My lustful obsession

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Selene Hemsworth, a perfect looking model who pursues a new photographer. What happens when she meets a photographer who is more than she had hoped for? Add that along with the looks and there her lustful obsession starts or more like his. Is there more to him than he lets on?

Fantasy / Mystery
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The darkness hovering over the sky, engulfing the light of the sun we have all now been accustomed to, leaves rustling in the wind. The orange tint of them a reminder of the start of the new season, autumn, thunder resonating in the streets before drops of water multiply. The drops of the rain, ever so lightly bouncing off the floor, in a sort of mesmerising scene, gifting me with a smile of my own.

It's always intrigued me, the beauty just hidden behind what protects it so much, rarely anyone ever noticing the beauty behind the beast. Mix the traffic along with the weather and then we have a bunch of annoyed, sappy individuals, not being able to rejoice in a weather like this. Opening the car door, stepping foot outside, watching as the rain drops down onto the footpath of the once dull road, now covered entirely with the tears accumulated by the clouds.

Father always used to describe how the clouds would cry out for someone's love, a love so strong that even the clouds would feel the ultimate pain of either death, or separation. As the rainwater covers the streets as well as myself, darkening the colour of my hair but lifting my spirit tenfold, I feel a tug and look to a disappointed look.

"Miss Hemsworth, please if I may, sit back in the car, you will catch a cold."

The pale, delicate hands of Mr Dixon, my driver reaching towards me holding an umbrella, protecting me from the clutches of the so called beast. A small smile on his cracked, purple like lips, wrinkles forming around his cheeks, circles under his eyes as if he hasn't slept for days but knowing him, he probably hasn't.

"Sorry Mr. Dixon, I do find myself distracted whenever the weather is like this, let's go sit back inside. Also stop with the formalities, I always have and will be Selene."

This time his smile reached his eyes, a genuine smile playing on his lips, a pale complexion just to be expected with the weather changing so drastically but a tint of red making its way onto his cheeks. A small nod, acknowledging my presence.

"Okay let's get you to your shoot then.?"

With a nod of approval, he starts the engine as we reach closer to my destination, the tapping of the rain suddenly drowning away, leaving the drips of water as a remembrance of what was once coating the entire city. We were approaching the bold, silver, building within eyesight, enchanting others around as they stood in awe at not only the building but the models.

A warmth feeling suddenly rushing to my cheeks as the feeling of anxiousness fills my gut, the fact I do encourage others to love themselves, it's harder following your own advice. At least for me, that is. Trying to fill my mind with positive thinking, I turn to leave before bidding Mr.Dixon goodbye.

I've never really met the man behind all of the photographs, the intricate details and designs showcase how amazing of a photographer he truly is. I do hope this ends up easier than I thought it to be, taking a deep breathe, I walk into the building. After a small chat with the receptionist, Corey, I'm instructed to wait inside the seating area.

Looking directly in front of myself, I look straight at the women staring back, the once darkened brown has changed back to its original lightened shade and a now rosy complexion covered not only my cheeks but my nose. The one thing I do hate would be being ill, where you actually have to take a rest whether you like to or not.

Glancing around the room, my eyes meet magazines on the coffee table, typical I guess but next to it was a book with the full name of the photographer. Luca Peoria. Skimming through the book, my eyes widen as I realise he is much younger than I thought him to be, his looks kill to be a model but I wonder why he picked photography. Tan brown skin, little stubble of a beard, plump red lips with the hypnotising eyes, the amber orbs almost resembling a wolf.

Hearing a thud, I instinctively get up immediately walking towards the culprit of the sound as I find the amber eyes man on the floor. Luca.


Reaching out my hand for him, an apologetic smile finding its way on my lips as I didn't help him any sooner. One glimpse at him and I see the glistening storm peeking it's way through his eyes, a world wind of emotion packed ever so tightly with a smirk alongside cute dimples. I guess the saying is correct, eyes are the windows to your soul.

After helping him up, a smile ran across his face, an unrecognisable emotion written on his face,

"Thank you. Don't worry I'm not a klutz, I won't ruin anything. This was just a one off, I mean you can't blame me anyone would trip if they had seen you, you're really beautiful."

I nod in agreement as I do recognise this man has a load of talent, but we're all human at the end of the day, making mistakes is normal. Hearing him praise me, felt a little good as I can loosen up now.

"It's fine, I trip all the time and thank you."

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