The Lion's Cat

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Chapter 4

Well, Xavier just ruined everything.

Ever since we finished lunch, I can’t look at him like I used to. I mean, I liked him a lot when I was seventeen, and I would have been on cloud nine if he pulled that kiss back then, but now it’s weird.

The memory of a shy, insecure girl looking at a beaming Xavier from afar wakes something in my heart I haven’t felt in a long time. The tiny feline coexisting with me purrs at the thought. She always had a crush on him.

Ugh, what a pain.

The lights of the living room are turned off. Xavier and I are lying on opposite sides on the dozens of pillows laid on the ground. My feet are on his chest while his feet are on my back. Our eyes are glued on the large TV, but my mind is entirely elsewhere.

Xavier has soft, plump lips, and I would lie if I said I didn’t like it.

Goosebumps crawl on my arms when he brushes his hand on my ankle. I can’t be the only one who got affected by the kiss.

With that in mind, I sit up, pulling my legs in a mermaid style. Xavier looks up at me with his eyes partially glowing. His lion is always present. “Tell me I’m not crazy for still thinking of that kiss,” I say, and he immediately sits up.

“Red... It was just a peck,” he replies, coming close enough for his long legs to circle me.

A frown settles on my face. “I still consider it a kiss, and it’s driving me nuts.”

Xavier tilts his head to the side. “We’ve kissed before. What’s so different?”


“When have we kissed, and how much did I drink for it to happen?” I ask, making him laugh.

“We were pretty drunk now that I think about it,” he says, followed by a smirk. “You were the one who started the kiss, actually.”

My mouth goes into an ‘O’ shape before moving into a thin line. “Elaborate.”

Xavier closes his eyes, reminiscing whatever happened between us. “It was a year ago, the day of your birthday. Everybody was drunk, and I was taking your tripping ass to your bedroom. Once I changed and tucked you in bed, that’s when you kissed me.”

A soft smile appears on his content face. “I was shocked, but when you pulled away, I couldn’t help myself, so I kissed you again. I think we made out for a good ten minutes, if not more, before you fell asleep in my arms.”

I cover my face with my hands as my brain opens up like Pandora’s box. I remember now. Oh, Gods, I want to dig my own grave and jump in it.

“Red,” Xavier calls, pushing my hands away from my face. “We should kiss again.”


My eyebrows move upward. “What?!”

“Perhaps it’ll put your mind at ease,” he proposes, wiggling his eyebrows that make a laugh erupt from me.

Xavier smiles but doesn’t laugh with me, which makes me abruptly stop. I frown. “Xavier Cordeiro do Nascimento Lyon. Are you mad?”

His eyes pop out. “No need to go for the full name because yes, I am crazy, and I don’t see any harm in kissing again,” he says, shrugging his shoulders.

I can’t help but give him a disbelief look.

Holy shit, he really lost his mind, didn’t he?

His hand comes up to my cheek, caressing it softly. “What do we have to lose anyway?”

We stare at each other as my brain is trying to make sense of all of this.

Alright, he’s not wrong, is he? I mean, we’ve known each other for a long time. A kiss won’t change a thing. Plus, it’s just one kiss. What could go wrong?

Gods, I sound like the blonde girl from scary movies right before she gets her ass killed.

Nonetheless, I nod. “Fuck it. Let’s do it,” I say, closing my eyes.

Xavier chuckles rings in my ears before another hand touches my other cheek, followed by his lips meeting mine once again.

His lips really are soft. I breathe him in as my eyes slightly open, meeting his piercing, yellowish glowing eyes already on me. My heartbeat quickens, and I snap my eyes shut, letting his tongue enter my mouth and embrace mine.

It’s a slow, filled with question marks kind of kiss. Shit, I’m getting too excited. Our mouths move in sync until Xavier pulls away. The way he’s looking at me makes my stomach create butterflies, and I find myself blushing under his captivating gaze.

Without saying a word, he leans back in, kissing me more. He doesn’t wait long to pull me toward him and lay me down on the pillows. My hands grab onto his grey shirt as he hovers over me.

I’m screwed.

The way he plays with my tongue brings warmth to my body. His hand starts traveling south until they reach the hem of my black shirt and sneaks underneath it. He moves them to the sides of my body as my back arches, begging for more.

My mind is completely blank when I pull away. Our ragged breaths boom in the living room, our chests are quickly moving, and the hooded look Xavier is giving me makes me clasp my legs.

“I like it,” he says, sitting up to pull my legs apart.

“You’re a good kisser,” I breathe out, watching Xavier hover over me again.

