The Lion's Cat

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One time

Chapter 7

“Holy shit, you’re good,” Xavier breathes out, his hand pushing my head further down his length. His moan booms in the bedroom. The sound of it makes me want to be even better than before.

My hands are gripping his thigh as I let my tongue gracefully swirl around, absorbing every tiny sound that comes out of the lion. And to think I thought he would be the quiet type in bed.

With one last head movement, I pull away and look up at Xavier as I wipe away unshed tears that came out when he took too much control. “I hope you’re not the type who comes in two seconds,” I say, grinning jokingly.

Xavier throws his head back in a laugh while I stand up from the floor and straddle on his lap. “I’m letting you be the judge,” he says, sounding sexier than usual.

A lump forms in my throat, and I swallow it as his hands grip my ass. His golden eyes are filled with hunger as we stare at each other. The next thing I know is our lips moving in sync again. Our naked chests brush against each other as my hips move on their own. The movement makes Xavier groan before he switches our position.

Our bodies roll down on the bed until he’s on top of me. My legs lock around his waist while his hand starts delicately twisting and pulling one of my nipples. A delightful warmth spreads throughout my body, making my core wetter and my head spin.

My moans get muffled by his mouth. I can hear my feline purring lovingly at the act we know will change everything tomorrow. Xavier moves his hips, making his erection rub against my bud. I drop kisses around his neck, enjoying the soft groans he makes into my ear.

“Xavier,” I whisper out, “I’m ready.” The last word comes out in an unexpected moan. My hands stop on his shoulders, and I let my fingernails dig into them.

The half-feline pulls away to look at me. “You’re still on the pill, right?” Xavier asks, and I can simply nod, not trusting my voice anymore.

A grin appears on his face, and without another word, he pushes himself inside. My walls are stretching to accommodate his size as I cry out in ecstasy.

“Holy shit,” Xavier whispers, dropping his head on my neck with his body trembling in delight. The feeling of him inside is overwhelming as he stays still.

His hands grab my love handles, and with one last exhale, he starts moving. My eyes roll back as he pounds me senselessly. Our pants echo in his bedroom. The bed slams against the wall for each movement, and fuck, it feels fucking good.

Xavier pushes himself up, and with glowing eyes, he stares at me. The exchanged look makes me feel all giddy inside. Why is he looking at me like that? He puts my legs over his shoulders, moving at a torturously slow pace.

“I like— this,” he stutters, grasping one of my breasts as his cheeks slightly heat up.

A soft smile tugs onto my lips, enjoying the gentle pace he’s going. I put my hands around his neck, pulling him down enough to kiss him. “Same,” I whisper out.

Xavier bites his lower lip before pulling away, only to turn me around like a pancake. I quickly grab his pillow, resting my head on it, letting my behind in the air, and cursing out loud when he goes back inside.

“This is way better than I imagined,” he breathes out with his elongated nails digging into my hips. I completely lose control, letting my feline merge with me. Although my feline side can only feel something through the mate bond marking, the fact that she likes Xavier makes even a tiny lick be enough. My ears shift into pointy cat ears, the color identical to my red hair, and a long tail comes out of my tailbone while my fingernails become longer.

The sharpness of them is making holes on the pillow I’m holding tightly. “Harder,” I moan, and a heart-pounding growl rings in my ears. Xavier moves faster, and my walls start tightening as I can already feel my buildup coming to an end.

“You’re close,” he pants out, and all I can do is nod as my cries become louder. Xavier curses under his breath before pulling out, leaving me empty.

My eyes snap open, my body moves around enough to look at Xavier. I let my gaze drop. He’s touching himself as his hooded eyes are fixed on me. “What the hell are you doing?” I ask. My chest is rapidly moving as my heart is drumming in my ears.

Xavier licks his lips, and I’d lie if I said it wasn’t one of the sexiest things he has ever done. “Lie down,” he orders, and I blink before complying, “I want to taste you when you come,” he confesses.


Just like that, he gets off the bed, drops to his knees, and grabs my ankles, pulling my body closer to him before pushing his face in between my thighs.

My back arches, feeling his mouth eating me as if I were a five-course meal. An intense scent of vanilla I’ve never smelled before attacks my nostrils. My hand grips his tied dreads when a finger pushes itself inside. I’m left shaking in pure ecstasy.

