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Phase Shift : Mirage Sessions

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Prologue Two : Middle

It was almost 4 pm, time to go home.

Everyone was putting their things in their bags after the teacher had just left. The first day had been instructive but tiring. Now everyone was gathering to talk about their impressions, to make comments of all kinds.

There were only about twenty students left in class, including Kira Leonhart. Kira Leonhart had no one to talk to. So he stayed in his corner and quietly put his things away. As soon as he was finished, he carried his backpack.

First he went to the window to see the people coming in from above. The students he saw came in chatting and laughing. He looked at them with empty, pensive eyes.

They have the same passions. The same dreams. The same tastes. The same opinions. They laugh together. It’s like I’m part of a whole other plane of existence. Not that I’m complaining, but they’re all really different from me. No one shares my opinion or my vision of things. And there are people that I hate for no reason, or just because they have an attitude that I don’t like. Yeah, I despise people I don’t know. It’s very arrogant. So I always have to force myself to look nice or to have a conversation with someone, even if it’s just a greeting. Sometimes I wish everyone was like me. But I also wonder what society would be like if it were like that.

-“H-hey, what are you doing? You look serious... "

Kira had just been taken out of his thinking by a student in the class. Long before looking at the person who had called him, he had thought it was Seisa Alucard. Logically, no one else would have a reason to address him. But it wasn’t her. It was a normal student who was sorting out the class and seemed to be worried about Kira who still wasn’t coming home when he wasn’t doing anything.

-” Ah...You’re right. I’m going to go. "

With that, Kira left the classroom and decided to go straight home.


Kira had been out of the facility for about ten minutes. He had taken a shortcut home. His home was supposed to be in the 44th district. So it was not far from the Institute, which was nearby in the 43rd.

Eras. It was really a big area. Not only was it large, but it was developed. There was everything available to the inhabitants. There were hospitals, large supermarkets, post offices every square kilometer. Life there was really optimized. And the government made sure that this was the case in most of the regions. However, it was a terrifying country.

It had been ruled with an iron fist by the Empress for decades. No one had the courage to do anything. This woman was a real dictator. She had destroyed the very concept of revolution or rebellion in her country. She had the right of life or death over everyone, and no one had the right to confront her. With the Aeon Genesis on her side, one had to be either crazy or really prepared to try anything. As a result, a lot of people were embittered. But others like Levi Newgate saw what the Empress was doing as a necessary evil. After all, there was peace and development because of her. This woman was so powerful that an entire army could not defeat her. She had won so many wars against the outside world all by herself. The mere mention of her name succeeded in making other nations of the world tremble.

And that was the reason why everyone laughed at Seisa Alucard, who said loud and clear that she would become Empress. Unfortunately for her, she didn’t look like anything more than a clown.

[44th District]

--Wednesday, September 17, 1997


Kira Leonhart. He lived in a small apartment in the 44th. It was quite secluded, which pleased Kira, a lover of quiet. In his apartment, there was his bedroom, his living room, a kitchenette, the toilet. It was everything. He lived alone in this place. The sun rays entered his house through the windows of his bedroom, living room and toilet.

Now he was sleeping.

-” … ”


-” ...Mh. ”

He began to ruminate something in his sleep.

- “Yeah...That’s good, right there... ”

He seemed to be dreaming about something.

And finally, he woke up.

-” Darn it. It was the first time since last month that I had an erotic dream... ”

Kira Leonhart stood up, with a bit of a headache. He was wearing nothing but an old t-shirt and short pants.

He glanced at his big watch hanging on the wall. He read the time on it.

- “It must be an hour ahead of time. I got up early "

Something was bothering him, though.

-" When would I have been an hour early? That means it’s really...08:44. "

Kira got up from his bed and rushed into the shower to get ready.

The famous exam was supposed to be today. This examination was to determine whether or not he was eligible for admission to the Institute. It was a selection. Kira seemed strangely calm about it. He showed no stage fright, no impatience, no worries.

Kira Leonhart used to be expeditious in what he did, especially in the morning. Within minutes, he had already brushed his teeth, washed and towel-dry himself.

There was a lot of clutter in his room. It took him a while to find his uniform.

Even today, he didn’t take the time to do his hair or anything else. He just rushed to the Institute, which was in the 44th floor. It wasn’t particularly far. But being late, Kira wanted to get there as quickly as possible.

He was running on the sidewalk. There were a lot of people on the way. So he had to dodge and run at the same time. The vehicles were also making a lot of noise, which irritated him.

- “I hate the crowd...”

It was one of the many things he hated in this world.

Then Kira arrived at a fork in the road. To the north, it was the long road to the Institute. The Institute was actually to the west, taking Kira’s front as a landmark. But that road ran north and then west.

On the left, there was a street that made it look like a shortcut. Considering the long road as the AB and BC sides of a right-angled triangle, the street in question must have been the hypotenuse AC. He would therefore save more time by taking the AC segment to cover the required distance.

-” So math is useful for something... Let’s go! ”

Kira decided to take the so-called shortcut and walked down the street.


Kira had been running since earlier. He was already starting to run out of breath. So he stopped for a while to take a breather. He must have been half a kilometer away from the Institute. So it wasn’t much further.

-” I’m late...I hope they won’t be too strict. ”

Kira continued to move forward. Then he realized there was a problem.

-” It looks like...a warehouse? ”

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