The Ancient Texts

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Long have humans kept books full of information on the creation of the world of Telleris and how it exists and the stories therein. This is one of those Ancient Texts that explains the beginning of Telleris, the creation of Mortals, and the beginning of the guardians reign. They say history repeats itself in an endless cycle...will Mortals heed their own histories before such a disaster happens again? (Prequel to the Guardian Chronicles)

Fantasy / Drama
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A long time ago, the world later known as Telleris laid vast and untouched, nothing but dirt and stone. It was grey and dull brown, and there wasn’t even a whisper of wind that could stir the dust of the ground at all. No kingdoms dotted the land, and certainly no people. It was emptiness, but it was not alone.

Above this sad world was a place known as the Immortal Realm, which could be unseen from the strange Mortal Realm that laid barren. The One resided in this Realm and watched the world which He had set into place, but He knew forming this world into the place it was meant to be was not His duty. He knew His Immortals, the Children He had created, would inhabit the world and make the world habitable for the Mortals He had already set into motion. Their time was not nigh, but the world would have to be prepared before their arrival.

“Come to me, my Children,” the One called to them. The Immortals gathered from their various resting places to hear what words He might say.

Rahmune appeared before The One first, for she was known as the First Immortal and was seen as a kind leader among the other Immortals. She was elegant, her skin was fair but freckled for she spent much time in the fields of the Immortal Realm. Her hair was a bronze color, and very long. It spilled around her small form easily, much like the light pink gown that hugged her shape in a modest way. She was the icon of gentleness before the world had even begun, but despite being the Immortal of Mercy, she was very strong, too.

Arturious, the Immortal of the Wanderer and Stars, was the next to appear. He had a strong form, but also light of skin. His skin was more tan than Rahmune, however, for he could not imagine spending too much time under the shade of any building built in the Immortal Realm. Arturious spent his time memorizing the stars, his eyes were the color of a night sky for he stared at it so longingly.

Prudentius and Renatus appeared next, from the deep halls where they resided alone. Prudentius had dark skin and bright blue eyes, almost like that of a crystal lake. She had a very unsettling presence, and had dark blue paint lines under her eyes that made it look as if she had a river of tears constantly on her cheeks. She was the Immortal of the Dead, even if there were no spirits to care for yet, her gift was in preparation of what was to come. The One knew everything, after all.

Renatus stood next to her, a much brighter figure that contrasted Prudentius. He had lightly tanned skin, which was a natural tone and not something brought on by the sun, and his eyes were narrow and alert. His hair was pitch black, but his eyes were golden for his very soul was bright. Renatus was the Immortal of Rebirth, for every soul would be reborn someday. This was how The One designed them, and designed His own world.

Nivalis came next, and her golden eyes roved the grounds to see why they had been brought here and she took in the sight of the others around her. Nivalis was the Immortal of Nature, and any sort of greenery seemed to grow under her very feet as she walked. She had dark skin, like the earth itself, and her dark hair was woven into many braids that rested on top of her head. She had a crown of branches and flowers, making her look like quite the elegant queen of the earth. She was very proud, and had a strength that was as intimidating as a strong oak tree. She would not waver because of the wind, or anything that came her way.

Then came Venaticus, the tallest and strongest of the bunch of them. He was the Immortal of the Hunt, and his stature proved his strength. He knew he was the strongest of all the Immortals, and he had no fear of anything. His skin tone was dark, much in opposition of his favorite Brother Arturious, for the two of them wandered the hills and fields everyday together, but his eyes were a green that was as lush as the forests that Nivalis, his heart, commanded with her will.

Lastly came Onni, the Immortal of Blessings. She wore elegant golden robes, her almond shaped eyes were very dark and warm. Her hair was long, almost as long as Rahmune’s, but her elegance was different and had a very refined manner to it. She was quiet and mostly kept to herself, but she appreciated the company of the other Immortals.

“Where is my last Son?” the One questioned the group that had arrived. “Where is your youngest Brother? And where are the Immortals who have yet to be given their duties?”

“We know not the thoughts of Ultio,” Venaticus grumbled. He had very little patience for his youngest Brother. “If he will not listen to you, he will not listen to us.”

“Ari, Azi, and Astaria are all resting in the flower meadows,” Rahmune explained. “I can surely retrieve them for you, Great One.”

“Nivalis,” the One spoke. “Call your Brother. I know he listens to you.”

Nivalis gave a bow, but then looked at Venaticus. He didn’t seem pleased that she spoke with the youngest of their group, but that was probably because he hated Ultio.

Rahmune left first to walk to the flower meadows. There she found Ari, Azi, and Astaria quietly admiring the heavens. She gathered them around her and told them that they would soon be given duties by the One. The only reason they had no assignment was because their duties didn’t exist yet. She was sure they would all be very important in the Mortal Realm.

Nivalis retrieved Ultio from the farthest reaches of the Immortal Realm and brought him before the One and all of the other Immortals. Ultio had a small, lithe figure compared to the height of most of the other Immortals. He had golden hair which hung just at his shoulders, and his eyes were a deep, ocean blue. His skin was very pale, the most pale of all of the Immortals. He didn’t feel the need to spend time in the sun, he just liked to make his plots and plans in the dark confines of the various cave systems in the Immortal Realm. Cave systems that Nivalis had made for him to explore and live in.

“Today you will leave the Immortal Realm, and begin to form Telleris into the world it’s intended to be,” the One spoke, since all of the Immortals had finally arrived.

“My Lord,” the Immortal of the Dead spoke as she stepped forward. Her dark skin seemed oddly warm against the dark robes that were pulled around her in an elegant fashion. “You have gifted me with the ability to usher souls and spirits, I do not belong in a physical world.”

“As you wish,” the One said. “But you will make an impact on the physical world, no matter where you reside. Prudentius and Renatus may remain, if they choose, but the rest of you must go and make work of the world below. You know what your giftings are, and you know what you must do.”

“Great One! What about us?” Ari called out desperately.

“Ari and Azi,” The One said. “You two will be gifted to control the sun. Ari will be responsible for raising the sun in the morning, and Azi will be responsible for setting it during the night. When the sun is not present, Astaria will lift the moon into the sky and help it in its course across the heavens. Your duties are vital to Telleris and the survival of the Mortal Realm. Do you understand?”

“Yes, Great One!” Ari, Azi, and Astaria called out.

All of them had their various abilities, and they all knew to some extent what they had to do. Of course they were not omniscient like the One, so they could not see the future, but they had powers to make up for lack of foresight.

“Go now,” The One said to the Immortals, and they descended to the world, Telleris as it was named it, and began to use their abilities to create it into more than the empty land it was. They had freedom to do as they wished, but their only taboo, the only rule they had to strictly follow, was never to fall in love and create offspring with Mortals. This would be an abomination to the world, and it wasn’t something they ever questioned. It was just what they knew to be true. This was their only restriction, and surely they could follow it well.

The One watched as the Immortals finally came into their own and he knew that he no longer had to create. Now he could rest and watch the world, heeding the Immortals when they called and any Mortals that might feel abandoned and unable to speak to the Immortals, for the One knew the shortcomings of his own Children. He knew they were selfish and could be cruel, he had already seen the decisions they would make that would shape the future of the entire world.

The One would wait and watch, and heed the Faithful, until the world would come to it’s timely end.

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