The buildup rises, and I glance down, catching his glowing eyes already on me. My heart is over the moon, and I don’t know how to feel about that. The hungry look takes me to the edge, and my body shakes as I come undone.

Holy shit.

My eyes snap shut, my voice quietens, and my legs tighten around him. Xavier doesn’t stop. When I come down from my high, my body twitches uncontrollably since my core is highly sensible now. “Wait,” I yelp, sitting up as he keeps licking me.

I push his head away, our eyes locked in a heated gaze. Xavier’s hands rest on my lower back. “Your orgasm is the cutest thing I’ve ever seen,” he says, and heat spreads up to my face.

It’s not the first time Xavier compliments me, but I don’t know why this one is making me feel shy around him. It’s the type of shyness I used to have back in high school, consisting of lowering gazes and a blushing face throughout the conversation.

Xavier notices the impact his words have on me and chuckles, giving a peck on my inner thigh. “Cute,” he whispers.

I clear my throat, looking away. “You need to come as well,” I quietly say.

“I already came.”

My eyes bounce back to his smiling face. I raise an eyebrow in disbelief. “What? When?”

Xavier pulls himself up, his softened manhood coming to my eye level. “While you were orgasming. I didn’t expect it at all, but it felt amazing. I can’t wait for the next time,” he says, heading to the tiny white bathroom.

I follow him with shaky legs and sit down on the toilet, peeing everything out while he splashes his face with water. “How’s that even possible? And we agreed on only doing it once, ” I say.

Xavier turns off the water, looking at me with a frown. “After what just happened, you’re telling me you don’t want to feel me anymore?”

My feline hisses, wanting me to change my mind, but I won’t. I can’t. Xavier is my best friend, and I don’t want to lose him. Sex can change everything.

“Exactly. Xavier, you’re my best friend, I—”

“I want to keep having you, Red. The sex we just had is the best one I’ve ever had—”

“That’s because we know each other. You usually do it with girls you don’t even know, so, of course, you’d say it—”

“So, what? We have great chemistry, and I don’t get why we should resist it,” he says as I clean myself up and flush the toilet.

I sigh, feeling a headache about to hit. “One of us will fall in love if we continue, and I don’t want to get hurt.”

Xavier growls at that, making me frown. “You won’t get hurt,” he says.

I snort, shake my head, and walk out of the tiny room.

Yeah, right.

Xavier’s hand closes around my wrist, stopping me on my track. “Alexa,” he quietly calls. He rarely uses my name. The shock about it is evident on my wide-eyed face as I focus on him.

His lips are set into a thin line, his glowing eyes are unmoving from mine, and his jaw is slightly clenched. “I know it’s a stupid idea, but you can’t deny what we felt before, and you certainly can’t resist it. Let me please you, and please open your heart to me.”

His hand squeezes my wrist. I look down at it. “My heart is already open for you—”

“I want more than a friendship,” he says, lifting my chin up. A soft smile is on his face as I feel my cheeks drastically heat up.

“You want sex,” I say, receiving a nod from him.

“With my best friend.”

I sigh, tiredly massaging my temples. “What if I fall in love? I know you’re not looking to settle down.”

“You won’t,” he says, shrugging his shoulders.

I frown at that. “Why do you say that?”

Xavier releases his hold on me to tie his dreads again in a messy bun. “Because I’m a lion, so I can choose my soulmate. You didn’t find yours yet, which means you won’t fall in love with me. We might have an infatuation, but it’ll never go deeper. The second you find your mate, you’ll forget about me. Don’t worry, I thought about it for a while,” he says before putting his hands on my cheeks and kissing me for a moment. “You won’t get hurt. Trust me,” he whispers with our noses brushing each other.

What he’s saying makes sense. The power of the soulmate is unbreakable. That means that whatever type of feelings we develop, they’ll vanish into thin air.

Nothing can go wrong.

With that in mind, I pull down Xavier, returning the kiss. I pull away, adoring the way his hungry eyes are staring at me. “I need proof, but for now, I want you again,” I breathe out.

Xavier breaks into a grin that makes my stomach churn happily. He catches me by surprise by picking my body up. I quickly wrap my legs around his waist, letting him carry us back to bed.

We don’t leave the room until the next morning.

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