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Phase Shift : Mirage Sessions

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Prologue : End

Just opposite was a large platform protected by a metal grid. There seemed to be no other way around here. The only way forward was to go straight ahead. Kira had never seen anything like this in the 44th. But he was running out of time. It would take him almost forty minutes to get back to the main road. He would automatically miss the test.

-” There’s no turning back. The door of this warehouse seems to be open, and so does the gate. There should logically be a door on the other side. I should be able to get through without any problem. ”

Kira moved forward, and entered the warehouse. As soon as he crossed the gate, a strange wind blew through the place. It was also strangely cold. The warehouse was a large building with a V-shaped roof. Kira crossed the threshold of the big door.

All of a sudden, Kira started sniffing. As if he wanted to identify a smell he had smelled when he entered.

-” … ”

It was dark.

You could hardly see where you were stepping.

Then after we took a step forward, Kira realized something.

-“I stepped on something soft. It’s not the ground. A bag, maybe. ”

Kira opened the door further to see ahead, knowing that the sun’s rays would enter the gloomy warehouse.

So the green-haired boy took a look at what he had stepped on.

-” ...It’s... ”

He thought he didn’t get a good look at what was in front of him. But in fact, there was no mistake possible. It was obvious that this was it.

-" A...body? "

Kira had remained strangely calm. But he was trembling, proof that he was panicking. He couldn’t stop staring at that body. It was the body of a woman. Her eyes were wide open, and you could see insects lying on it. Part of the body was also missing. More importantly, the blood was clotted. Secondly, the body did not smell strong enough.

There was another strange element. This body must have been there for a while. But it wasn’t rotting. At least, it didn’t seem to be rotting fast enough.

- “What the... ”

Kira was disgusted.

Suddenly, a thud made him jump. It was the door behind him that closed abruptly.

-” ...Huh... ”

It was weird. No wind strong enough had passed. And Kira hadn’t perceived the presence of anyone outside.

Another phenomenon caught his attention.

Lights began to come on all along the warehouse.

- “Lights...”

It was then that Kira realized that there was not just one dead body. There were nearly a hundred of them in the same state in that place. And straight ahead was one person. From where he was, Kira couldn’t see his face. He could only see his silhouette. At his height, he must have been an adult.

-” You are one of the greatest criminals Arcadia has ever known".

-” Who are you ? What are you talking about?”

-” You are the one who assassinated the Minister of Health and the Minister of Justice last month. ”

-” What?”

Time seemed to stop for Kira for a second.

These two ministers died in mysterious conditions last month. We still don’t know how they died. What is this guy talking about?

-” You are the criminal, [Zeta]. ”

-” That’s not my name. ”

-” Of course it is, Zeta. That’s your name. “continued the mysterious individual, totally calm.

-” Stop this. ”

-” Ghahahahahaha! What are you going to do, Zeta?”

-” Asshole... Tell me what this means! ”

-” These are YOUR victims, Zeta. ”

- “You’ve got to be kidding me...“.

Suddenly, Kira heard noises outside.

It was the sound of helicopters approaching and surrounding the area. Large numbers of armed men had also been mobilized in the area, and there were all kinds of police vehicles. The army was also moving towards the warehouse. Kira had no idea what was going on.

-” What’s going on out there?”

-” You are a criminal. You should know that. ”

- “I don’t understand what the... ”

Kira didn’t finish his sentence.

- “Zeta! Get out of there! Surrender without resistance!"

Someone said, with a megaphone.

- “What in the hell... ? ”

Kira was completely lost. Why was it like that? Accused of murder? Asked to surrender? A mere high school student who was about to take his exam in a few minutes ?

-” You should get out. “Says the man Kira was talking to.

-” … ”

Kira Leonhart left the building. In front of him were hundreds of armed men. Helicopters. Police cars. There was the sound of sirens. And right in front of Kira was a woman. She had long blood-red hair and a military uniform. She was looking down on Kira with a cold expression. She had her two hands on top of each other, on a stick. Her presence was overwhelming. Kira couldn’t even look her in the face.

-” So it’s you, Zeta. “She says, in a voice both graceful and cold.

-” I don’t know who you mean. “Kira replied instinctively.

- “No harm will come to you. You will simply be judged for your crimes. Depending on my judgment, it will be the death penalty or life in prison. “Said the redheaded woman, with a reassuring smile.

-” To hell with it...I didn’t do anything. ”

-” … ”

This woman had a noble aura, yet so dark. So Kira dared to ask her a question.

-” Who are you? ”

-” [The Empress, Kôgyoku]. Nice to meet you, dear [Nova]. »

-” The Empress in person? I don’t understand anything of what you are all talking about! What’s going on here?”

- “It just so happens that we’ve arrested you. You are responsible for the murders of three ministers last month. You are also responsible for the theft and disappearance of several secret documents from the Bookstore. You are also responsible for the attack two weeks ago in the 23th district. Understand that your misdeeds cannot go unpunished. ”

-” … ”

-« You should turn yourself in. You can’t run away, you know that. “Said the Empress, with a comforting smile.

-” … ”

Kira was calm. He didn’t say anything and didn’t think about anything. No matter how much he thought, none of it made sense. He was certain he was innocent. So he thought of a possibility.

-« What are you going to do? »

-« I’m going to have to kill you right here. »

[I see. I have no chance to run away. I feel that even if I was moving at the speed of sound, she would catch me without any effort. In addition, there are police officers in the whole area. Vehicles in large numbers, and helicopters. Everything was normal yesterday and this morning. I didn’t do anything, though. In other words, it was my destiny. So the path ends here. For the first time in my life, I know what fear is. It is strange.]

-” So, do you decide to let it happen? “asked the Empress as she drew her sword from its sheath.

-” ...Make it quick. ”

Why is it coming back to me? That girl who wanted to be Empress... Huh. She’s got a long way to go.

Kira had closed his eyes and got down on his knees. He seemed ready to accept death, no matter how unjust it was. It was impossible for him to do anything. The area was watched, and the Empress was right in front of him.

The Empress looked at him tenderly, although she was aiming her sword at his neck.

No one could see his face except Kira. It was astonishing. There was a bit of sadness in her eyes. But she smiled, and there was no hesitation in her mind.

Suddenly it started to rain. The sky had been darkening for a few minutes already.

The Empress’ sword became bright. And at last she dealt the fatal blow to Kira.

The sword of light had stuck in Kira’s chest. He knelt and did not move. He wasn’t breathing. It was as if the Sword of Light hadn’t hurt him and just stayed in his chest.

-” You no longer belong to the world of the living. And your soul will never rest. So long, Zeta. “Said the Empress coldly as she looked at Kira.

Kira was killed by the Empress today, Wednesday, September 17, 1997. It had been reported on television that the criminal, nicknamed Zeta, was arrested and executed. The government was very happy with this state of affairs. Its true objective was still undetermined, of course, but the “danger” that it represented had vanished.

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