The Boy Who Fell From The Stars 💫

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She's full of angst and ready to grow up and leave it all behind. He's reckless and childish with a head injury from a fall that should have killed him. When Nichole Blake finds an unconscious boy in the middle of Central Park who claims to be "Peter Pan", her life will never be the same.

Fantasy / Romance
Brooke Marie
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~Chapter 1~

Screams erupted from the heart of central park. A crowd formed around the area, some took out their phones to record the scene, others stood frozen in shock, and Nichole found herself pushing through the crowd as if she was a magnet being pulled towards the source. She pulled her grey hood over her dark brown hair, shadowing her icy blue eyes. As she reached the front of the crowd the scene became clear: a boy had fallen from the sky.
She stalled for a moment, that couldn’t be, people don't fly. But that was what circulated the crowd.

“He was flying I saw him!”

“In the air? That's impossible!”

“It’s true! I saw!”

“People don´t fly, he must've fallen from a tree.”

Falling from a tree would be the logical explanation if there were any trees for him to fall from. The heart of central park, otherwise known as, The Bethesda Terrace, was a cement clearing with a fountain in the middle. The mysterious boy couldń´t have fallen from a tree. Unless he jumped from the fountain… no, that would have landed him in the water. If he had fallen from the sky, he would have died on impact, but he didn't. Nichole found herself at the boys' side, her index and middle finger over the side of his neck, the boy was alive.
“Someone call an ambulance, heś alive, but he's bleeding.” She noticed a gash across his forehead and into his scalp. “We don't know what could be going on inside.” She said, determined to keep the boy alive. He wasn't a boy from school, not that she recognized anyway. The boy had auburn hair, fair skin- that or he was pale from his injuries, and freckles that sprinkled his cheeks. He wore a now tattered matching green shirt and pants, with a handmade leather belt. Who did this kid think he was, Peter Pan? He was too old to be playing dress-up, he seemed to be the same age as her, maybe 12 or 13 at most. Nichole brushed a piece of hair from his wound, “Who are you?” Something changed in the boy, instinctively, Nichole checked his pulse again, her heart sank.
¨Heś not breathing, someone call 911!¨ She removed her hood, rolling up her sleeves despite the harsh winter air. She sent a prayer to whoever would listen that her parent's lectures she half-listened to would pay off.











She pressed hard on his chest thirty times, her CPR was lousy for the child of two doctors but it was something. This boy had to live, he just had to. Nichole repeated the cycle four times, one hundred and twenty compressions later, the boy's pulse returned as the sound of sirens came closer and closer. Applause broke out between the crowd, turning Nichole´s cheeks bright red.
“You´re gonna be okay” She whispered in his ear, feeling the rise and fall of his chest under her hand. “You´re gonna be okay.”
“Out of the way!” Called a woman, followed by two men carrying a backboard and a neck brace. The crowd split, allowing them through to Nichole and the boy. ¨How stable is he?¨ She turned to Nichole as if she was a colleague who knew what she was doing.

