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She is mysterious She is sneaky And most of all she will make you go crazy Do you want to know who this girl is? Then why don't you take a peak and get comfy because this is going to be a long ride.


Chapter 1- Let’s cause a little trouble

Love is such a tragedy of a word, it is hurtful and to be frank, I never wanted it to happen at all, my father and mother loved each other so much that my father decided to leave her and go with his mistress. He always wanted me to get married but why would I put myself in this position where potentially my partner could just leave me for another chick, standing outside of my high school. It finally the last year, senior year of the magic school and I am so happy to get away from this hellhound of a school.

β€œHey, Love you here.” certain annoying voice booms from behind me, If only I could run but he is my dad’s business partner and we have to be nice or the deal is gone. Turning around I put on a face smile and face the music, facing him he is smiling like crazy. You know what It’s not worth it, spinning around I continue to walk into the school determined not to talk to him.

β€œValentina! Wait hold up yeas I can sign it later but hold up Val,” skipping my locker I go into the girl’s bathroom. Come on Valentina, it’s only one date and I bet he just wants to ask if it’s okay if he goes with her and not you. So calm down and wow I look beautiful in this shirt, no wonder mother said not to wear it unless I feel confident. Taking a few last breaths I walk towards the girl’s bathroom door to hear his heavy breathing, Must be so important to wait at the bathroom door. Opening the door I see that he is making out with a girl, waving I do a small shrug and walk away.

β€œVal, this is not what it looks like she just kissed me and that a not why I was there, I was wondering well are you going to be at the ball next week?” Turning around I see that he pushed the girl to the ground, wow what a gentleman.

β€œWell Mr. Jack Collins, I will be there, of course, it’s the day of the business deal and every one of my family has to be there. Now if you will excuse me, I need to grab a book from my locker,” Excusing myself he stands there in shock. To be honest, I knew what he expected me to say but why should I keep him entertained when I got better things to do, plus that girl he was making out is his mate but shh. Don’t tell anyone yet.


β€œYes, finally the last test is done and no more books for me to read. I never thought this day would have come any faster than before,” Turning to my best friend isabella which is my sister she is staring at her crush.

β€œIsabella, you can’t keep staring just ask him to the ball. It is better to do it now when he is rejecting all the girls and maybe just maybe you can get your answer,” Slamming the desk she finally looks at me with shock in her eyes. β€œSister, what are you staring at now?” It’s like looking at a frozen body just pointing at something behind me, turning around slowly its the knight brothers and it looks like they are looking for us

β€œExcuse me hart sisters, you are needed in the gym so please come with us,” Nodding I pack up my stuff while isabella stands up already to go maybe this is the chance she finally says her royal crush to him. Exiting the classroom the girls look at me with envy and I would too if you were part of the most influential business and you surrounded by hot men, life is so great. β€œSo we have called you here because since the deal is finalizing our fathers wants us to get our clothes and be ready to meet or competition beforehand.” Nodding all I can see is my sister drooling over Luca.

β€œAlso by any chance do you have a date to this ball because my sister needs a date and well I don’t want her to be alone, β€œGrabbing her I push her in front of me. Continuing my innocent act, while isabella is chanting words about me in her head.

β€œWell my brother Luca can be your date, he needs one and he can’t keep rejecting girls plus I can go with you, Valentina. I would be good for when we are both bored,” Nodding I smile in agreement. Holding my sister she faints in my arms, I reassure them that she is okay and this happens all the time.

β€œAre you sure she is okay because I don’t want her to die?” Luca said actually worried about her and not himself, Is he by chance likes my sister too but maybe they are mates too, wow it’s like I am the perfect matchmaker here.

β€œI can’t wait and remember the ball is a secret so don’t reveal your identity until after the first dance, now let’s go to the gym and Luca can you carry her with me? My dad will kill me if he sees me carrying her again, the man likes the world to see me as helpless and wow he is so ambitious.” Crouching down a bit we lift her up together but soon Luca carries her on his back while I walk along with his brother, I will probably be killed for this later on but wow they should really get together.

β€œFather, what happened to this girl, she is smiling and well is living her life. Now she is like a cold dessert,” going through my old photo book I see pictures of me smiling a shaving fun but now well I rarely smile.

β€œWell that girl grew up, you are now 20 years old, why are you looking back at old times? You are now the CEO of many companies, power is the key.” The power you say is the key well, I say power is nothing because you may need it to be seen but it really doesn’t make your life feel complete.

β€œMr. hart the board is here.” Looking down at the one picture I still treasure in my hand, My father’s word still runs around in my head even from a year ago, power is the key.

β€œMiss, Juliet. Tell my brother I will be out for the rest of the day and make sure you get some time off tomorrow.” Pressing off the intercom I feel as if freedom is close but not close enough, leaving the office I pass the board meeting that my father assigned, and well its not looking so great for him, the king is not cooperating with us, and it’s really getting too him. Stepping past the room suddenly I hit a brick wall, well not a brick wall but a really handsome brick wall, looking up it’s the king and he is here but not in there.

β€œSorry about that,” rushing past the king I race to the elevator, there is a 50% chance that my dad can find me and tell me to get some work done but if I run I can escape everything and be free from all of this. Pushing the ground floor, the elevator starts to close but stops when a foot is sensed, looking up it’s the king holding out a letter in my name, must be important for the king to hand it to me. Taking it gladly, the door closes and wow I feel like I am back in my college years when I first meet the very first king and queen. They were so serious that I was scared that I would sweat or something but turns out that they were actually sweet but anyway I hope I can keep up the act before they figure out who I am. Fidgeting with my sleeve I bit of light shines through the fabric, covering quickly I hope the cameras are disabled because well if they caught that that person is now dead.

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