Dragon Girl

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Chapter 2: We Meet again

2 years had passed since then and I had gotten quite good at living in this time. I have a little shop on the corner of the town where I make medicine, I guess at this time they call it a herbalist. Sometimes I would work at the tavern in the center of town for some extra money when money is tight.

Today is a Tuesday which means collecting time. I go into the forest to gather healing herbs. I’m picking some rosemary and lavender when I stumble upon a house. I thought I would knock and say hi, ask if they needed anything. I walk up to the door ready to know when suddenly I heard voices.

“Hey be careful.” A voice in the distance called.

“It’s just some rocks, I’ve got it.” A familiar voice shouted back,

" And a person you idiot.” The voice that sounded like a woman called back.

The familiar voice looked down just after making the jump. I prepared for impact but it never came. I opened my eyes to see a guy on the ground and two people follow shortly after.

" I told you, you should be careful and not to be too cocky.” The woman said.

I looked at the woman who was talking. She was beautiful more than I could explain. She had long straight shiny raven black hair and her eyes green eyes shine in the morning light.

“Come on Lola I didn’t hurt anyone.” That familiar voice said.

When I looked up at the familiar voice and when I looked at the messy blond locks, I knew who it was and I knew I needed to sneak out as fast as I can. So I slowly and as quietly as the newly fallen leaves on the ground would let me crawled away until I hear someone shout in my direction.

“Hey why are you crawling, are you hurt.” A soft gentle voice called from behind me.

I turn around, red-faced and embarrassed for the position I’m in. So I stand up straight and say,

" Uh-I-I’m fine sorry I was just leaving.” I turn around and start to walk away when and a hand grabs my arm.

" Selene? Is that you?” That familiar voice which I recognized as Zack

I bow then talk.” Hello Prince Zack, it’s nice to meet you again.” I speak in a respective voice.

When I look at his face I see sadness I can only guess from the way I talked to him like strangers. The expression soon disappeared and hid its self and was replaces with a small smile.

He cleared his throat.” How are you?” He said.

" I’m good thank you and you,” I said formally.

" I’m good, would like to come in and talk?” He asked.

“I’m okay thank you I actually have somewhere to be,” I answered and quickly walked away before he could answer back, sweet talk me into talking or grab me again.

I arrived at my shop a short time after leaving. I placed the ingredients into their named slots and got the ones I needed to make the medicines for the customers that are arriving soon. I turned the sign on my door to open and straight away one of my regulars came through the door.

" Hi, Mrs Rosin how are you feeling today,” I spoke in a gentle tone.

" I’m good thank you sweetheart, only a bit of pain in my back.” She answered.

Mrs Rosin suffers from really bad back pain she used to go to the outer villages or further for her medicine so when I opened my herbalist shop she was very happy and the best customer.

" Well, you have come to the right place I have your medicine right here for you, all ready to go,” I said giving her the medicine with a bright smile.

Mrs rosin left the shop shortly after tell me thank you. Seeing as it’s Tuesday there is not a lot of customers so I have a nice relaxing day and then go upstairs have a bath and get ready for my job at the tavern. I’m wearing a short dress that’s a nice red with a corset underneath that shows off my breast. I finish tying my cloak around my neck and headed out into the streets of Dravell. The tavern is not a long way from my shop and home but it’s always a pleasant walk, getting some fresh air under the night sky.

I arrive at the tavern, take my cloak off and get ready for my shift. As the clock strikes 10 and the bell rings for the last time that night people flood in the tavern doors and I’m soon put to work taking orders and serving the hungry and thirsty knights and commoners of Dravell. As the night comes to a close and I start tidying up and telling the last people they didn’t have long an unexpected customer comes through the doors.

" Hello Selene, may I get some ale please.” That voice that makes my heart flutter and cheeks burn red asked,

“Of course your highness, would you like any food with that,” I responded and asked.

" No thank you and Selene please don’t call me your highness it makes me feel like we are strangers.” He said.

“Zack in front of people who can go to the king with gossip we are strangers,” I whispered to him

Telling from the expression on his face he understood but hated it.

" Well, then ill drink my ale and get out of your hair then barkeep.” He sarcastically.

I could tell I hurt his feelings but I will follow the king’s rule and orders. I won’t let a boy mess up my new life it’s the only one I have after being stuck here with no knowledge or help.

" Well, I’m about to close up so that would be best,” I said coldly.

He got up, ready to leave but as he reached the door he turned around and said.

“Selene I am sorry that I pulled you into this and that my father threatened you and now you have no way home.” He apologetically said.

“Zack I don’t blame you.” I compassionately said back.

And then he left.

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