The Elemental Gems

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Four kids. Four powers. Four mystery's. Its Arina's first day at college, she excited but also unsettled by the dream she had the night before. She meets new people on her journey but meets surprising truth. Love and heartbreak War and blood What will win, the group of kids who just met or the darkness threatening to overrule

Fantasy / Mystery
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Chapter 1: New People

I walk through the forest, voices, all I can hear our voices. Different voices, different ages. A child.

"Where are you, who are you." I cry, covering my ears, trying to make them stop. There in my head. Their everywhere. I start running through the forest trying to escape the noise.

As I'm running I come across a young child. As I come closer I realized she was crying. I went closer to ask what was wrong but when she lifted her head her eyes were black. She started running towards me. Her hand was about the grab me.

Then I woke up. Sweat dripping down my brow, clothes clinging to my heated body, and heart racing. I stepped out of my bed and looked at the time, it was 6 am and the light was starting to shine through my purple curtains for the last time because its college day yay.

I grabbed some clothes and headed into the shower. Once I was clean and dressed, made an early start on packing the last boxes for my move. By the time I was done my mum had woke up and got ready. Just as I was about to open my bedroom door there was a knock. I opened it.

" Oh, darling you're already up and packed I see. Nervous or excited." She asked

"Both. I can't wait to meet new people and have fun, but at the same time I scared of meeting new people." I laughed nervously

" Oh, honey you will be okay it's normal. Let's get this in the car and get going. Like I always say better early than late." She said smiling and walked away.

Yes, that's always been her saying. I moved boxes into the back of my mother's truck and my car. When we were done we typed our desired location into the satnav. Then we were off.

We arrived at the college not too long after setting off. We parked near the college's accommodation building and then asked one of the staff what my room number is, she asked for my last name and then told me. Room 26. We looked for so long but luck, so my mum went and asked someone they stubbornly and rudely pointed us in the direction and we eventually found it.

I slowly opened the door, in case my other roommates were already inside unpacking and when I did I saw a beautiful girl inside unpacking some stuff into what looks like a small kitchen. She had brown long hair and green emerald hair. She was wearing a white belly top, ripped jeans, and some black heels.

I opened the door slowly making sure not to scare her because that's the last thing I want to do that to my first ever friend here hopefully.

"Hi, my name is Arina," I said quietly

She turned around."Hi, my name is Autumn, nice to meet you. You must be my roommate. Oh, by the way, it's just you and me.Yay." She said while coming in for a hug.

I can't believe she is so nice from the little encounter we had a moment ago I thought people on campus were horrible teens.

"Why is it just us. Do we not have any other roommates?" I asked

"Nope, not this time which I promise you is a good thing. Oh, you can start moving your stuff in your room is just over there."She stated

"Oh, thank you I guess I'll make a start," I said

I called my mother over and we started to move my boxes into my room and to the other aspects of the rooms. We moved all the boxes into the suite quite fast and then it was time for my mother to go and for me to unpack and get ready for my first day of college.

"I love you, sweetie, call me when you need something I'm always here." She said her voice breaking in sadness, she has tears pricking her eyes, begging to overrun down her cheeks.

"I love you to mum, and ill call you as much as I can promise, "I said hugging her.

She reluctantly walked away and got into her truck, put the keys into the ignition, and turned the truck on. She looked one last time and then drove away. I know living at college is breaking her heart but it what feels right, I've got to make my own way now, so first thing in the morning I will look for a part-time job to work at alongside college work. I walked back into my suite and saw Autumn getting ready for something.

"Um, where are you going?" I asked

"Oh, I'm going to go look around campus. You wanna come?" She asked

"Yeah sure let me get dressed and I'll be right out," I said smiling at her

I looked through my mess of boxes and decided to wear an off-the-shoulder blacktop, with blue jeans and some boots. I put my hair into a messy half-up bun and walked back into the common room of our suite.

Autumn was waiting on the sofa on her phone, she looked up when I walked out.

" You look hot, defiantly going to catch some eyes." She laughed

"Haha, thanks." I laughed awkwardly

We left the suite and locked the door, we started walking down the halls and I was trying to remember things about each one to make sure I don't get lost when walking to class. We eventually ended up at the college cafeteria. So we picked some food out paid for it and went to sit down.

"Mmmm, I have missed this food. It's sooo good." She moaned while eating her pizza.

I laughed and said." Really I thought the stereotype was college and all school food was bad."

" Na not at Lakewood College everything is done to perfection." She said

So I took a bite of my pizza to and god was she right the pizza was heaven it was so good, I understand her now. When we finished with our food we walked around campus fora little longer, then Autumn suddenly stopped.

"What is it?" I asked

" A party is going on tomorrow night to welcome the freshman, we have to go it will be so fun." She squealed

"Sure let do it," I said confidently. I need to come out of my shell what better way to do it at a party and it was a freshman party nothing happens there...Right

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