“He- I- um had to do CPR on him, I-I don't know where or how high he fell from but he has a pretty nasty gash on his head, but his skull and stuff is okay. I don´t know about any broken bones or anything.” She paused to inhale, “Except he may have a broken rib or two but that' my fault.”
The woman chuckled as she connected him to a heart monitor and checked his vitals. “He´ll recover from that, you saved his life, kid.”
“And the rest of him?”
“We won't know until we get him to the hospital, from what I can tell, this kids got a lot of luck stored in him.” The EMT women peeled open the boy's eyelids, revealing big green eyes. She shined a small flashlight in his eyes, “Uneven pupils, slow to respond to light, trauma to the head..” She listed off his injuries for a younger man to note on a piece of paper, a trainee likely. If what Nichole knew was correct, uneven pupils meant some sort of internal head injury, like a concussion. She could only hope that's all it was. “Would you like to come to the hospital with us?”
“Um-” Nichole sucked in air, her parents were working tonight, and she was supposed to be home studying for her science test tomorrow. Although, maybe they'd be proud of her for once when they found out what she did. “What hospital?”
“Bellevue. Come on, I know I´d like to know who saved my life.”
It wasn´t the first time she rode in an ambulance, it was the first time she rode in an ambulance and it wasn't because of her stupidity. There was the time she broke her arm when she was eleven, the time she cut her hand on a broken fence wire upstate, she needed ten stitches that time, and then there was the time she fell on the ice on a third-grade field trip, she still has the scar on the left side of her face to this day.
¨Nichole Elizabeth Blake, please tell me why exactly you´re getting off an ambulance into my hospital?¨ A dark-haired women in pink scrubs called from the other side of the ER, while the boy was brought inside.
¨Hi, Mom.¨
¨Don't worry, Dr.Blake, you´re daughter saved this kid's life.¨ The woman, Alex, from the ambulance explained, unknowingly saving her from being grounded into next year. ¨Witnesses say he fell from an unknown height, you´re daughter performed CPR in the middle of central park.¨ A hint of pride shone from Dr.Blake´s face, for a moment, Nichole smiled.
¨That's my girl.¨ Nope, that was it. Nichole thought, cringing at her Mothers words. Even more so when she decided to wrap her arms around her daughter, swaying back and forth.
¨So what, the kid fell from the sky?”Questioned A younger Blonde nurse, named Carson.
¨I-I don't know.´’ Nichole glanced across the room to find the boy gone, ¨Where is he? I want to talk to him when he wakes up.¨
¨He´ll be a while in triage, but I can take you up to where his room will be if you want to wait.¨ Dr.Blake said, happier than she normally was, thankfully forgetting Nichole was supposed to be studying at home.
¨But he'll be okay, right?¨ Nichole swallowed, following her Mother down the gray and white hallway.
¨Depends on how high he fell from and what kind of injuries he has. The fact that he´s not dead is practically a miracle in itself.¨ She paused, ¨I'm proud of you, Nichole. I know you have school tomorrow but if you really want, you can stay here with him. I´m sure your father will make an exception.¨
¨Thanks, mom.¨

Minutes quickly turned to hours and afternoon turned to midnight by the time the mysterious boy was rolled in on a white hospital bed, stripped of his ridiculous costume, and dressed in a hospital gown. His right arm was in a green cast, along with his left leg, a bandage across his forehead, and an IV attached to his arm.
¨Is he awake?¨
¨He may never wake up.¨ Stated a black-haired male nurse, seemingly annoyed and cranky from working the nightshift. ¨He´s lucky he´s alive, thanks to you.¨
¨Can I stay in case he does?¨
The nurse ran his fingers through his sweat-soaked hair, ¨I guess. Just let someone know if he miraculously awakes.¨


The boy who fell from the stars seemed to be entranced in an endless slumber for two whole years. There was a brief search for his family in the first few months of his appearance, but no one came forward. Nichole put out flyers in stores, went around door to door in her neighborhood, she even got Good Morning America to do a special on him. Still, no one came forward. It was almost like he really did fall from the sky.
Now fifteen, Nichole sat in the same place she had for two years, next to the boy's bedside. The boy's auburn hair had slightly overgrown past his eyebrows, and his chin was becoming rough like sandpaper as stubble grew. She made it part of her routine to visit the boy. Everyday Nichole would go to school, walk to the hospital and sit by his bedside until her mother or father's shift ended. Always afraid she'd miss him waking up or something would happen to him if she didn't visit. She needed to know who he was, if he ever woke up that is. Nichole was the only one who hadn´t lost hope in him, and hope wasn´t her thing. Today was like every other day, snow flurried to the ground outside, and soft Christmas music played in the background over the speakers.
¨Are you ever going to wake up?¨ She huffed, half focused on English homework. She enjoyed talking to him as if he would answer, half hoping one day he would. ¨Maybe, when you do, you can explain to me where the hell you came from.” For a second, Nichole could have sworn his body shifted ever so slightly as if he was reacting to her voice. She flung her notebook to the floor, flew to her feet, tentatively fixing her eyes on him. ¨Can you hear me?¨ His head shifted and his eyes fluttered.
¨I can.¨ His voice cracked, causing him to jump at the sound, almost like he didn't recognize the sound. ¨Now tell me, how do I get out of here?¨

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