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A modern day fiction about a juvenile lad, Ambrose who finds himself amidst explosive upheavals. Together with an extraordinary and multifunctional tech suit, Haras-08, he is set on a mission of a heap of unanticipated summons that he has to truimp!

Fantasy / Scifi
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Chapter 1

Adrian Gumbo
The Universe is on Your Side.
A. G. C Books Production
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About Author
Adrian Gumbo is a….. I will get too cocky. Here is my Instagram account name : @adriangumbochronicles.
Edited by Adrian Gumbo.
Designed by Adrian Gumbo.
(a) great change, especially involving much difficulty, activity, or trouble.
• (U) the long garbage strike in 1970 caused much upheaval.
• There is a lot of upheaval going on in this story.
Source : Cambridge Dictionary ™, A. G. C Books ™
This page was left blank on purpose
it’s no longer blank now is it! I don’t get why other authors do that, but just, keep reading!
This novel is a work of fiction. Names and Characters, as well as incidents are either a product of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual events, or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental. Places and time are the only two aspects in this novel that echo actuality as a result of thorough research.
Chapter 1
August Rush – Freddie Highmore
Now that the enemy is out of the way, it is time to play happy family again. Or is it just yet?
Mukwati Building, ZI.
Rose : So, we are here.
Moses : Yes we sweat heart , and we are about 30 minutes before Abyss gets here.
Rose : I still don’t get how he is here. How?
Moses : Neither do I. But we need to move, we have 30 minutes.
Rose : You seem very informed about his arrival.
Moses : I just estimated, let’s go and get the boy.
Rose Jones, a dull irritable black billionaire mom from Brighton, United Kingdom, along with her a month year old fiancé, a former United States Marshal, are set on a journey to ‘adopt’ a son, Ambrose.
At the reception.
Receptionist : You must be…
Rose : The Jones yes. Rose and Moses.
Receptionist : Yes. You are here to meet up with…
Rose : Mr Maphumo, yes. We are here to meet up with Alex Maphumo, the adoption agent of this center.
Receptionist : You know I am allowed to finish a sentence right?
Rose : Forgive my fiancée.
Moses : May you direct us to his office please.
Receptionist : Umm, sure. Just right along this hallway right, you will see a blue door. That’s his office.
Rose : Why would one have a blue… anyways, thank you.
Receptionist : Before you go, I am going to need to sign…
Rose : We will be back, we are in a bit of a hurry ma’am. Thank you.
Alex Maphumo’s officer.
Alex : Please, take a seat.
Rose : No thank you, Mr Manager, we will not be having one, we in a bit of a hurry.
Alex : So you are the Jones, I suppose?
Moses : Yes, we are.
Alex : Little bit early there ha. Before anything, I need your both to sign this…
Rose tells Moses to step outside the room. He goes to ‘gateway car’ parking behind the Mukwati Building.
Alex : Actually, I need both of you to partake in this documentation proces…
Rose : That will not be necessary. Do you have any air conditioner in here?
Alex : Actually it is necessary, both of you need to fill in these forms Ma’am .
Rose : It’s hot in here sir. You should really get one. Also, I need the boy in like now. Make the call.
Alex : Who do you think you are lady?
Rose : Oh boy! I appreciate that this is your jog and you need to follow procediew6, I do. But right now, you are going to have to break the rules.
Alex : If you are not serious about this, please get out. I have work to do, more parents to attend to.
Rose : And I have places to be. Okay look Alex, how about this, we do this in reverse, call the orphanage and tell them to deliver the boy, as soon as possible.
Alex : You don’t understand. Things don’t work that way, you need to make sure that…
Rose : I do understand, trust me. But now, make a call and we can sort the rest after, alright.
Alex : Ma’am, please get out now, you are disrespecting my position here. Get out before I have to call security.
Rose : That will be not necessary. Look Mister, we will sort out the procedure later okay, make the call.
