Dragon Girl

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Chapter 4: Anger and Answers

"What are the hell are you doing here," I shouted

"Hello Selene, it's nice to see you again," He said sincerely

"Nice, well it's not nice for me buddy," I said laughing at how mad I am

"Why am I here what do you want from me and don't say it's because you wanna see because that's crap, you had sixteen years to come see me and you didn't. You left." I shouted stopping the tears from falling I won't look weak or sad about him.

" I get you angry and I will explain why you are here soon but I want to get to know you again, start over." He explained

"Start again, you pull me here forcefully after leaving for sixteen years and expect me to forgive you. My mom had to work night and day to prove for me because you left. She did that because you choose them over us but she found someone, someone who rose to the job. Who became her husband, her love, and my father someone you could never be. so now we will never be okay, I will never forgive you. EVER." I screamed

Red filled my ex fathers eyes, and I suddenly felt fear everywhere from me I started backing away and bumped into the golden-eyed man he put his arm around me and brought me behind him still holding me.

"That's enough you will not be hurting your daughter." He said in a calm tone

My hand involuntarily grabbed his shirt, the one that clung so tight to him and brought out his every muscle and ab.

" Now let's calm down and tell me what you have been doing while I hold down the fort from the mundanes."He states

The red in his eyes subsided a little." I heard a rumor about your mother and I wanted to know if it was true. So is your mother really dead?" He asked

"Yes, she died in a car accident along with my real father," I said

His face dropped."I'm sorry Selene." He said remorsefully

"Sure you are, why do you even care for her? You left." I said still trying to at least make him feel sorry for what he did.

"Yes I know I left okay, I put you and your mother through hell but that never meant I ever stopped loving you both." He explained

I just ignored him. I just needed to get out of here." Can you please just let me go back, I don't want to be here?" I said

"No we went thro8uught all the trouble of getting you here, so you will listen maybe to your father but me," Zen said

"Fine, where to then because I'm not talking with him right there," I said

He looked annoyed but grabbed my hand and dragged me to a door in the cave. When the door opened a well-decorated red room filled my eyes. The bed was at least king-sized with beautiful red satin sheets, there was a little black carpet, and the end of the bed underneath a chest. Zen walked over to the small-sized dining table near the hole in the cave room that was yes filled with glass. He gestured for me to sit opposite him and I did.

"So why and I here? Who are you all? What are you all?" I asked question after question, my mind running miles a minute

"Calm down, I'll explain everything soon, but I need to ask you a few questions to get what you know." He said

"But you pulled me here shouldn't I be asking the questions," I said back crossing my arms around my chest and lining back into my chair.

"And why were you such an ass out there, you actually started hurting me with how tight you held my arms," I said unraveling my arms and rubbing where his hand where.

"I'm an ass, so get used to it and you will heal if you weren't such a baby." He said sacristy while pouring himself some acholic drink.

" Can I have some?" I said holding out my hand. He looked up surprised by my action.

"I work at a bar, I know alcohol when I see it so pass it over. Your not the only one who needs a drink when getting and asking questions." I said still holding my hand out

He laughed and passed me the bottle to pour my own drink. I smiled brightly at him and took a sip. I choked when it touched my throat.

" Is this vodka," I asked my throat burning from the drink.

His laugh became even louder and for a second I forgot all about my anger about why I was taken and about the burning drink that is sliding slowly down my throat. I just smiled and sat there watching this attractive hardass of a man laugh with the most beautiful smile slapped across his face. All I could do it just stare at him. His golden eyes that shone so bright. the smile and brought out his defined jawline and cheekbones. The brown hair that came a bit lose from the ban bun and slowly made its way down his face.

I think he must have felt my eyes burning a hole in his head as he comes and stared right back at me. But his smile was still on his face that was until we stared too long and he cleared his throat bringing us back to reality. I looked away and I could feel my cheeks burning up but when I snuck a glance back at him I thought I saw a quick blush start to form but it was gone as fast as it came.

" So haha um." He laughed nervously." Let's get back to it I'm going to just ask you a few questions before I can start answering yours." He explained I just nodded

" So do you know anything about magic?" He asked

"No, I have transported him by accident through portal 2 years ago, I haven't even seen my old home or my family for ages," I said saddening due to the memories.

He just nodded his head and carried on

"Do you know anything about dragon bloods." He asked

"What's that," I asked

"It's what I am and everything including your dad and yourself are. It means we can transform into a dragon and have the same strength, hearing, and sight as a dragon." He explained

"Oh, so I'm like that because of my father?" I asked

" Yes and your mother of course." He said

"What do you mean by that," I asked

"Wait you don't know about your mother."

I hooked my head

" What about your best friend Charlie."

"What does Charlie have to do with anything," I shouted, starting to panic

"Selene- I cut him off before he could say anything." What do you know about my mother and Charlie? It's my turn to start asking the questions." I said.

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