The Dragon Fyre Blade: Lycanthor the Werewolf

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Chapter 8: The Spirit Of Light

Jack tensed, ready to defend himself against the ghostly creature. It tilted its head and long hair swirled like mist, blown around by a wind he could not feel. He realised that it was a woman, who looked haunted and sad.

“Come closer,” she said in a voice that sounded like wind chimes underwater.

Jack stepped forward, drawn to the incredible sight. He lowered his sword.

“Who are you?” he asked, staring at her beauty.

“I am the Queen of Light, long since banished from this realm by the Demon Emperor,” she replied. “Once we ruled together, but his dark ambitions led him to exile me and allowed him to take too much power. He has since overrun this world and imprisoned its people.”

“Why don’t you stop him?” Jack asked.

“I cannot. He has banished me from this realm. But I have seen there are some who would stand up to this great evil and work to return the kingdom. Your companions are pure of heart, but they cannot defeat the Demon Emperor alone. His magic is too strong.”

Jack frowned. If they couldn’t defeat the Demon Emperor, he would never get home.

“Only one not of this world can heal the Dragon Fyre Blade,” said the woman. She raised her arm and the image of a sword appeared beside her, formed from the waterfall spray.

“Forged by the great elves long ago, the Dragon Fyre Blade has powerful magic. When burned by Dragon Fyre, it can stop the Demon Emperor. Without Dragon Fyre, it is simply a normal sword.”

The flickering fire around the blade faded away and the sword shattered, splintering into six pieces. They scattered far away into the night sky.

“You have come here to help. Only you can take the pieces of the sword to the Forbidden Forge and reunite the pieces. With the power of Dragon Fyre, you can battle the Demon Emperor and restore balance.”

“Me? But, I don’t even know how to use a sword! I’ve only had like one lesson ever, and that was just today!”

The Queen of Light smiled. “You have time, Jack. You have wisdom beyond your years and a strong heart. You will learn.”

Jack looked at his feet.

“The quest to find the pieces of the sword will be dangerous. Your companions can help you. Work together to find the missing pieces.”

She waved her arm and the air beside Jack began to shimmer. Sparkling green lights flowed in the water spray, which flowed together into the form of a staff - the staff from his dream. It floated closer, becoming solid.

“The staff of Querethi is powerful. It is imbued with Dragon Fyre. The gemstone brings luck to the adventurer. It also can channel magical energies. Learn to use its powers. It will prepare you for the battle with the Demon Emperor.”

Jack reached out and grabbed it, half expecting it to splash back into water. Instead, a tingling sensation ran through his arm and the gemstone at the end pulsed with a dark emerald light. He saw infinite colors within the jagged edges of the stone as energy swirled within.

Jack aimed the staff at a nearby boulder and concentrated. A beam of dazzling light exploded from the gemstone, knocking Jack off his feet. The beam slammed into the rock, shattering it into pieces.

“The staff is powerful,” said the Queen of Light. “Be careful.”

A wolf howl came through the trees. The lady turned to look, then set her gaze back on Jack.

“It is time to go. You must attend to your companions.”

Jack blinked and she was gone, faded back to mist and spray. The wolf howled again, closer.

Holding the staff in both hands for balance, Jack ran back to the waterfall before picking his way along the slippery rocks.

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