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Cyra is involved with the organization called Silm which is filled with very talented and strong people, who are tasked to remove any major threats to the civilization. Cyra has amnesia and thus has problems remembering her life before joining Silm. They tell her that she suffered major head trauma from a mission and was in coma for 2 weeks. Cyra may be good at keeping the people under her command under control, but for some reason she can't shake the feeling off that they are not fully honest with her.

Fantasy / Drama
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Have you heard about the Cidis? Do you know who or what they are?


Everyone knows they are the ones with strange abilities. Most who become Cidis won’t know until after the age of 19. That’s when those abilities manifest.

When the first Cidi appeared people were naturally afraid and of course what did they do? They imprisoned that person. However, to everyone's pleasant or rather unpleasant surprise, there was another. And another one and another one...And another one.

They kept appearing one after another.

The numbers grew so drastically that the regular people couldn’t keep suppressing them as they lacked the power to do so.

So...what was the other option?

Naturally, it was to befriend them instead of going on an all out war.

They were still human, just with extra strength.

This line will be repeated to all the vulnerable and weak individuals, whose hearts were still trembling at possible danger. This works for only a degree as there was another issue that needed immediate attention.

The problem is because Cidis were still people, there must be bad apples amongst them. Who would use their more than normal powers to abuse others and willingly feed the regular folks already dubious heart, with justified hatred. So the ones leading the country have decided to form a group specialised in eliminating the more dangerous Cidis. In hopes that this is enough to calm the citizens' hearts and have faith in their respectful leaders.

Naturally, the ones who will be specialized in subduing or getting rid of the evil Cidis are the good Cidis. In turn, they will receive a home, good payment while experts study them to provide the best training methods to enhance their abilities.

The abilities of Cidis are like magic, but it has its limits and variations of appearance and essence.

It can be used to change items features and advance the users physical skills.

The group responsible for such a task is called Silm and only the most skilled are able to get a position. The rest who still wish to use their abilities to help will have to settle with a job as a police officer.

As they are highly valued and respected in society, they often do get special treatment. However, that only happens while they are wearing their uniforms. Their identities are kept secret from the public so their clothes will reflect this by keeping their faces covered.

The reason is as simple as letting them have the freedom to enjoy their peaceful and everyday lives without the public eye constantly on them.

There are also separate contests held for those with special abilities as a way to entertain the public and help further bonding the gaps between the regular people. Of course there won’t be any bloodshed. Fights among the Cidis that may occur in contest are strictly forbidden and will result in disqualification.

There are organizations that Cidis can use to help them learn and manage their new found abilities. In turn the government has a decent overview on the new Cidis which can help them find them new candidates for Silm.

So far 70% of the world population is inhabited by people with no special abilities and the rest are registered Cidis. So they weren’t uncommon, but still a minority. Despite that most are treated like an everyday neighbour. And thus, this has become the new norm. No one will blink an eye on anyone who can manipulate objects around them.

Well, doesn't the world sound mostly peaceful and easy? Ah, if only it were true


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