Dragon Girl

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A Girl with an unclear past and an unclear future. A New World with secret in every corner. She will face new people, she will feel betrayal and love, loss and happiness. But will she be able to face the truth of her past present and what hold her future

Fantasy / Romance
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Chapter 1: New Life

I woke up to the screams of my parents, I could still remember my mother’s face, horrified, terrified. I do not know if it was for me or my mum or all of us, but I will never get that event out of my mind. That was 3 years ago. All I remember was black smoke and a figure inside, the car spinning out of control then darkness. Of course, people who were not there would not believe me. Everyone thinks I am crazy; the only one who does not is Charlie. Charlie is a lovely person who has long curly hair even though she straightens it most of the time and bright turquoise eyes. Oh, and she is my best friend

A few weeks had passed, and I went to my grandparents to tell them once again what had happened but only this time, I had Charlie with me. They did not believe me much in the past. My grandparents have looked after me since my parents died but there very old-fashioned people, they think it seeing the world you are better than imagination. See that is what they think it was, black smoke the figure all my imagination. So, when Charlie and I went to tell them together

All they said was. “You have an inventive Imagination.”

For some reason, this time it made me so-so angry. I bust out the doors and ran into the forest. My eyes filled with tears even through the tears and the blurred vision I could still make out the green moss on the bark of the tallest trees, the bright bluebells that sway in the wind. I knew the forest. I used to play here with my old friend Adrien. we would play hide and seek and pretended we had magic; we would battle for horses but that is in the past we do not talk anymore. As I was in my blind rage I ran past an old part of the forest, me and Adrien used to watch the animals wander around there. I could still hear the birds in their nest and the deer wandering around, but they soon ran when my footsteps can run past it all. I did not even know what I was running from or where I was running to all I knew is that I needed to getaway

But suddenly I smacked into something hard, a tree or at least I thought so but when I opened my eyes there was a beautiful brown horse, in other circumstances, I would love it if it did not have this old looking, I think chainmail armor on at least that what it looks like from the history books at school. On top of this heavy packed horse was this man, also heavily packed in again I think chainmail armor, but unlike the horse, this guy was looking right at me with a weird look which I was reciprocating.

“Who are you, what is your business here?” He said unsheathing his steel sword and pointing it at me.

“My name is Selene, and I am just running in the woods. Who are you and why are you dressed like that?” I said standing up and trying hard to snicker back a laugh.

" I am a knight in the Dravell Kingdom, my name is Zack.” He said proudly

“Wait what, a knight. What are you talking about?” I said confused

He got off his horse to meet me eye to eye and when he jumped down his big chain mailed covered feet made a loud thud

He offered me his hand and said.” Yes, a knight, my lady.”

I took his hand willingly.” are you roleplaying or something because knight doesn’t exist anymore?” I said laughing nervously.

" What are you talking about? We knights have existed for many years since 809BC.” He said looking confused and slightly worried

That is when I started to think I am in another time but that is not real, right time travel and if so, how would I get there, why would I be here. Why me. So many things were running through my mind I did not even notice that the knight, Zack had pulled me on to his horse and started to ride further and further away from where I landed or fell or-or I do not know I am so confused

When I can go back to reality my eyes were astounded by the sight of the beautiful structure and front of me. The castle was a beautiful, tall place with flowers surrounding the outskirts, lavish green vines with pink flowers crawled up the walls, and on top of the highest tower there, blowing in the wind was a flag with what looked like a closed flower sewn into its white cloth. As we etched closer more detail became clearer, the cracks in its walls that looked like it had been through many battles, the guards surrounding every inch of the courtyards, but it was the gate that scared me the most, it was chestnut brown, and as I hopped down from the horse all I could stare at was the gate. Which was a mistake because I slipped and fell on my ass. Thankfully, the knight did not notice so I did not embarrass myself.

I walked through the brown gate slowly, cautious of what was behind it. As I walked, we came into this great hall, it was decorated with gold leads and beautiful paintings that seem to move when you get closer or it might be my “imagination” my grandmother would say. We passed this long old table that nearly fitted the whole room it had beef, chicken which I think was a duck, pork, and all sorts of vegetables and drink. From what I can tell whoever owned this house or castle must be extraordinarily rich or greedy. We finally stopped, we were in front of a giant chair and a woman who was on top of the chair. When she saw us, a smile appeared on her face, not one that looked evil or suspicious but a warm happy smile.

