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".......You like it, don't you!!? He growled near my ear, making my insides clench. No, I don't like it. He is making me like it!! "Please..please!!" "You want my fingers inside your wet sloppy little cunt!!" He inserted his finger, making me arch my back in pleasure. I tried to wiggle my hands, but the ropes were piercings through my skin. His hands descended down as he cupped my bare vagina. And rubbed my clit slowly. More, I wanted more. I had no control left over my body. It was like it has mine d of it's own. Continuous tears flowed down my cheek. I felt like whore, enjoying the pleasure given by man who killed my love. Who destroyed my life, who tainted my soul with his darkness, the one who is not human, who is beast hiding g behind god like beauty. "I'm gonna turn this little pussy inside out, and you my dear, are going to enjoy every bit of it!!" He growled as he fastens his pace on my clit resulting to build a pleasure pressure I side me. I writhed in pleasure as I was almost neared my climax, but he pulled his fingers away. "Not so soon, love, we have whole night for this!!" With this he slammed his lips against mine. Why did this has to happen to me!! ******* Not edited. Still working on this book. This book contains many scenes, rape, sexual assault, killing, murdering. Viewers discretion is advised. This book contains: Explicit sex scenes

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"You got this, come on now!. We don't have the whole day for this!" A high pitched voice rang through her ears as she cringed at the sharpness of voice.

'Oh my god!!! How can she scream so loud. Doesn't her throat get sore? What does she want? Does she want to make me deaf?'

"I already told you, I'm not going to do this! Not in this lifetime, atleast!." She yelled at her friend until her voice come out hoarse but still she wasn't able to scream as loud as her. She was getting frustrated by this continous little battle with her friend.

'She is out of her mind if she thinks that I will ever jump from here.'

"I swear, Sarah, if you don't jump I will let Mathew know what you have been doing behind his back!!" Nancy smirked. Her hands were on her hips as she looked up at Sarah who was standing on big rock looking down at her.

'Fuck! She got me.' Sarah thought. She couldn't let her told Mathew anything.

'I swear if she tells him anything I will end her right there and then.' Sarah promised herself.

"Do you know how much I hate you. Oh wait!!! No actually....." Sarah didn't even get time to complete her sentence before an arm was smacked around her waist and before she knew, she was tossed in the water. She screamed as she flied through air and landed straight next to Nancy, right in the water. Suddenly chills ran down her spine as cold water made contact with her skin taking all the warmt away.

"Hey, love!!" Falcon smirked as he watched Sarah's panicked self struggling in the water. He knew how much Sarah hated water, like hell! She barely knew swimming. But this lake where she and her friends were, was shallow. Falcon smirks as he stood on tge same place where Sarah was standing few seconds ago.

Falcon always liked to tease her no matter what the situation was. The tricks he played with her makes him felt somewhat proud of himself. That's what friends were made for, to tease their friends.

"I hate you too Falcon Fiennes!!." Sarah shouted as soon as she catched her breath. She never liked water. Infact, water was terrifyimg for her. She rested her hands on her hips as she looked at Falcon with a deep scowl on her face.

Her body was now fully drenched from head to toe. Unaware of the fact that her once white sundress was now transparent, showing her pink bra and panties. Her hairs were all over her face making her look serene.

Nancy wasted no time before she started splashing water on Sarah. Sarah laughed as she dodged the handful of water and ducked over Nancy's leg. Falcon looked at them with a gentleman smile on his face.

He jumped in water with loud splash making Sarah gasped. She turned towards where Falcon landed and watched as Falcon came at the surface while wiping water from his face. The water was barely reaching his torso.

He ruffled his hairs to get rid of excess water and ran his hand through his hairs. The water dropped down his chest cascading down till it reaches his lower abdomen.

The mere action send shivers down her spine. She had to admit that Falcon was a sight to hold. Falcon was not your average guy. He was 6'0 with brown sandy hairs and striking olive eyes with physique as good as model. Sarah had crush on him when they were kids but not now. As time flew her feelings for him also vanished. Falcon knew about Sarah crushing over him. And he still teased her for that.

