1: The enchanted power cats

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6 unordinary cats under ownership of a grandma have a normal life happy safe and sound until their owner becomes missing and tempts 5 cats to go on a search for her..

Fantasy / Adventure
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Chapter 1

3 legends who were cats once ruled the earth. One she-cat named Spanx who had the ability to blind those who those who bring nothing but trouble to the world and the day they became good cats was the day their eye-sight would be revived. Another cat, who was a tom named Aspen had the ability to send cats to the fiery pits of the underground and the last cat who was a she-cat named haspynx, who had the ability to send those who promised the earth good deeds up to a peaceful place where they'd be rewarded nothing but love and happiness. Those 3 cats protected and loved the earth right deep into it's core. Until one day.. When the legends were fighting against a evil cat named Mutt Aspen tripped and fell, letting his guard down. Mutt attacked and took him by surprise. Aspen fell to the ground lightly, defeated. Mutt declared victory for himself and the other 2 legends reluctantly agreed, declaring their defeat. After the battle the 2 remaining legends were so desperate to be united with the fallen legend that they went into a puddle where spirits used to use to float to the afterlife and breathed it in, dying. Now reunited, the three legends closed off the puddle so no spirit could go in or out. Ever since the legends sudden disappearance/death the world was in no protection to evil. Cats were killed by careless villains that thrived of pain and suffering. The legends, watching over the earth were fearful for the safety of it and they became paranoid of the fact that if all the cats were killed on the earth, they'd have nobody to watch over! So they decided to create a prophecy of 6 cats and enchant them with powers. These cats would protect and save the world. They would substitute the legends. So the 3 powerful cats decided to pick their 6 cats and vowed to watch over them until they died.
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