The Two Loving butterflies: fair and beauty

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The king's leave

On the meal table, one afternoon the Royal family were having their lunch in silence. The door knocked and entered in the servant and said bowing "apologize for my disturbance. I have brought you a letter. It arrived recently..".

"No problem" replied the King wiping his lips as he placed down his knife and fork "let me have a look".

The man brought a fancy design dish on it an envelope was placed with a silver knife.
The King cut on part li f the envelope, slided out the paper, unfolded it and read it.

The Queen was only waiting in silence, in the otherside Jane asked the servant "Amm... Sir where did the letter come from?"

"Princess, it's from southern the far southern kingdom" answered the man bowing lightly.

"Jane" spoke her Mother "you don't have to worry about this matter. It usually arrives so, try to stay out of this. Okay sweetie".

"Yes, Mother" nodded the princess.
Placing the letter back on the dish, the King nodded and the servant bowed leaving away in silence.

The King sighed and said "listen, I need to leave for a trip to the south shortly. It's the land King's request. So, don't worry about me".

"WHAT?!" both the females grew shocked by hearing the news.

"I am coming with you" suggested the Queen from the left.

"No, Marsha it will be too dangerous for you and we can't leave our two princess alone here. They need someone for support".

"Daddy" asked Jane "when are you coming back? Southern trip isn't that close either".
The King gigled and said "don't worry perhaps, three days off or four. It won't be long".

"Okay..." replied Jane sadly.
Both the parents left the table soon for the preparation.
Jane on the other hand, sat there alone finishing her meal.

Later, she went to the Palace garden. A large square covered with fresh green grasses, trees assembled to the corner shading grasses for picnics. A clear wide lake at the center of the garden, reflecting the nature on itself and a small island holding upon a purple decorative gazebo polished marble and smooth in touch. A single path leading from the garden to it. Taking this bridge, princess Jane crossed it and sat. Jane was a 12 years old girl with short smooth hairs in lovely pink colour and her eyes colour like the sunset. She wore a long frock marshmallow colour with blue designing and lace, silk with soft weavings of hets on it covering her from the neck of V type collar till toes. Her red sandals were visible, easy for her to walk around without having the trouble of stepping on her dress.

While sitting on the bench, her eyes stared at the sky, not on the clear sky or clouds. Her view was blocked on the top window of the palace build on one part of the gallery of the Palace shut as thou no life ever lived there. Staring at it, her heart sinked in sadness. She sighed and moved away to watch the lake unfortunately, it didn't work.

"Ah!" she sighed "I can't move myself away from it or stop thinking about it. Maybe, I should find a way to get there today. It's getting too frustrated to be on this state".
She stood up, ran out straight back, encouraging herself that she will visit her.
Running through the passage, though the great hall, passing the corridors, the moment she turned to enter a column, suddenly she grabbed a pole and stopped herself. Startled to find her parents coming out from the same path which she was about to take.

"Phew! I almost got caught" she sighed deeply in relief been hidden behind the poles.

Waiting for them to pass the exit door, Jane prepared herself and ran behind them.

Out in the lawn of the Palace, the King greeted the Queen and took the carriage.
Just then, Jane arrived holding panting holding her breath. As her Father's carriage left out the gate, her Mother watched in silence.

Looking at her expression, it was clear that she was deeply worried and sad for him to depart the Palace.

"Mother?" she asked "about Father's trip, is it necessary for him to leave?"
"Yes" replied her Mother with a gloomy expression.

"Are you alright?" she asked feeling that something was wrong with her.
But, without a word her Mother took a hold of her daughter's hand warming it inside her both hands and whispered in a sad tone over Jane's head.

"My dear daughter.... please forgive me. Everything that would occur to you and your sister is because of me. Forgive me my Jane. I never wished this to happen to you especially to your dear sister Riyalsa...".

Her words were strange why was she saying this?......
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