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The Duke Who's Devilish [Higher Court #1]

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On the Island of Niapachad, there are rumors and mystery that would bring you back in time as the inhabitants of this island is a blast from the past. They talk strangely, dress strange and the community is strange. They still acquaintance themselves with the old ways, having gentry as the social hierarchy. There is so much to learn and discover when you're here. The wonderstruck balls, the dazzling operas, and spectacular views from all over the island. But beware, for you don't know what's lurking the shadows and something might be more than just a beautiful dream that you wanted. ***** Lady Rebecca 'Becca' Davis thinks that she was up for sale when her family decided that she will be marrying with a gent from the Higher Court. She wanted to rebel on the night of the ball but something caught her eyes when she met someone at the ball. His allure was catching Becca into his web of deceit. Would Becca sacrifice herself or would she turn away from her new captor? Duke of Belikov, Niklaus Dragomir, has wanted nothing in his life for he was a man that has everything. Until he met Lady Rebecca Davis. Her sassy mouth and rebellious nature were stirring something dark inside him. Something that wanted to take control of her body as she begs for his mercy. What happened when Becca found out about his secret? Will she stay or would she run away for her only instinct was to survive?

Fantasy / Romance
Nikki Larousse
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I. The History of the Country

Everyone believed that Niapachad Island was an island located on the west side of Crete Island in the Aegean Sea. However, no one survived to tell the truth of that belief. Some said that it was concealed in a powerful veil that was invisible to the naked eyes and any human from modern society cannot come to the island. Others believed that there was an entry point on Crete Island that can transport you to Niapachad Island, wherever it was located. Some claimed that there were other entry points around the world but that was up for discussion in the scientific community of the modern world.

But one thing for sure, Niapachad Island was a secret in the modern world that the scientist wished to uncover but it remained a mystery to this moment.

Niapachad Island was a country that conserved the history that surpassed time and century. The country was ruled by monarchs and the gentry was still in the system of social hierarchy. It was believed that time was frozen on the island where everything was looked and came from the 19th century. So, everyone's clothes, accessories, lifestyle, manners, and etiquette were centuries-old from modern society.

The country has 5 cities and towns that were ruled under powerful lords that were known as Belikov, Kain, Vyckos, Raine, and Fell. The capital of the country was Royal Molftus where the young queen and her prince consort settled down at the Royal Castle. Each city and town has its own history and it was recorded as the Origins founded the country. The capital, Royal Molftus was ruled by the Duke of Belikov, who was the cousin to the current young queen of Niapachad Island.

St. Betown was a sprawling town that was named after Saint Betown, which was known for its arena that people went to see in the east of the island for the Contest of Champion that was held once every year to see who was the strongest amongst the islanders. It was ruled by the Marquis of Kain.

Stonelockteco was located in the South. It was famous for its mining history and heritage. Locals and tourists alike were crowded in the sprawling town to get their hands on the jewelry that was the finest on Niapachad Island as well as around the Kingdom of Ludonea. The young queen of Niapachad Island would also have to compete to get one of those. It was ruled by the Viscount of Vyckos.

Then, there was a coastal city in the west of the island. It was ruled by the Earl of Raine and it was a small town with elaborate legends of all the supernatural creatures. Whether it's true or not, it's debatable. It was said that the town was to be sprawling with vampires, werewolves, fairies, witches, and wizards, as well as demons. But it was never proven to see those supernatural creatures walking down on the street of the city, terrorizing people.

It was assumed that the locals were bored and come up with those legends. Well, that was before everyone knew the island and when they did get the better of the history of the island, they wished that they never did. Last but not least, we have North Msallste that was overseen by the Baron of Fell. It was famous for its extraordinary theatres, art, and cultural exhibitions. It was beyond its time and the tourists and locals alike loved it so much.

The nightlife on the island was different from the daylight. Why, did you ask? Well, it was because the gentry mostly went out of their mansion and houses when the night was upon the sky. It was the best time for entertainment, as well as the business, was booming. It offered something that daylight can't. The life of the theatre, the balls that were being organized by the gentry and were invited for anyone that wanted to come, and the sight of the gentry that was rumored to be handsome out of this world.

However, it was rumored that the country was ruled by supernatural creatures...

While the island was hidden from the rest of the world, The Origins, who was known to be the first settlers and pioneers of the country, developed a genetic mutation that was carried by one or two parents and passed it down to their children. It was causing the porphyrins to build up in the body and harmed the skins and sometimes it would be on the nervous system as well.

It was known as Porphyria, which later evolved the Origins to be enhanced beings.

The symptoms can be seen as early as 12 years old or at an average when the children were 15 years old. They would have severe abdominal and chest pain, vomiting that could result in blood as well as fever and high blood pressure. It would usually go on for days or weeks. After the children were passing that stage, their skin would be pale and the eyes would be lighter than usual as the blood was not enough in their bodies.