Alex : That is not how it works. (picks up his phone and starts dialing)
Rose : See, who you should be dialing is the to the adoption center.
The phone calls Alex make are unsuccessful
Alex : Why aren’t any of the lines going through?
Rose : You are dialing the wrong number.
Alex : I am going to calling the police.
Rose : You are wasting your time sir, and unfortunately mine too, a call you should be making is to your associates who can hand the boy to me.
Alex : Why aren’t any of these calls getting through.
Rose : They can get through, it’s just that you are making the wrong ones. (looks at her watch) I have about fifteen minutes now, make it brisk.
Alex : I am just a manager Miss Jones. I will lose my job if I just…
Rose : No, you are the manager. The manager who is very handy in giving us what we are here for . Also, don’t worry about your job, and everything is all good.
Alex : It is unlawful to just hand this child over. It’s abduction.
Rose : Well, it is time wasting to keep talking about this instead of calling the orphanage center. Make the damn call now!
Alex : Or what?
Immediately, Rose pulls out her infamous 1942 De Lisle carbine, a silent killer firearm that she got from her. One that is scarcely available around the world. One she’s always successfully terminated her perils with, inaudibly.
Rose : Look, I don’t want to have to use this little beaver. (raises the weapon on her left shoulder)
Alex : (raises his hands) Don’t do that, please I have family, I have…
Rose : Don’t try to be funny. (laughs) Put your hands down. Better yet, put your hands on the phone and make the call.
Alex : Okay, okay fine. (on the phone)
Rose : By the way, this little gun here, is just a catalyst to this awfully long process.
In the shortest period of time, the arrangement is done.
Rose : Thank you for your service Mr Alex Maphumo.
Alex : Um. The social workers, the social workers will be waiting for…
Rose : They will not waste any of my time left right?
Alex : Yes, yes ma’am. There are at the entrance point. Where I suppose you came through.
Rose : Spare the details, I was right here when you made the call. Get a freaking air conditioner man. Look at your all sweating and all. Unless you want to one of the 600 plus people who die of heatstroke annually, throw my advice in the trashcan.
Alex : (raises his hands again) Please do not do anything to me, I will not tell anyone. I swear!
Rose : (laughs) Come on man, I am literally giving you a life saving tip here and you are begging for your life? How ungrateful can a human being be? My God!
Alex : Please! I gave you what you wanted. I made the call. Now please leave.
Rose : Please stop with the movie scene Alex.(opens the blue office door an her way out)
Before I go, you might want check your bank account
Alex : (check his bank account) Oh God, $80,000? Is this from you?
Rose : Please, use some for an air-conditioner. It is really hot in here.
Alex : Why does Ambrose seem so important to you? I mean, he is 16 year old ordinary boy who is almost about to leave the orphanage. Why him?
Rose : I am going to leave now, thank you for your service Mr Maphumo.
Alex : Where do you even come from, are you British?
Rose : I will be in touch. Don’t forget the air conditioner.
Rose walks out of the office, and approaches the main entrance where there are three social workers, with Ambrose. With no question asked, Ambrose is now in possession of Rose.
Right after the transition . A black van start approaching the facility. Danger is lurking! Led by Abyss, a vengeful, bitter and villainous Canadian malefactor, is in the vehicle with 5 armed men.
Immediately, Rose notices them.
(on a nano earpiece with Moses)
Rose : Moses, in position?
Moses : Yeah, you coming?
Rose : I am still at the entrance point. It looks like we have an early company.
Moses : Abyss?
Rose : Yes, but I have got the boy. I am coming through.
Moses : Put on the ODG-9 glasses. Get a live feed of the…
Rose : Don’t worry about. I need you to be on standby, we are coming through, fast.
Moses : Alright, get moving because he will start shooting.
Rose : We need to be smart about this, otherwise, we will endanger other people around here.
Moses : Alright, get moving though
Rose : Let me talk to the kid.
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