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"Why do you love the colors black and white so much, Dante?" "Well.." "They're my favorite because they represent you and me Talia, light, and dark." Talia is a Sylph, a siphoner, life, and death. Dante is a Siren. Pure sex, lust, and control. Eight years ago, their world as they knew it was forever destroyed. Dante was led to believe his love died that night. However, Talia was alive being raised by assassins and learning to control her powers of siphoning as best she could. What will happen when Dante realizes Talia was alive all this time and who was behind the night that destroyed their world as they knew it? Want to know what happens? Read Skyline to find out! To

Fantasy / Adventure
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Dedication and Information

Hello. I'm SkyePiper. Skyline is not fanfiction; it is an entirely original work. Plagiarism is wrong. This work is solely my own creation. Thus Skyline is Copyrighted © 2020 to me @SkyePiper.

I do not own any of the poems, nor do I claim them as my own. The Poems and Song Lyrics are copyrighted to their original Poets and Lyricists.

Skyline is Rated Mature as there will be swearing and themes of sex and other possibly triggering topics in reading Skyline. If you are under age 18 or are easily triggered, I ask you to please think before you read.

Dedication: E, without you Skyline, would not have a cover as my photoshop skills are near nonexistent, and thank you also for reading this and telling me to be brave.

To those gave me the courage to keep writing and post this. You know who you are!

Comments are welcome.

Without further ado, Welcome to Skyline! I hope you enjoy

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