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28. How to Win a Battle

Not giving myself a moment to think better, I swiftly brought my lips to his, my eyes closing as my fingers curled into the fabric of his shirt to pull him closer.

I felt his entire being stiffen against me, just as surprised as I was. I wanted to know his reaction. Was he disgusted? Shocked? Was he going to push me away at any moment? As much as I needed to know, I kept my eyes closed. While I wanted to know, I also didn’t want to know.

Was I scared of rejection? That this sick yearning blooming in my bones was something only I was feeling? Why did it matter if it was or not? As far as I knew, this was the worst idea I’d ever heard. Kissing the enemy? What was I thinking?

However, before I had the chance to pull away, he seemed to awaken, as if from a deep slumber, and kissed me back.


Right, well so much for that idea.

At once, I last out a sharp gasp as pleasure rapidly coursed through me, dulling my rational thoughts. Each and every one of my senses augmented more and more the longer this went on. His intoxicating scent of pine trees and springtime swirled around me, causing my head to spin - or maybe that was from the low amount of oxygen able to make it to my lungs. Every point his hands brushed against as they slid down my arms and onto my waist felt heightened, my skin tingling and flaming with his every touch. I felt as though I was drowning in the sensation.

Does kissing normally feel like this? It’s a wonder I haven’t done it before.

Some dark, tormented part of me found the thought humorous. How I’ve never been kissed before, and yet am not a virgin.

I pushed the thought away as quickly as it came.

He nipped at my bottom lip, his teeth grazing over the soft flesh. I gasped again, and he took the opportunity to slip his tongue into my mouth.

Well, the feeling certainly was... interesting.

When I was younger, the thought of kissing anybody disgusted me. I was never one to enjoy physical touch, whether it be from a friend or my own mother. The scientific child in me knew of the physical, biological, and chemical parts of kissing - but nobody could even begin to tell me how it felt. How my emotions ranged out of control - which they often did anyway, but this time, I enjoyed it.

He brushed his tongue along my lips, tracing them, agonizingly slow and gentle. My hands still tangled in his shirt, I pulled him closer still - of course forgetting the unfair distance in height between us and the table the back of my thighs pressed against.

He solved the problem immediately, however, his hands sliding down to cup said thighs and lift me up on said table, giving me a few more inches of height.

I expected him to remove his hands at any moment, realizing what exactly it was he was doing - kissing the enemy, the person who killed his brother and has been a pain in the ass for years. But he merely moved his magical fingers from the backs of my thighs to the side, his hands roaming along them. I was momentarily glad I wasn’t wearing a skirt or a dress, or else things might get very interesting very quickly.

As it was, though, I wasn’t one to wear such items.

Also, he had practically taken control over the kiss, and even though I was definitely an amateur kisser - and he clearly wasn’t - I couldn’t allow such a thing.

So, swiftly, I untangled my hands from his shirt and slid them down, discovering the hem, and was met with the flat, toned muscles of his stomach. At the same time, I softly bit down on his lip.

How do you like it, Big Bad Alpha?

He did like it, it turned out, as I strangled groan erupted from his throat.

Well, if I wasn’t turned on before, I definitely was now.

My tongue met with his, clashing together as I made a similar noise. He seemed to sense my intentions of taking control, and he fought me, his hands sliding up my thighs and beneath my shirt, mirroring my movements.

This was turning into a battle of the wills. The winner was whoever gained the upper hand first. The loser... whoever gave up and gave in.

It was then that he removed his lips from mine, moving them to press a gentle kiss to the corner of my lips... my jaw, a little harder... my neck...

It was when his lips landed on the juncture between my neck and collarbone that any and all remaining logic suddenly disappeared.

My hands wandered to his back, my nails probably scratching canals into his skin, but he either didn’t notice or didn’t care. I waited in anticipation of where his next kiss would land, but he remained focused on the one spot, licking and sucking at it like...

All thoughts evaporated as his teeth grazed against my skin. My neck pulsed with need, my inner voice returning, begging him to bite.

What? No! If he bites me, I’ll chop off his dick and feed it to the vampires.

Not that it would be much of a meal for them. Somebody like him? Arrogant, egotistical, cocky, unbelievably rude, and controlling? His temperament is probably making up for whatever shrimp-like worm he has down there.

Well, you could just find out...

I desperately needed to control my thoughts.

Thankfully - though I think a whimper of protest escaped me - he moved away from my neck, his attention focusing back on my lips. As the dance between us began yet again, as I tried to take control through light touches and caresses with both my hands and my tongue, I came to a realization at the same moment he made a little discovery.

Me; he’s a man. This means, unfortunately, his chest area is lacking.

Him; he, unfortunately - or fortunately, depending on perspective - found that I was not lacking in the same field.

And while I was wearing a bra, that didn’t make his next movements any less thrilling.

He smirked against my lips.

As another wave of pleasure washed through me, my muddled thoughts shouted at me to not give in. I squirmed against him, wanting to get closer, wanting to remove the suddenly annoying barricades of fabric separating us.

But not like this. Not while he was making me back closer and closer into giving in and letting him take over.

I may know next-to-nothing about the emotional aspects of sexual experiences, but I sure as hell know the scientific parts.

I smirked back as my hands dropped to his lower back, then slid around his waist to the front. Then allowed them to drop lower still, to the waistband of his pants.

Making a split-second decision, I lowered them further - keeping the fabric of his pants between me and that.

Ah. So, not a shrimp, then.

He let out another strangled groan, his hands sliding out from under my shirt and pulled at the hem, clearly asking me to take it off. A smattering of glee shot through me at what he was asking. I knew what he wanted. The proof of it was beneath my hand, rock-hard and clear as day.

An idea shot through me, and I knew exactly what I had to do.

I pulled my lips away from him, moving to press a searing kiss against his neck. As I felt him shiver against me, I squeezed - gently.

Another thrill of pure, unchecked glee washed over me as he moaned, his hand coming to my chin to lift my head away from his neck - and he kissed me yet again.

I squeezed again, not quite as gently.

And on and on the dance went for about a minute or so. I was quite enjoying myself and was at the point of contemplating whether or not to just rip his pants off then and there.

But no - I had a better plan.

Abruptly, my hands fell away from him. My lips, moving against his, stilled, and I pulled away. I ducked and slid off the table when he growled and tried to move back in, not quite done yet. Quickly, I moved away, smirking as he spun around to face me.

“Where the fuck do you think you’re going?” he snarled as I not-so-subtly backed to the door.

“Is it not obvious?” I gestured to the closed door behind me - and the hallway beyond. “I’m leaving.”

“The hell you are!”

“Oh?” I widened my eyes. “Am I mistaken? Do I no longer have any control over my bodily functions?” to accentuate my sarcasm, my hand closed on the doorknob.

“Reese Hearne,” he took a deep breath, clearly seething. “We are not yet done here.”

“I highly doubt we are,” I batted my eyelashes innocently, maintaining my wicked grin. “And yet, I seem to have the sudden desire to go take a walk.”

He stepped forward, green eyes flashing. “You are my Hunter.” I raised an eyebrow, amused despite his furious tone. “And I order you to stay and finish what you initiated.”

I pushed the door open, grinning. “Oh, never fear, dearest Elijah. I shall do exactly that.” I cast him a wink that normal people would think of as flirtatious. In reality, it was mocking. “Just not today.”

“Reese, I’m warning you…”

I went to leave, his idle threat falling on deaf ears, then paused to turn back to him. "I'd suggest taking a cold shower, Alpha, to deal with your obvious arousal."

His snarl of outrage faded behind me as I vanished down the hallway.

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