The Two Loving butterflies: fair and beauty

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Love isn't about a beautiful woman loving a handsome man or by one sight fall in love. It's a feeling that shows caring with how much you respect your loved ones without causing any harm or damage to their physical states or mental. However, Love can be something that can be feared. Princess Riyalsa was a growing girl who first time experience the feeling of love but, it turns into nightmare. She fears it, panicked from it and most of all stays away from it by blocking it's growth within herself. How will she learns to get this emotion back?. How will she try to be brave?. Along with her two little sisters, what will she do that her heart would provide them a love?

Fantasy / Adventure
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Red Rose words

"Sob..... sob.. no please HANG ON!" cried a girl sitting beside another girl, dressed in a beautiful white long dress covering even her toes. Her weak hand was hold on as she was trying to catch up her breathe. She was turning pale as glitter marks were appearing on her hands covered her a over till her face.

"WHY!!! why isn't it working?!" yelled the crying girl, "Why aren't the roses working?. They have to! They must work!. It showed the entire evidence of the curing then what's wrong?!......sniff....sob"

Two beautiful princess were sitting on a land covered in fresh, red, soft roses, tiny shining balls were floating on air from them, releasing beautiful fragrance all around. The atmosphere sparkling in pink with no sign of sky just white air above.

Yet, these unavoidable scenery wasn't able to help the two girls, sitting at the center pleasant their heart.
The young beauty lying on roses begin to breathe in exhaustion. She gathered her strength and spoke in a soft voice, "I am sorry....."

"STOP IT!!" yelled the other girl in tears, "please hold your breathe...Store your energy...Don't's enough....sob.... please Roviya.....stay with me.... don't die on me... " she blast in tears crying a loud like a little girl. Yet, by this pressure she still encouraged the dying girl, by holding on the palm firmly, trembling fingers "Please.....stay on....try to fight it... don't leave me alone...I don't..sob... I don't want to be alone in that feeling....."

Roviya, the ending princess smiled lightly by hearing this and replied her that she wasn't going to be alone. She had a younger sister behind waiting for her return....

"But,.....but..." the girl cried to argue with her but, couldn't speak anymore. She only spoke inside to come with her. She won't be leaving her alone. She will come along back home.

But, Roviya just smiled like she was always she was known for and said, "My beautiful dear sister, please don't be scared of it.... It's a lovely feeling you will soon understand what I mean.....but, for now I am sorry.......I can't move anymore.... I am feeling weak and tired....can't move myself anymore......"

"No..... Ro......Roviya don't...." terrified the girl, trembling in fear. Tears flowing down her eyes, over her fair face, dripping nonstop from her chin on the weak princess's hand.

"I will be leaving you on your own now. Be brave and always remember that I.... " her pretty thin lips spoke her last words and the palm in the girl's hands dropped, with it she lay still.

The other princess, who was sitting near her shocked in fear, couldn't believe her eyes......the young girl in front of her, her sister, lovely and beautiful, who always helped her and cared for her throughout days and nights, who slept beside her on one bed, always share one plate in all three meals, sang for her everyday with lovely melodies played in pianos, played with her game without any boredom. Minutes and hours always she could hold her hand, walk around anywhere as she liked.....

But, now......all of this shattered in a blink of an eyes. Her sister was now dead......without any clues of how it occurred and how it begins.

The girl with trembling fingers and tears soaking her eyes. stretch her hand to warm the cold dead face but, in a shine of star the girl glowed and shattered into pink sparkling petals, all surrounded her.

The girl sat in tears, holding up some petals, closing it to herself and whispered in deep sorrow ness,
" beloved sister.....I can't.......I just can't say you greetings.....(sob)....... I can't wish you my last greetings..... (sob).... I am sorry....please forgive me....."

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