The Lion's Cat

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Drink the truth

Chapter 9

The music is loud, the booze is everywhere, the lights are partially on, and everyone on the clowder is dancing their heart out. Our dancing night usually goes with either Latin music or Swing. Apart from having a feline within us that brings us together, everyone loves to dance, weirdly.

Tonight we went with Latin, so Salsa or even Bachata is flowing through our veins. The entrance hall’s emptiness is the perfect place to do it.

Richard and Gabriella’s chemistry can be seen from a mile away. They opened the floor, having everyone’s eyes on them. The way their bodies moved in sync and the look of pure love they shared was breathtaking. A couple of songs later, Nala dragged Kai on the dancing floor, and everyone soon followed, bringing me here.

I follow Xavier’s lead, grinning at the fast-paced movements our bodies do in automatic with twirls, hips movement, and understanding gazes. There are a few moments where it seems like time has frozen. Now is one of them.

As my feet move to the sound of the beat, my eyes wander around the dimly-lighted room, seeing everyone with a confident smile and human ears replaced by the feline ones.

Xavier’s round lion ears make him look adorable to the point I want to squeeze his cheeks and give him hundreds of hugs. That desire doesn’t last long the second my eyes drop to his undressed, inked chest glistening with sweat.

For every twirl I do, my back presses against him, and he doesn’t hesitate to fluster me. “Let’s sneak out of here,” he whispers seductively.

My freckled face, already red for the dance, gets worse as I shake my head. “I don’t want to,” I say, catching him exhale loud enough for me to hear over the music.

I stop, pulling him for a slow dance even though the song is in a completely different tempo. “Why are you so horny all of a sudden? We did it less than twenty-four hours ago,” I say with a frown.

Xavier squeezes my waist. “Because it’s you.”

A snort falls from my lips. “Well, get over it.”

His jaw slightly drops before he recovers, giving me his usual annoyed face. “Yes, Alexa, you just say the word, and I’ll become impotent,” he dryly says.

My eyebrow raises at his sarcasm. “Thank the Gods we didn’t start this when we were in high school, or I would have already killed you for that stamina.”

Xavier’s eyes sparkle at the mention of high school. “I remember that one time when I saw you without a sweatshirt after P.E. and remaining with blue balls for the rest of the day.”

I can’t help but laugh at the memory. “I wanted to bury myself alive from the embarrassment.”

"You were embarrassed? Try walking around school with a hoodie laced around the waist, and on the opposite side,” he says, chuckling.

My jaw drops. “You told me juice fell on your lap.”

Xavier gives me a sour look. “You expected me to be honest and say, well, Red, your boobs completely caught me off guard, and now I have a boner that won’t go down.”

I laugh at his bewildered facial expression when a new voice perks my ears up. “We’re playing truth or dare with alcohol. Want to join?” a feminine voice proposes.

Xavier and I follow the source, looking at a grinning Nala. We pull away from each other, and I hook my arm under hers. “I’ll never say no to alcohol.”

“I don’t like where this is going,” Xavier says from behind us, making us roll our eyes as we walk inside the living room.

The lights are faded here as well. The mountains of pillows that we use as a couch have been moved around. Now they’re set in a circle, and people are already sitting on them. We follow suit on the few spots left and get welcomed by the sight of an empty bottle of alcohol lying in the middle and filled shot glasses already served for everyone.

“Can we start now?” Richard asks, staring at Nala with a raised eyebrow.

She winks at him and pulls her body forward enough to touch the bottle and spin it. Our eyes follow the movement until it stops to Gabriella, who doesn’t wait to dramatically groan.

“Truth or dare, woman?” Nala asks with a wicked grin.

I’m starting to believe Xavier was right. It’s not going to end well.

“Truth,” Gabriella says.

“Have you and Richard ever done an orgy?”

Gabby’s eyes widen before she swallows down the burning liquid, avoiding the question. Few people from the circle start whistling while Richard pretends to do something on his phone.

