The Two Loving butterflies: fair and beauty

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Two princesses

Six years passed since the death of Princess Roviya and her absence from the Kingdom named Ulisca.

Ever since she died, the Kingdom people remembered her in tears, wishes and greeted her the last wishes on the days of her anniversary. It was marked as the most sorrowful day for the Kingdom.
However, compare to the Kingdom's tears, it was nothing near her family's pain. Her beloved parents King Janis and Queen Marsha always felt sorrowed for her absence. Though years were passed still tears were shaded secretly at nights. Yet, they were parents and rulers of a huge land thus patience was the only step to flip to the new page.

One was gone but, there was two younger princesses behind to look after and stand for. Two sisters living in the huge palace under the ruling of their parents.
Riyalsa, the older sister, adding the second in the number, and the nest to her was Jane, the third one and smallest in the family.
At the time of the incident, Jane was too small to understand her surroundings, like a child who stayed on the arms of a Royal baby setter.

After several years, at present, Princess Jane was grown as an active girl, lovely and the prettiest girl of the building whoever watched her passing by would compare her beauty to her sister, Riyalsa.

"She looks so pretty..." said the gardener to the Chief of the palace.

"I can't take away my eyes from her beauty." excited a maid, hopping behind another maid as the princess was climbing her way upstairs.

Entering inside her room, the young girl fell on her soft bed, laying side wards. There was an off emotional expression on her face. She was alone in that wide room, laying single on a king side bed. Sending her glance to the window where the afternoon sunlight bright the pink room likes a glowing decoration Jane said inwards,
"It's been so lonely, lately. Nowadays my parents are utterly busy.....but," she sat up staring at the light reflecting on the floor, "compare to it. I feel much more lonely. I really miss her..... I miss my sister Riyalsa...."

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