But now everything was different. She had a boyfriend now who loved her more than his life and she couldn't afford to lose him.


Mathew and Sarah had been dating for two months now. She met him during a meeting with his company. They found each other's company more interesting than that meeting. They exchanged numbers, had dinners, went to dates and then eventually Mathew proposed her. She saw no reason to say no to him. She liked him too. Their love brought them happiness and helped her to replace all the bad memories of her past. Her childhood was not what people say good but like every one she had her own demons to fight.

Anotgher problem was with Falcon because he didn't approve of Mathew. But after some time he stopped complaining because it was not his life, 'it was Sarah's and she had every right to chose who she wanted to be with'. Falcon's words.

There were still times when there were little clashes between Mathew and Falcon but not anything that she couldn't handle.

"Don't tell me you are thinking about that asshole" Falcon's voice brought her out of daze. She didn't liked Falcon calling Mathew names. She narrowed her eyes and glared at him trying to look angry.

"Shut up, Falcon! He is not asshole!" Sarah snarled. She couldn't bare the thought of anyone calling her Mathew names.

Falcon raised his hands in surrender with amused look on his face.

Sarah ignored him and turned her face to her other best friend, Nancy. Nancy was wearing her white swimsuit. Her blonde hairs were sticking to her back and her pale skin was glistening in sun and her eyes were looking more blue than they already were.

Cold wind hit Sarah's shoulder and she unknowingly shivers. Her lips trembled. The mere action didn't go unnoticed by Falcon. Falcon quickly got out of the small pond.

"That's all for today. Lets get back, the sun is already setting.!" He said ignoring Nancy's whines. Sarah wasted no time, in getting out of water. As she stepped completely out of water, her whole body trembled with the touch of cold wind.

Falcon's breath got hitched as he look at Sarah from top to bottom. He couldn't help but stared at her. She was a view to capture. Her way too long hairs were sticking to her lower back and some were sticking to her face making her look more beautiful than she already was. Her plum lips trembling as cool wind was blowing. Her small hands wrapped around her small frame of 5'3. Her big choclate doe like eyes shut. Her body was to die for. The way that dress hugged her like second skin, making her curves more prominent. Her perfectly sun kissed skin, glistening in sunlight, coming from sun which was about to hide behind tall mountains.

He wanted nothing more than to keep her for himself but he know better than to cross him.

Sarah was unaware of pair of Olive eyes gawking her, which belonged to Falcon. By the time she reached their car, she was on shivering mode. She closed her eyes and took a deep breath to stop herself from shivering.

Her eyes flew wide open when she felt the warmth of leather on her shoulders. She looked back and saw Falcon putting his leather jacked on her. He grinned at her. She smiled back.

"Dont want you to catch cold now, do we?" Falcon said as he moved towards driver's seat and settled himself in. Sarah wasted no time to get in the warm car. She looked back and found Nancy already dressed in her dark washed jeans and white tshirt, sitting at the back, scrolling through her phone. She settled herself in passenger's seat and closed the door.

Sarah was now feeling little bit okay. She was exhausted today. She swore that she was not doing this again.

"Lets go"Falcon said. He started the engine and drove through dirt covered road, leading out of forest. As they reached the main road Falcon glanced at Sarah and saw her drifting off to sleep. She was clutching his jacket like her life depended on it, well technically it was. A small smile came up to his mouth. 'she is so fucking adorable' he thought to himself.

"He wants us to end it" Nancy's voice brought him out of his thoughts.

"When?" Falcon asked without any emotion. He knew that one day this would happen but he didn't expect it to be this early.

"Within two weeks" Nancy said looking sad. She was strongest women ever known but now spending years with Sarah made her weak. She never thought that she would be this close to someone but how wrong she was. Sarah was more than, she ever wished in a friend and she hated that she had lied to her.

Falcon on other hand was startled by this new news. He wished he could be able to spend more time with her but this had to be done.

She was his afterall.



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