“Zack tour back and you brought back a friend.”

“Yes, your majesty, I found her in the forest of magic.” He said to who I am guessing is the queen?

“What’s your name dear girl,” she said to me.

“My name is Selene, and I’m so sorry for disrupting you. I was just running through the forest and bumped into your knight and he took me here.” I blurted out while looking around the room trying to avoid eye contact

“It’s ok dear child. All I want to know is why were you running in the forest of magic,” she said calmly

“I wasn’t. I was running in the woods of Tamar Valley. I’m not from your world or time or whatever I just want to go home.” I once again blurted out looking down not wanting to look at their faces.

“You’re not from here, from this time. Where are you from then,” she said

" I’m from 2020, Callington Cornwall, your majesty,” I said

“well, this is 1567, and you are in my kingdom of Dravell. And I am deeply sorry I do know how to get you home, but I will get my best bookworm to find out how. Until then you may stay with us if you like.” She suggested polity.

I told her I would think about it as I do not know where I am or who they are. I did accept the request to stay the night. I sat on the blue silk covers of my huge bed thinking. What if I cannot get home, what if I am stuck? What do I do then, get a job, a-a house? Would I lose all my friends, family...Charlie? As my head swirled around, I lay down ready to go to bed, but u had a feeling I could not get much sleep. When I woke up the light was already shining through my flower-patterned curtains and I could hear someone talking outside. I opened my door, and it was Zack and a guy with round glasses, green eyes, and little hair on top of his head.

" Hi, can I help you?” I said smiling at them.

" This is our researcher he knows everything. I was telling him about how I met you to see if he knew anything.” He said returning my smile

" So, do you?” I spoke

" I’m deeply sorry Milady but we do not, at least not yet. I was hoping to get some blood if u wouldn’t mind, I’m hoping to do some test about what you are and what class you are in.” He explained and asked.

" I wouldn’t mind you taking blood but what do you mean what class am I?” I asked, sure my face showed how confused I was.

" There are many different types of people and subspecies in this world for example. Of course, Human but you also have elves, witches, and warlocks but we just call them mages so as not to get confused. There are many others, but we can discuss them another time.” Zack said with the kindest smile on his face.

The smile showed off his dimples and when he smiled, I swear there’s light in his piercing blue eyes. A light that makes you feel warm and safe. I do not know it is hard to explain.

" Hey, Selene would like to go for a walk in our garden,” Zack said pulling me out of my mind.

He extended his hand out and I grab it with a smile. ” Of course, I would love to.”

We walked down the stairs and ended up outside in a beautiful flower-covered garden. We walked down the path. On our left were these lovely pale pink roses they blended very well with the garden. On the right was a tall red tulip that bent around the whited metal fences. Right at the end was this extraordinary tree that outgrew the whole garden, it had a few benched that you could sit on.

Zack led me near the benches hand in hand and we sat. We both just sat there letting the garden’s peaceful sound surround us until Zack spoke.

" I wish I could stay here and never leave.”

“Why would you want your life’s a dream.” I chuckled

" You would think that, but being a prince isn’t what it seems it’s about responsibilities’ and you can ever choose your kingdom or happiness.” He sadly spoke.

" Why can you have both,” I asked

" Because if I choose happiness my kingdom will fall. For me, happiness is true love, and we can’t have that we must marry for the kingdom and alliances.” He stated

" You are getting married?” I asked knowing the answer.

“Yes.” He answered

For some reason felt a pang of sadness wash over me. I only just met him. It must be because he is helping me, right?

" Your fiancé is waiting for you and you hear with this peasant.” We both looked up from our feet to see who the powerful voice came from and of course, it had to be the king.

" Father there is no need to be rude.” Zack defended me

" You will meet your fiancé and you will marry her I do not want to see this girl again is that clear.” The king told.

" But father-

Zack was cut off by his father’s guard taking me away

" she will be banished from the castle until you learn your duty’s just as I did.” The king ordered

The last thing I saw was Zack’s face nodding back at his father. After I was banished, I never got help from anyone from the castle and I still wondering how and why I am here in a strange place.

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