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Cassandra's Valley

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Cassandra and her family move from down south England to up north to a place called Whitworth Valley. In this new little town Cassandra has ups and downs, meets new people and meets old people that she may or may not want to see ever again. Is it going to be the best move to stay in Whitworth Valley or would it be best if they all move again or just Cassandra to keep her family safe. I would like to give a massive thank you to warp3dreality for suggesting the title. All rights reserved to MichelleJac 2021

Fantasy / Humor
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Chapter One - New Beginning's Part One

“Come on girls! We gotta get going!” I hear my Mother Belle shout from downstairs. I look around my empty room one last time and sigh. I decide now is the time to see if my best friend and sister have everything since we will not be coming back here. I walk out of my room, keeping the door open and walk across the hallway and swing open my 15 year old sister’s door first.

“Lou, Are you ready sis?” I see her sat in the middle of her empty room holding what looks to be her diary. She looks up as she heard me talk and nods without saying a word. She gets up from her seated position and stride to the door. I walk out with her and we both go to the door next to mine. I swing that one open and then burst out laughing with Louise when we heard a thud against the door. When I look down I see my 17 Year old best friend Bella on the floor with her arse in the air. She must have been about to walk through the door when I opened it.

Once I had calmed my laughing down, I reached down to Bella and grabbed her by the hand and dragged her up onto her feet.

“You okay there Bells?” I say with a slight giggle. She glares at me but then smiles. Oh no I know that smile. She is definitely going to get me back for that. I shake my head then leg it out her door and down the stairs and me being me, I miss a middle step and make it down the stairs in record time but on my head. I hear footsteps coming from the kitchen and Low and behold My mother and her sister my auntie Mia are stood just in the kitchen doorway pissing their sides laughing at me.

“Yeah laugh at the one that fell down the stairs why don’t yah!” I say whilst getting up and dusting myself off.

“Cassie, we all know you didn’t get hurt because of the amount of times you have done exactly that!” My auntie says. I know she is telling the truth but she could at least be slightly sympathetic about it. I groan and everyone laughs, so I just grab my keys to my car which by the way is a classic Baby blue Mini. I walk outside and open the door to my car.

I jump in to the drivers seat and sticking the key into the ignition and start her up. Her engine purrs to life and has me smiling like I am crazy. Well I am but no one except the loopy lot that are coming towards my baby know that. I hand wind the window down and smile to my family. My mum comes to the door and leans down so I can see her properly.

“Honey. It is going to be around a four hour drive. we will be stopping only once to get fuel okay.”

“Yes mother. I know. I filled her up on my way back yesterday so got a full tank. How is my bike getting to our new town?” I ask looking around our garage to see that the only vehicles that are left are my Mini and Mum’s Vauxhall Mokka. The rest of our cars and bikes are gone.

“They are all currently on their way to the new house. And we have garages on the side of the house that used to be council but we bought them so they are ours now.

I nod to her as I hear the passenger side door open and the seat get moved forward and see that Louise has jumped in the back and Bella is sitting in the front. Mum goes over to her car whilst Aunt Mia stands at the open garage door ready for when we get the remaining cars out to set off. I make sure both doors on my car are fully shut and drive just so I am on the drive. Mum drives out and stops just in front of the garage door. Aunt Mia shuts the door and then climbs in the passenger seat of the Mokka.

Mum signals saying that I need to connect my phone to the stereo and I do. Connecting it through Bluetooth, I dial mum’s number and she answers right away.

“Can you hear me mother?” I ask. Only because sometimes the phone doesn’t like connecting properly.

“Yeah. Now Cassie, Please do not do much speeding. I don’t want to have to bail you out again.” Me, Bella and Louise all smirk at what mother just said. Probably because she has had to bail me out quite a few times. What. Don’t look at me like that I love racing but there ain’t any tracks round here.

“I can not promise anything mother and you know this.” I say with all three of us snickering. My mother mumbles something under her breath and then the connection cuts from the phone. I look over to mother to see that she is smiling shaking her head. She puts a thumbs up signaling that it is time to go. I press the accelerator pedal down and the mini shoots forward, I laugh out with my sis and best friend.

I look in the rear view mirror and see mum not far behind us. And she told us not to speed. I shake my head looking back to the road. Within about 10 Minutes we are now on the motorway. We have the music blaring and singing along to it.

“All of the other pills they were different maybe I should get some help.” All three of us scream out to Just like a pill by Pink. Once the song is finished there are adverts through the radio so Bells turns it down so we can talk without raising our voices.

“Hey Cass. What do you think Whitworth Valley is going to be like?” Louise asks from the back seat. I look at her through the middle mirror and see that she is leaning against the drivers side with her legs spread across the full backseat.

“Honestly Lou. I don’t know we have never been there but we three stick together no matter what.” She nods her head then lays her head against the window and closes her eyes. We were on the road what seems like forever. I look down at my fuel gauge and it says I have a quarter of the tank left. I say to Bella to call mum.

“Mum, When’s the next fuel station?”

“The next slip road off the motorway. Cass. What’s your gauge showing?” Mum asks, so I tell her it is at a quarter tank and she says it should be enough. And mother was correct. We pull of the next slip road and come to a services that has fuel pumps, convenience store and a McDonald’s. I pull into the fuel pump and jump out. Bella jumps out also and says she is going to McDonald’s and she will get my favourite. She sets off towards the food and I start pumping the petrol into my car. Mother pulls into the pump that is right next to mine and puts diesel in her Mokka.

Once I finish pumping. I look in the back of the car and see Louise wiped out asleep. So I leave her to sleep and walk over to my mother.

“How much you put in mum?” I ask her. She says she has put £50 in and tries handing me her card. I hold my card up and say it is on me.

I walk to the store bit where you have to pay. I open the door and a jingle from a bell notifies the cashier that I have entered. The cashier is an Older gent that has a bulging beer belly. I walk through the store and pick up three energy drinks on my way. once at the counter I put the energy drink on it and then grab a couple packs of different sweets sitting them with the drinks.

“Hi. I would like these and also to pay for pump one and two together please.” I say to the older man. All he does is grunt then typing into his till how much the fuel comes to and then scanning the bits I picked up.

“That will be £108.” The man says in a gruff voice. I nod and then put my card into the card reader and input my pin. My phone pings as the payment went through because I get notifications when anyone uses my account. I get the receipt off of the guy and saying bye I grab the bits and turn and walk back out of the store.

I walk back over to the cars and see that Bella is back and she has food for all of us as she just passe mum and auntie Mia theirs and got into the passenger seat of my car. I say see you to mum and jump into the drivers side starting her up again and waiting for mum to set off before me this time.

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