“I take it back. I’m loving this game,” Xavier says, and I glance at him, noticing his eyes filled with mischief and curiosity.

Gabriella goes to spin the bottle, making it land on Kai.

“Truth,” Kai says, preceding her words.

She smirks, tilting her head to the side. “Were you about to kiss a minor while we were at war?”

Kai pales even more than he already is before taking his shot. Laugher booms in the room.

That’s actually a funny story. At the time of the war, our youngest werecat was Catherine, a curly-haired black panther that couldn’t control her heat. Since Kai is the most sensitive one about it, he didn’t do shit when she was about to kiss him. An eleven year gap is pretty huge when she’s only seventeen.

Anyway, for every bottle spin that happens, the worse the question and dares get. It hasn’t landed on Xavier or me yet, but the moment it does, my heart is about to burst out of my chest.

Richard spins the bottle, and it lands on Xavier. “Truth or dare, Lyon?”

Xavier flashes everyone a smirk. “Dare.”

“I dare you to give Nala your hickey if she wants, of course.”

My heart stops, and my head snaps up to Xavier, who’s already looking at me. He never says no to a dare. He really is an idiot.

Perhaps, it’s the face.

“Here?” Nala asks, receiving a nod from Richard.

There’s a moment of silence, but I can hear my own quickened breath. Nala gazes at Xavier for a while before nodding her head and making my whole body freeze.

“Very well, then, come here,” Xavier says in a deeper tone, and I can’t move.

I’m caught in the crossfire when the felines lean right in front of me, making me witness a close-up of Xavier trailing kisses down Nala’s neck. I swallow a lump, feeling helpless. I don’t like the way my heart is reacting for a damn hickey.

It feels like everything is going on in slow-motion until Xavier’s eyes open and stare at me as he ′marks′ Nala. My breath gets caught in my throat. His eyes are glowing, penetrating my soul, and leaving my body filled with goosebumps.

Fucking hell, I knew it. One sex night, and here I am, opening my heart way too much already.

It feels as if time has frozen for how long he’s been sucking. When they pull away, a sigh of relief comes out of my mouth.

A clapping sound grabs my attention, and I look up at Richard smirking wickedly toward me. The bastard. What is that twisted mind planning?

“Xavier, go ahead,” he says, and soon, the bottle spins for the twentieth time.

Of all the people, I would have never guessed for it to land on me. After the fifth spin, I gave up on being chosen by the freaking bottle.

“Red, truth, or dare?” Xavier asks with a smile that makes me swallow a nervous lump.

If I choose dare, he’ll definitely make me do something crazy in front of everyone, but if I choose truth, he might force my feelings out through a shitty ass metaphor.

But I can play around with that.

My eyes narrow. “Truth,” I say, grabbing everyone’s attention. If I don’t want to answer, I’ll just drink the damn shot. I can do it.

Xavier’s eyes glow happily. “If you ever were to meet Dante in the future... Would you sleep with him again?”

Why is he suddenly asking me about Dante? The last time I saw him was six years ago.

My head tilts to the side as I mentally search through the container of my feelings left for the Alpha. I don’t love him, that’s for sure, and I don’t think I’ll ever try sleeping with him again. But if he’s the one coming at me first...

“I would,” I say, keeping a straight face.

The truth seems to have ignited something within Xavier for the way his jaw is clenching. The next thing I know, he takes down the shot. “I’m done,” he says, standing up and stomping away from the room.

I can only blink and look at Richard, who prefers staring at the bottle. Gabriella looks elsewhere, and Nala clears her throat. “What the hell was that?” I purposely think out loud.

“It’s just Xavier being Xavier,” Kai speaks up.

Is it, though?

“Just leave him on his own. You’ll see tomorrow he’s gonna be back to his usual self,” Jason adds, waving his hand with nonchalance before passing it through his ginger, wavy hair. I don’t even know if I should listen to a guy wearing the Harry Potter type of glasses.

I’m kidding.

I nod, spinning the bottle. “I’ll deal with him tomorrow.”

I’m sure it’s the alcohol talking, right?

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