They were no longer humans and had been known as Vampyre for their blueish red blood that flowed through their veins. The Origins that founded the country had this disease and their descendants inherited it.

With that knowledge, they have come to an agreement that the House of Dragomir, the first Origins that contracted the disease, will be the monarchs and other Origins will act as their advisors on how to govern the country as they formed a court that was known as The Higher Court. However, the pioneers that didn't contract the disease were known as The Lesser Gentry for their mortal origins and their descendants remained as humans but knew the secret that the Royal family and The Higher Court kept from the commoners.

It was never been told to the public of this disease development. It was a secret that the locals wanted to know. And that was the history that you would read in the history book if you were born on this island.

So beware, don't forget to look behind your shoulders because who knew what might be lurking around at night. Most people did not believe it to be true until they saw it for themselves and that was the first sign that they are in danger.

But are they truly in danger? Now, that's a question that did not answer up until now.

(Adapted from The Niapachad Island; in the perspective of The Origins, first edition)


Lady Rebecca Davis, or also known as Becca by her friends and families, closed the book that she was currently reading about the history of her home country, The Niapachad Island; in the perspective of The Origins. The author was anonymous but the book was published for public usage as she did remember reading it when she was being tutored by one of the greatest minds on the island.

"What a boring life I had," she said as she was looking out the window of her library. She lived in Royal Molftus, a home for most of the gentry, Higher or Lesser, of Niapachad Island if they did not move to their country homes. There was not much going on when you were not in charge of the land.

Becca sighed before she got up from the couch that she was sitting at the window of the quiet library at her house. Her mother's touch on the décor was immaculate. She can see that it was on purpose for the couch to be sitting next to the window for the maximum lighting as her mother knew that she would love to be there and just read her books.

"Becca, are you in here, darling?" Her mother, Lady Georgia Davis, called after her daughter before she stepped into the library that Becca loved to spend her time here. Lady Georgia was known to be the diamond of the rough when she debuted during her 18th birthday and had caught the attention of the aristocrats but her decision to marry Becca's father, Lord Matthew Davis had quite stirred the Gossipers of the scandal.

But regardless of the scandal to her name, Lady Georgia was as beautiful as she was even after she gave birth to three beautiful daughters; the eldest two have been married after their debut and it was the youngest turn to search for the perfect match. "What are you doing laying around here? We have a ball to attend in 3 hours. Why are you not ready yet?" Her mother asked her before Becca sighed.

"I don't think that I would need a lot of time to be presentable, Mama. Besides, the gentry would not try to woo me after all. They would be looking for someone that is extrovert and has a sweet smile. Me? Opposite of all that," she said as Becca was looking at her mother. Lady Georgia sighed. She was already giving up on this daughter of hers as she was the last remaining unmarried woman of the Davis.

Lady Georgia did not know what was wrong with Becca. She's smart but she would rather spend some time in the library than mingling with the lords that would attend the ball that they were invited to. Lady Georgia would sometimes find that Becca was sitting at the corner with her nose was inside the book that she would bring with her.

She was fed up with her daughter, this one.

"I don't see why you would not catch the eyes of one of the lords. I mean, your sisters—"

"Do not compare me with my sisters, Mama. You know well why," Becca said as she was getting up from the couch. She went to the bookshelves before putting the history book of Niapachad Island back to its place on the shelves before she was picking up her skirt and went out of the library.

"Becca, wait," her mother called after her as Becca was increasing her speed but failed when her mother was standing in front of her. Becca sighed inwardly, wishing that her mother would just leave her alone, although her face showed nothing of sort.

"I cannot believe that I have to put up with all this, Mama," Becca said as she was looking at her mother. "Do you think I want to spend my time with a husband that I can barely know? Not on my watch," Becca said as she was staring at her mother. Lady Georgia sighed.

"But it will do you good, darling. You can advance in society," she pleaded as Becca rolled her eyes.

"Of course, that would help you as well," she mumbled before Lady Georgia glared at her.

"You think I want to take advantage of your husband's status? Your father has more reputation than we could ever imagine and we are—"

"What if my husband will be much more of a higher status? Perhaps someone from the Higher Court?" Becca taunted her mother before Lady Georgia harrumphed and left the room. Becca smirked before her mother stopped and turned to look at her again.

"You will be attending to the ball and that's final," Lady Georgia stated before she left Becca all alone. She groaned before she was sitting on the couch again. Her skirts rustled before Becca was thinking of an idea to get out of this engagement. Then, she smiled.

"If you want me to attend the ball to find a husband desperately, Mama, I will but on my terms," Becca said before she was gathering her skirts and went to her room to prepare for the night's entertainment.
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