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In another realm there lived the 7 magical kingdom's, where each kingdom has it's own abilities, each kingdom has their royal's, soldier's and people, enter the realm of this 7 kingdom's to know what they posses

Fantasy / Action
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(caibidil 1)chapter 1

“aim little one, aim your target and make your throw worth the wait” mother said with a deadly smirk on her perfect beautiful but scary face

I breath heavily, I want to make her proud by showing her a perfect aim of my bow. I look at her again and look at the circle Target. when it comes to her i get nervous and scared.

Without thinking straight i released the arrow, i stared at it until it reaches the target spot.

I smiled widely facing my mom and rushed to her side

“mother! Did you see that? i actually hit the target!” I said as I catch my breath

She said nothing but walk past me and walk to the circle target in the training room

I stared at her confused. what’s the matter? Why isn’t she happy

I just look at her as she observe the arrow that’s stuck in the circle target

“feiceann tú... ní chomhlíonann an tsaighead an spriocphonc” you see… the arrow doesn’t meet the target dot .

I stared at her in disbelief I shook my head because I feel my tears might run down on my face and I don’t want her to see me cry because it’ll mean I’m weak and she doesn’t tolerate weakling’s

“níl ann ach máthair orlach ar shiúl” it’s just an inch away mother. I said as i try to hide my tears

She walk towards me and darkly looking at me

I shiver a little but I just shrug

“just an inch?” she said while walking around me. I can sense the anger from her

I gulped

“so when you get killed because you didn’t aim well and you hit them an inch away and got past your shot what will happen?! Huh!” this time she’s shouting while looking at me

“I’m just six years old!” with that I walked out of the training room and went straight to my room,

I let my tears fall and don’t bother to wipe it

By her stare I feel weak I feel hopeless

I felt defeated...

Have you ever lost respect for someone? Cause I did just a while ago

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