“Wanna do it one last time?” he asks, already leaning down. My hands reach for his head, pulling him for another breathtaking kiss.

I don’t know what’s wrong with me. I shouldn’t be feeling like this for Xavier, of all people. I vowed to stay away from him. Hell, I promised to not settle down for a couple more years after how it ended with that damn Alpha.

Nonetheless, Xavier and I’s tongues move faster. Everything goes faster. My hands roam his upper body, and he presses his manhood against my core.

As if things couldn’t get any better, our hips move on their own, and a surprising moan escapes from my lips. Xavier gets bold and unhooks my bra before lifting my shirt and placing his lips on one of my nipples.

“Shit,” I moan as my hands hold onto his head and my back arches for that tongue playing me like a perfectly tuned instrument. Warmth spreads through my body, and a new ache building in between my legs is craving for him.

The sound of a bullet going off pulls us back to reality. Xavier sits up in an instant, and I lower my shirt, staring at the ceiling with wide eyes.

Holy shit.

My hands cover my face, heat rushing onto my freckled cheeks. “I can’t believe it,” I whisper.

“Me neither,” Xavier breaths out.

Another bullet goes off, and I glance at the TV, catching a death scene unfolding in front of my eyes.

Someone turns the lights back on, and I have to squint my eyes until they get used to the new lighting.

“Richard. You’re back,” Xavier casually says.

“Yeah, Creatures business is calling me. Have you seen my Gabriella?” Richard’s raspy voice asks.

I thought he was a heavy smoker for the raspy, deep voice, but apparently, he doesn’t do anything.

“She’s in the library,” I say, recalling his wife saying something about wanting to finish reading a novel back in the dining room.

I roll onto my stomach, looking up at Richard dressed in a suit, lazily loosening his tie. “Thanks,” he says before walking out on us as he pulls his phone out from his pocket.

“That gunshot saved us,” Xavier says, sighing loudly.

As if on cue, Richard’s head pops back in the door. “Oh, and please, get a room. We have kittens running around the house.” And with that, he disappears for good.

My face starts burning, and I bury it on the pillow below. A heavyweight falls on my back, and my head turns to the side, releasing steady breaths.

“You’re heavy as fuck,” I puff out, making Xavier laugh.

We end up spending the rest of the day watching our TV show, completely dismissing the heavy make-out session that happened.

The werecats hierarchy was divided into many classes. At the top, you’d find the King and Queen, followed by their families. Below you’d find the left hand of the King. They were accustomed to firearms and any form of fighting in both human and feline form. They usually were the commanders of the warriors. Then there’s the right hand of the King, in charge of researching information on enemies and allies—

A knock on the door interrupts my reading. I look down, seeing my chest only covered by a black bra. I lift the white, soft sheets high enough to cover my body. “Come in,” I say, and my eyes widen at the intruder.


Her chocolate ass walks inside the bedroom with two black mugs in hand. Her box braids are falling from the messy bun she did, and my eyes are watching her every movement.

She sits down on the edge of the bed, handing me one of the mugs. “Peace offering,” she says with a small smile.

My eyebrow lifts as I let the smell of hot chocolate fill my senses. “What happened?”

Nala looks down at her cup. “I was jealous. Seeing you and Xavier sleeping in a bed like that yesterday really fucked me up.”

“It’s not like it’s the first time that we do it. Hell, I spent weeks sleeping on Xavier’s bed after watching Get Out, and you never said a word,” I say, sipping the delicious peace offering.

“I know, but I never had sex with him before, and now that it happened...” she releases a sigh, her shoulders slumping forward. “It was stupid of me to react like that. You’re not the one at fault, and I apologize for the way I treated you.”

I silently look at her. Her dark cat-like eyes are puffier than usual.

She means it.

With that, I smile, nodding my head. “You’re forgiven, now, tell me, is he really that good, or are all those girls lying?” I ask, remembering the few girls I encountered after they had a sleepless night with Xavier.

Nala smiles at the question, her bright brown eyes gazing at nowhere in particular. “He’s the best fuck I’ve ever had,” she says, making me snort, which makes her gasp. “I’m serious! Look, the way he does it, and the way he looks at you while doing it, is what makes every girl go crazy for him. Just like it happened to me.”

I can’t help but chuckle. “Really?”

Nala vigorously nods her head. “Hell yeah, it’s like you’re the only girl he has eyes for. I’ve slept with few players through the years, and none of them gave me that much attention like Xavier does.”

The more she talks about what happened between her and Xavier, the more I keep remembering about the kiss. It takes all my willpower to not blush in front of Nala.

One blush, and she’ll know about what happened between him and me. I can’t allow that.

No one can know about it.

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