The Misunderstood

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When Alex Peerson gets ready for his 18th birthday a guy moves in to town and weird things begin to happen in his life. Will he be able to unlock the darkest secrets to his parents late deaths? Can he survive to see his 18th

Fantasy / Adventure
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Maby it was the rain? It could be the moon but all I know is that I need to stay hidden away from him as long as I can. Seth was here again and this time he's not gonna leave untill I am dead or traped in some cage that sits in his trunk.
He opens the door a little and slithers his way into the bedroom like a snake just more poisoness and deadly.
" Alex? Come out come out wherever you are" He says with hungry smile. I'm under the bed covering my mouth hoping he doesnt cant see me. My heart is racing and my chest begins to tighten and all I can feel is weight of mind trying to pin point.
Finally his feet stop right in front of the last hiding spot.
"Come out from underneath there...I can smell your wonderfull sceant, Roses!"
Maby if I pretend that- before I knew it he was on his knees looking me in the eye with a knife pointed at my adams apple.
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