed up. Is it that obvious?

I force a smirk on my lips as I tilt my head to the side. “Dante, you should know by now that I live in my bubble. Why would I risk coming here, knowing that people don’t get out that easily?”

He stays quiet for a moment, his eyes sizing me up. “If it’s true then, suck me off,” he says, shrugging his shoulders.

My eyes widen. “I beg your pardon?”

Dante puts his hands on the bed, slightly leaning his back. “If you’re here for the money, then this should be nothing. Some werecats are wanted by my clients to satisfy them. Consider it a new kink.”

I blink. So some of the werecats are forced to have sex. That’s not a good sign.

“Are you backing out?” he asks with a winning smirk.

If I do it, will he stop me? He’s not the type of guy who needs to ask women for sex, which means that he’s testing me, but how far?

I drop to my knees, my eyes unwavering from his. My fingers trace along the line of his black boxers. Is he serious about this?

I slowly pull them down, freeing the exciting beast. My tongue quickly wets my lips as my mind is trying to figure out what he’s planning.

Swallowing a lump, my hand closes around his long length before slowly starting to move at a slow pace. Dante takes a sharp inhale.

If he doesn’t stop me, I’ll feel embarrassed for him. Wait, he said he wanted me to suck him off, so maybe...

My head moves downward enough to let my tongue lick around his head before taking it into my mouth. Dante gasps, quickly pulling me back by the hair.

I knew it.

“You believe me now?” I ask, pushing his hand away.

He clears his throat, pulling his boxers up. “It’s best if we call it a night. There are loads of stuff to do tomorrow.”

I roll my eyes. “What will you make me do? Order your clothes by color?”

Dante stands up, pulling me up with him. “No, I’ll make you do more serious work. I don’t trust you enough to send you away as I did with Xavier, but I also don’t trust you to always be around me. You can consider it a secretary job. If you betray me—”

“I die, yeah, I know. Don’t worry, I’m an excellent assistant,” I say as I flash him a forced smile. Bastard.

Dante simply blinks before pushing me out of his room. “Good night, love.”

I nod. “Good night,” I say, and yet Dante doesn’t move an inch away from the door. My feet are stuck to the ground as the wolf can’t seem to find the strength to close our encounter.

So we stay there, simply staring at each other. Dante’s eyes occasionally turning a lighter brown that lasts for less than a second. I’ve never thought we would meet again, even though the look in his eyes isn’t like before.

Back then, they were filled with love, but now it looks like he put a wall between us. I don’t blame him, though. We were both kids back then. Committing to a serious relationship at the age of eighteen was too much for us because we weren’t ready.

College is a special place, and the fact that we met during our first year soon after it started didn’t help. Dante’s mysterious vibes kept pulling me toward him. I was the one who chased after him, and I was the one who left him.

The man in front of me isn’t the Dante I know, but I’m sure some pieces of him are still inside. I just have to pull them out, one way or another.

It seems like Dante saw something change on my face because his face saddens, and his eyes can’t seem to look at me anymore. “Good night,” he whispers, successfully closing the door.

My heart drops for him, reminiscing the few times he broke down in front of me. The last one still impressed in my mind.

That day, I found him in the kitchen, sitting on top of the counter, chugging down a bottle of vodka. His eyes were red, and he kept taking sharp inhales of breaths as if holding back his tears.

I rushed to him, asking him what happened, which he dismissed by bashing his parents. He liked the fact that he was an Alpha, but he didn’t like the fact that his life was controlled by his parents, hell, his pack even.

The wolf had his flaws, which thinking about it now, it seemed like they were the only thing my young self was seeing, leading me to pack my bags and abandon him in the middle of the night. Regardless, he didn’t deserve to follow a path he didn’t want to do.

He confessed that he talked about me to his parents and they were happy for him until they found out that we weren’t mates. They said that once he got his business degree, he had to take over his father’s place as Alpha and break up with me for the sake of the pack.

That was the day of our downfall because I just had to ruin everything by agreeing with his parents. I was a firm believer of the Moon Goddess, and I told him that I knew from the beginning that we didn’t stand a chance to have a future together because of our species.

Dante didn’t take it well, and next thing I know, there’s an unknown girl in our bed the following day and an emotionless Alpha.

My arms wrap around my body as I can still hear the sound of the bottle of vodka shattering into a thousand pieces.

Is he alone because of me?

My hand clenches into a fist, ready to knock on his door when Foxy decides to make an appearance by furiously hissing.

Yeah, you’re right. We’ll talk tomorrow.

I turn around, walking back to the attic.

The following day, an unexpected human arrives in the pack.

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