Dragon Girl

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Chapter 3: Taken

The next morning, I got dressed and went on an early walk into the forest to clear my mind. I was enjoying the sounds of nature, the crunch of the newly fallen leaves on the ground the rush of the water down the river’s stream. I looked up to the sky and breath out a deep sigh enjoying the silence the forest gave, no worries, and no people. The fish were splashing in the river when I heard a twig snap behinds me. I immediately tensed up and went the knife that I stored in the inner pocket of my cloak. Kept walking pretending that I didn’t hear them, making sure that they didn’t know they had alerted me to their presents. As soon as I felt arms start to wrap around me I swung around with my knife and put it to their throat.

“Hey, it’s just me you can put it down.” That all to familiar voice said.

“What do you want Zack, can’t you leave me alone.” I bitterly starting to aggrieved with him.

" I just want to talk, please.” He sincerely

I agreed and we walked towards a dry rock on the edge of the riverbank.

“So how have you been?” He asked

" I’m good you,” I answered

" I ’m fine thank you, so what have you been up to?” He asked

" Nothing much trying to make my way peacefully,” I answered, adding a harsh tone to peacefully.

“I know you’re angry, you have every right, I mixed up with knowing my father would not have a good reaction to it and then didn’t help you with how you got here, but you have to believe me I am sorry.”

After he apologized profusely we talked for a while about everything and anything.

He wanted to catch up. We talked about his bodyguards, Lola and Ed but he wouldn’t tell me why he needed them. We talked about what we disliked and what we liked. We got to know each other making up for the time that we didn’t get before.

We were laying down on the grass that lets some sun pour through the little opening in the canopy of trees when we heard a roar in the distance. Zack jumped to his feet immediately pulled his sword out ready to attack.

“Aw scared of the noised in the forest.” I mocked while laughing

“Haha....no, it’s just that roar sounds awfully like a dragon.“He starting to say sarcastically and got serious at the end

That got me very nervous and I also tensed up and got my knife out ready for an attack, but when we saw wings fly straight for use we started running for the town as fast as we could. I turn to look and the wings that are owned by a dragon, are a lot more closely than I thought, and just as I thought that sharp claws dug into my skin and my legs started to lift off the ground.

“Ahhhhhh..... help...get off of me,” I shout struggling and shouting trying to get out of this scaly reptiles grip

“Selene, no... I’ll find you, just wait, I’ll find you, Selene.”

As we flew higher and higher I never stopped struggling or shouting. I did everything I could to get these claws out of my skin. A few hours back the cuts from the claws had started to bleed badly, meaning that they had gone deep. The pain had numbed a while ago or at least that’s what my brain told me.

“Let me go you scaly beast,” I shouted while scratching his claws or what I could reach.

“If you stopped moving you might just make it there alive.” An old rough voice said in my head. What.

" I heard you in my head. H-how? I’m human, you’re a dragon” I said

“All will be explained soon don’t worry just stop struggling and shouting and you will get there in one piece." The voice said to me again in my head.

I thought this time I would do what he said and stop struggling, because you know I actually want to survive. Not long after we started to descent and move towards a cave. When we were close enough to the ground the voice unclasped his claws and I fell to the open of the cave. The dragon landed next to me and what I saw next made me go still. The dragon's bones started to crack and then a man appeared in its place. Everyone was staring at me and not the dragon that just turned into a human somehow.

I scrambled backward till my back hit a wall." H-how?What are you?" I screamed

The guy walked away mumbling about how he's done his job and it someone else's. Did it mean me? Another guy came up to me and grabbed my arm forcefully.

"Hey get off. I can walk on my own thank you very much." I said sarcastically

He turned around and gave me a chilling look, one that told me to shut up or he would find a way to do it for me but I didn't really take it seriously due to being captivated by his golden eyes that when looking into them made you feel like your where being hypnotized. And his behind wasn't mad either.

"You can give me that look it's not going to work. I like talking, about anything everything." I said trying to annoy him.

"Are you on some kind of oath to never talk or anything, because I thought those were pretty stupid, but hey each to their own right?" I said laughing

He shoved me into the wall and pinned me there with both hands tightly on my arms.

"Shut. The.Hell.Up." He said through written teeth, eyes burning golden. You could feel the anger wash off of him in waves

"Why are you so angry, you kidnapped me. If you didn't want an annoying brat you should have brought one here." I shouted

"That's enough, let her gone now. My orders were for her to not be harmed." A commanding voice echoed through the cave.

The golden-eyed man moved out off of me and who was behind me made me freeze and want to run at the same time.

But the feeling that overwhelmed me the most was anger pure anger.

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